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Ring of Honor

Saturday November 5th, 2005
Chicago Ridge, Illinois

By Keith Lipinski

Showcase matches:

1. Bobby & Derek Dempsey defeated Brad Bradley & Darren Wade in 5:23 after Bradley left his partner high and dry to an odd double team maneuver where Bobby (the smaller, portly, pasty white member of the Dempsey family) hit a wheelbarrow suplex and Derek did a splash onto Wade for the finish. Hit a belly to belly overhead and his brother Derek (taller, blonder, and tanned) hit a splash on Wade for the win. This could be described by Freudian man-child’s as three blonde dudes and big ol’ Brad Bradley. Darren looked like a cross between Rip Rodgers, Moondog Spot AND "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant. The story of the match was Darren getting overwhelmed with the Dempsey’s but would have to be saved by Brad. However, when Brad was in control, Darren would make tags behind his back to get into the match, which of course angered young Bradley “if you mess up again, I’ll kick you ass.” Darren shortly afterward slapped Brad to get back into the match and hit a very nice high splash for a two count. Derek came back with springboard double knees to the back. Bobby hit his “old school fat kid splash” which as devastating of a name as a move can possibly have. Brad eventually hit his awesome lariat but once again Darren tagged himself back in. Brad his did not like this one bit and slapped him, hard. He then walked to the back in disgust to get Darren fend for himself. He didn’t last too long.

2. Shimmer match: Lacey (with SHIMMER girls in black t-shirts) defeated Sara Del Ray (with SHIMMER girls in red t-shirts) with an implant DDT in 7:04. Sara Del Rey had an all American ensemble on, which got some “team America, f*** you!” chants. Lots of great back and forth in this one, both ladies looked strong. They traded some sweet chops; Lacy came back with a lung blower. They traded high kicks, Sara had more of a “ouch” factor to them. Lacey hit a guillotine choke. Sara hit the ropes and came back with elbow strikes, and a double axe handle for two. They traded more near falls and stiff shots. Then I saw Jim Cornette and Bill Watts enter the building and missed the finish. But it was a very good match and easily the best women’s match to ROH to date.

Main show:

1. Grudge Match: Ace Steel & Delirious defeated Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer in 9:14 Steel pinned McGuinness after Nigel received an accidental chair shot meant for Collyer. Bobby Cruise announced “This is your first match of the evening because Ace Steel demanded it.” The match was a continuation of the Steel and Collyer feud which started last August when Collyer defeated Ace after a chair shot and a blood stoppage. Ace came out with a chair to gain revenge; sadly he was still not covered in blood like last time. Ace showed wonderful enthusiasm in his hatred for Chad calling him “piece of crap” and “sorry ass.” The story of the match was Collyer wanted nothing to do with Ace, but would provoke him in the corner. The match started with Delirious on all fours, only to come alive with the ring bell and do 3 laps around the apron. He started with Nigel and Nigel worked on Delirious’ arm with a nice submission, Delirious got his fingers in his mouth and hit Nigel with his face wash (where he wipes his hand all over his opponents face after putting his fingers in his disgusting mouth). Delirious then put Nigel in the corner and hit approximately 62 clotheslines in the corner, which got a well deserved “holy s***” chant. Nigel came back and hit his headstand in the corner into a nice kick from the stand. He tagged into Chad, who got the chants of “fat chick thriller” due to a group of women at the last show who swooned for Chad, dubbed the legion of Chad. The LOC was NOT there tonight, which probably made Chad very sad. The heels double teamed on Delirious. Chad from the corner would taunt Ace by pointing to his finely chiseled mug while pointing his chin up. McGuinness would not let Chad taunt alone and flicked Ace off British style. Ace did not like this and spit on the guy next to me. Unlike most wrestlers, Ace thankfully quickly apologized for this, after the apology Ace got the hard tag, and Chad ran away as the crowd chanted “chicken s***.” McGuinness did his headstand into the corner, but Delirious held his legs to make sure Nigel couldn’t move and Ace hit a beautiful running dropkick to Nigel’s had. Ace then held Nigel up for a very sweet looking version of the vegamatic as Delirious came off from the top with the guillotine leg drop. Chad came into the ring with his chair as Nigel distracted the referee, Ace got the chair and went back to hit Chad and on the swing, he hit Nigel on the backswing and knocked him off. Chad saw this and left his partner high and dry, as Ace got the pin. Ace then yelled into the camera that “this was not over.” Good opener, especially since so much of the match was Chad vs. Ace and I don’t think they really touched too much here.

2. Special Challenge Match: Jimmy Jacobs (with Lacy) defeated Salifornia’s own Sal Rinauro in 10:48 after the Contra Code. A fun match which saw about 20 atomic drops from both guys. Jacobs, straight from the heel turn, has ditched the furry boots and the “huss” for a Ric Flair like robe and a new attitude. And makeup. On his way into the ring, the crowd started on Jimmy with the Huss, hoping that Jimmy would forget about his fancy shinny robe with purple feathers, and go back to the huss. Jimmy and the lovely Lacy (mmmmm Lacy) really did not care for this as Jimmy yelled “THERE IS NO HUSS!” Sal, one half of the tag team champions came down to the Rocky theme. He proceeded to take several of the purple feathers which fell off Jacobs robe and put them in his greasy hair. For the odd note of the evening, Sal had “Saved By The Sal” on his tights written in Saved By The Bell style font. Yes, that font is real! Someone in my section yelled the very unPC “beat up the queer” keep in mind one guy in this match was wearing too much eyeliner, and one had three purple feathers in his hair. Sal mocked Jacobs with the huss, which got the crowd on his side. The people chanted “Just one huss!.” In a funny moment, Jacobs asked Lacey if it would be okay to just do one. She was not cool with this, probably because she knows that one huss would lead to harder stuff, like more huss’ and furry boots. This was not a great match but fun for what it was, espically with the crowd saying “huss” in turn to every move Jimmy hit on young Sal (in the same way ECW fans would chant “Balls” every time Balls would hit something). This of course drove Jacobs nuts and was grat comedy. Jacobs at several points of the match would give Lacey the thumbs up for a signal of approval, Lacey no sold these Thumbs up. Sal hit 10 punches in the corner. Sal then went to the top rope, only to have Jimmy push him off the top rope where his chin his the guardrail. The crowd chanted “holy huss.” Jacobs then went to work with tons of elbows to the ground, with a lovely Huss after each one. Sal came back with a German with a bridge for a two count. They ended up on the top rope and Jacobs bit Sal, then hit the cannonball senton for two. Jacobs went for the contra code, but Sal reversed it into a slop drop for another two count. Jacobs got up and hit the contra code for the win. Really fun with everyone chanting “huss” for everything Jacobs did. This crowd dug this, even though it wasn’t Samoa Joe vs. Kenta Kobashi (or Jobashi).

Jim Cornette-Bill Watts-Adam Pierce segment - Commissioner Cornette came out and let us know “ROH was rocking chitown.” “Rocking?” Cornette noted the last time he was in Chicago, managing BJ Whitmer and Dan Maff against Bobby Heenan’s team of Colt Cabana & Nigel McGuinness (at the February Chicago Ridge show). He told us Heenan was at home recovering from knee replacement surgery. The crowd chanted Bobby rather then “Weasel” here. Cornette then talked about wrestling which got a very quiet “fuck Vince” chant, which Cornette tried to get the crowd to hush and Cornette said “I didn’t say that!” Cornette then talked about his guest who he called “Bombastic.” Sadly it was not Bart Gunn, but Cowboy Bill Watts who Cornette put over as a man “who knows pro wrestling.” Cornette put over a lot of Mid-South talent including JYD and Hacksaw Jim Duggan who got a nice mix of boos and Hoooos! Watts came out to a tepid response, he was wearing an Oklahoma U hat and sky blue sweater and wrangler jeans white a white goatee. Watts got on the mic and was soft spoken and quiet, he put over Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death very strong, talking about Dr. Death making a booking after getting stitches in his eye. Watts also put over JYD super strong, when Adam Pearce in his gear and “Scrap Iron” fancy robe comes out and says he wants an opportunity. This segment was already feeling like early 80’s television, and this made it even more so. During the segment, Watt’s cell phone on his bet clip was going off. The lights on his phone made it very hypnotic. Pearce noted he brought his boots AND his heart tonight. Watts said they could “lets hook em up later tonight.” This wasn’t a bad segment per se; it just was odd seeing Bill Watts in the same ring with a promotion know for its high flying top rope maneuvers…Cornette ended the promo by saying “show me some love Chicago.” Which might have been Jim Cornette’s idea of making a pass at Chicago, and everyone left.

3. Special Challenge Match: Bj Whitmer defeated Claudio Castagnoli in 9:54 after a wrist clutch exploder. Another fun little match, which only was disappointing in the fact these two guys could do a lot more then this match showed. Claudio plays an awesome swiss character who’s catchphrase is putting up his arms and saying “heeeeeeeey!” He’s a great wrestler and also very fun to watch because of his whacky Swiss foreign man like character. The crowd was into the ”heeeeeeeey!” and as Claudio got into the ring he pointed to the lovely lacey and yelled “hooooooo!” And did some nice back and forth which was reminiscent of the RAMONES~! Blitzkrieg Bop. This crowd is so eager and happy to chant this evening. Match saw BJ dominating Claudio with power moves as Caludio tried wrestling him. They did some nice back and forth but BJ would go for near falls, only to get a two count. After each 2 count, BJ would look at the referee and yell “three.” This was done several times during the match as the ref would yell “two” and BJ would yell “three.” It was simple, but it was nice fun. After a collision spot, Calaudio hit a beautiful tope. BJ came back, they traded European uppercuts. BJ hit a brain buster for a two count, BJ again argued with the count claiming it was a “three.” Claudio reversed a BJ move to a Death Valley driver for a two. BJ quickly came back and hit a regular exploder for two, then the most dangerous exploder of all the wrist clutch exploder for three.

4. Special Challenge Match: Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels in 20:36 after a muscle buster. Wow. This was as dandy as you would expect. Daniels, who never has been in Chicago with ROH got a huge reaction with plenty of Fallen Angel chants to start, and the lovely Allison Danger, who was dressed as the SEXIEST NUN IN THE HISTORY OF WESTERN CIVIZILATION~! Really, she looked amazing, I was smitten. Joe got in the ring and got nose to nose with Daniels, as the “lets go Joe” and “lets go Daniels” chants. Daniels still would not shake hands with Joe. The bell rang, people were jazzed, they danced around the ring, Joe hit two quick kicks on Daniels for two points. It was slow to start, but Joe slammed Daniels out of the corner and dropped the knee onto Daniels. He attacked Daniels’ chest with some quick kick. Joe took advantage with a Otani like facewash. He played to the crowd who wanted him to do it again, Joe danced (not as good as his bound for glory dancing) around the ring and then tried the facewash again, only for Daniels to hit a dragon screw on joe. From there Daniels focused the attack on Joe’s knee. Daniels hit a flip over Joe and under his legs and put on a beautiful anklelock with a heelhook. Joe got to the ropes, Daniels then hit another leglock and pulled down Joe’s kneepad and then stretched his leg while punching his kneecap further working on the knee. Daniels then hit a sensational Arabian Press onto his knee. Joe came back with a powerslam in which Daniels head hit the ring like Necro Bucher’s did on the floor of the ECW Arena during their legendary IWA-MS match. Please let this be the only time in the history of wrestling the Necro Butcher is compared to Christopher Daniels. Joe then hit his beautiful powerbomb into STF combo. As Daniels was moving towards the ropes, Joe moved his hands for another stretch. Joe attempted to put daniels on the top rope for a muscle buster, but Daniels got out of and got the running STO on Joe. Crowd was still along with these guys for the ride. On a rollup attempt, Daniels hit another leg lock, further working on Joe’s injured knee. Daniels then hit the figure four, only to have Joe kick Daniels square in the face with his boot, and Daniels then proceeded to do a Flair flop. It was a ***3/4 flair flop. Joe continued to sell the knee, even after hitting a stiff kick in the corner to Daniels for a two count. More back and forth, Daniels tried a bridging rollup, but Joe held onto Daniels tights and got Daniels in the rear naked choke. Crowd still very hot. Daniels rolled his legs over to trap Joe into a pin (Aries defeated Joe with the same move at the February ROH show in Chicago Ridge) but Joe got out at two and make sure it was only a two count. Daniels then hit the Best Moonsault Ever two a two and three quarters. Daniels then attempted another top rope maneuver when Joe caught him and got the muscle buster for the win. Awesome match, not as good as their Glory By Honor II match, but still awesome.

5. Grudge Match: Homicide and Colt Cabana fought to a no-contest in about 7 minutes after numerous chair shots. I can’t call this a “match” as I thought Commissioner Cornette was going to put an end to this damn tomfoolery in ROH. He was nowhere to be found, and I don’t know what to believe in anymore. Of course, during this I was in line for WrestleMania weekend triple shot tickets when this “match” was going on. Homicide jumped Colt before the bell; I got to talk to Bill Watts about his book, which should be out in a month or so. I also got to talk with Mr. Cornette about OVW, surprisingly he seems very happy right now with the situation over there with him doing less with the group. As I was talking Homicide and Colt had a chair war. The referee threw it out, and then homicide thru the referee out of the ring as him and his second the highly underrated corner man known as J-Train attacked Cabana. He ever hit a powerbomb on Colt. Yes, Julious Smokes hit a powerbomb. They doubleteamed Colt and got out athletic tape and taped Cabana’s wrists into the corner. He was handcuffed in the corner. And pulled out the GHETTO FORK~! and carved young Colt like it was thanksgiving. Colt’s forehead was gushing like watery cranburry sauce. The fans didn’t like this and started chanting “yankee’s suck.” Homicide got on the mic and yelled “you fucking White Sox fans should shut up” and started yelling back at Cabana. They took turns beating on Cabana, as some people were chanting for CM Punk, who was rumored to be there. Sure enough, he was in the crowd most of the night, playing where’s Waldo with a misfits hoodie with the hood drapped over his face like the Star Wars emperor. More CM Punk chants, as people were waiting for him or Ace Steel to save Colt. However, Ace was seen walking very casually into the mensroom. Ace then made the save a few minutes later. Ace and Homicide went back and forth in the ring yelling at each other. Ace was saying Homicide was going “too far” This was hot, but not as hot as it should have been. Colt, the hometown hero, was helped to the back bleeding beautifully. I like the long term planning of this feud though, as I saw Colt after the show cut a spirited promo of the non-comedy variety, where he engaged himself in more chair throwing schanagans. Good times.

6. Special Bonus match: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pierce defeated Davey Andrews in 5:11 after a piledriver. Davey came down with a huge trophy for being the “top of the ROH class.” Sadly, the trophy was not on the line here. ROH has pushed Pierece as an old school 70’s heel, and he sure was. He begged for mercy with a Ric Flair like “nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” and then hit an eye rake on Andrews. Piece hit a nice piledriver for the win. Crowd was just getting back from intermission and was quiet, other then an “awkard silence” chant during the match. Pierce does the retro heel thing quite well, and I look for him to look better against other opponents

7. ROH World Title Grudge Match: Bryan Danielson defeated Roderick Strong by referee stoppage at 47:25 after a series of elbows. Finish saw Danielson in a crucifix position and he kept on hitting a Bloody Strong (both mouth and face) with one elbow after another and Strong was knocked out. Easily the match of the night, and one of the best ROH matches ever to be held in Chicago. This was just a jollyfull event of wrestling foley which was sweet on so many levels. Strong came down to major Chicago love. Danielson then came down to Europe’s “Final Countdown”, which was fun, not as fun as hearing it on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT~! during GOB’s magic tricks or Franklin act. Anyway, Danielson yelled to ring announcer Bobby Cruz to be announced “as the best wrestling in the world.” Danielson then took off his maroon ring jacket to show the effects of last weeks “snug” match with Strong as his chest was still a bright red. Also, in another Dragon fashion update, he was unshaven, so the BEARD~! Might be coming back. It’s the little things folks. They two men did a handshake, only to have Danielson slap Strong hard in the face. Strong wasn’t having any of this, as he proceeded to chop the living hell out of Mr. Danielson. The two men proceeded to do some arm and coller tie-ups, as heelish Danielson would put his fingers into Strong’s eyes. They did some more harsh back and forth, Strong hit some more chops as Dragon got to the outside, Strong tried to grab Danielson, but only got his ring jacket and threw it at Danielson. Oh, its on now. Danielson did some stalling on the outside. He got back in and hit some brutal European uppercuts. Danielson would then apply a submission or a choke and the referee would count, only to have Danielson stop at four and yell “I Have till five!” Really, how could you not love a heelish Danielson. Strong would make comebacks and hit some of the scariest and loudest chops I have ever heard. Really, some of them were just plain nasty. So bad, Danielson’s already bloody chest was even redder and actually started bleeding in several places from being chopped so good. It was so red, I really wish he would have worn a nice D Lo Brown chest protector here to avoid the chops and of course the chest blood. Strong his some forearms, only to have the Dragon hit some more European uppercuts, and then once Strong was down. Danielson would stand on Strongs head. Really. It was good fun. Danielson then stretched out Strong’s elbow and then stomped on it. Strong then hit more chops, and Danielson stopped him by paintbrushing him with slaps, and hitting a dragon screw and going back to the standing on his head offense. What’s wrong with that? Dragon then hit a sweet german with a bridge for a two count and worked on Roderick’s back. Strong came back with the Yakuza kick, Danielson went off the top rope only to jump off and get met by a Strong dropkick. The crowd was into all of this and totally against Danielson, Strong then hit a powerbomb and went for his Stronghold (half boston crab with one leg pressing up against the back). Strong, while having him in the crab, made this noise, it was like “ahahahahahahahahahahaha TEST!” showing us the match was grueling. Danielson grabbed the ropes and came back with the atomic drop and continued to work on Strong’s back, setting him up for the cattle mutilation. Strong hit another stiff chop and Danielson ran out to the apron floor. They began to toss each other into the ROH’s hard metal guardrails, and Roderick hitting super stiff chops on the floor against the guard rail. They traded chops and uppercuts, Strong’s mouth got bloody. After one chop, Danielson then spit at strong. OH~! Later Danielson used some brutal submissions on Strong, and at one point Danielson told a noted Chicago area ROH fan to SHUT YOUR CLAPPING~! Yes, kids. SHUT YOUR CLAPPING~! Danielson got a choke on Strong, and hit a high back bodydrop and followed it up with a bow and arrow submission. Danielson hit his diving headbut off the top for a two count. Roderick was beautiful here as he was taking a beating, and coming back with chops and not even hitting any of his signature backbreakers, yet. Danielson hit a backbreaker of his own only to mock Strong and the Chicago fans. Around 30 minutes into the match Danielson hit the cattle mutilation, the crowd was on its feet, Strong would not quit here. Danielson repositioned Strong and hit the submission again, only for Strong to get his feet on the ropes. Danielson tried a backslide, but Strong reversed it with a half nelson into a backbreaker at the 34 minute of the match. The crowd popped huge for this. Strong then hit another fireman’s carry into a double knee backbreaker. Crowd was super hot as Strong got the stronglock back on. Danielson got the ropes, Strong wouldn’t let go until 4, nothing that he too like Danielson had until five! Strong was wrapped up in the bottom and middle rope and Danielson sent him to the outside with a nice dropkick as he asked “Who’s the man?” Danielson then further stretched Strong only to get hit with a yakuza kick. Danielson then used a belly to belly like maneuver to throw Strong and himself to the outside. Strong came up bloody. Danielson played around with strong and brought him back in the ring to finish him, but Strong hit a beautiful full nelson suplex for a two count. Danielson went for his cross face chicken wing, only for Strong to hit a beautiful backbreaker. At 44 wonderful minutes the crowd was perplexed, was it going 60 minutes? What did both men need to do to finish the match? Strong hit a superplex on Danielson, and as blood was dripping off his forehead and out of his mouth, got the stronglock on Danielson. Danielson did not tap again, and grabbed the ropes. Dragon came back with a sweet discus punch, and attempted his cross face chicken wing. Strong broke it up by getting the ropes. At the 46 minute Danielson hit a beautiful back body drop, for a two count. Danielson looked super frustrated as he wondered what it would take to defeat Strong. The last minute saw both men hit elbows, slaps and chops, Danielson got an eye gauge, and more elbows. Danielson tried a crucifix on Strong, but Strong would not fall back and attempted a Samoan Drop, Danielson then hit some brutal elbows to Strong’s head, Strong fell back and Danielson went crazy with elbows. Danielson was quickly knocked out as Danielson blew snot into the face of the fan who said “you got nothing!” Which lead to Danielson telling the fan off with “I’ve wrestled with 80 minutes motherfucker!” Wow. Reading this doesn’t do it justice. It was a great match. Strong throws the stiffest and best chops in America today. He chopped the holy hell out of Danielson here and his chest was as maroon and bloody as his ring jacket. Very UFC like finish here and it worked because Strong didn’t tap out, or get pinned. So the feud can continue! YAY! ME LOVE HEELISH BRYAN DANIELSON~! After the match Danielson slapped Strong on the back and it took Strong some time to get back up. This was awesome on so many levels. Danielson and Strong played their parts excellently, the psychology was sweet, and the match pacing made it wrestling magic. Crowd was a little upset about the finish as they didn’t understand what had happened, or were expecting a title change or a time limit draw. Huge chants for Strong afterward and both guys got the standing ovation they so richly deserved afterward.

8. Eight Man War: The Embassy (Alex Shelley, Jimmy Rave, Abyss, Prince Nana who was the only one of the four dressed up in war fatigues) defeated Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans, Matt Sydal with Daizee Haze and Jade Chung who was wearing a WHITE SOX~! shirt) & Aj Styles at 22:20 when Daizee Haze turned on GeNext by giving low blows to both Sydal and Aries. Rave then pinned Sydal after a pedigree while Shelley while pinned Aries after a shellshock. Wow, after Danielson retained I was surprised they had the heels win here to. But this was quite the nice surprise epically since the Embassy vs. Generation Next feud has been all kinds of awesome. The match itself was quite nice and definitely not a letdown after the previous match. The Embassy came out, complete with a Jean Vested Alex Shelley, and the monsterabyss. The heels were attacked during this war by a barrage of toilet paper in the ring. Have you seen the streamers for Punk at the “final chapter” show? Or the streamers for Kenta Kobashi at “Joe vs. Kobashi?” Well the Chicago fans went nuts and threw lots of rolls of toilet paper into the ring. It was quite the site. Abyss caught one and didn’t know what to do with it or what it was. This might explain his anti-social unloved character. He tapped Shelley on the shoulder and held up the toilet paper as to say “huh?” which was hilarious. He threw it back at the crowd, which proceeded to throw it back to Rave and company. Alex Shelley actually took a fucking bump when someone hit him with a toilet paper roll. Alex Shelley = comedy gold. Crowd popped huge for Styles, making his ROH Chicago debut (he was supposed to debut last year against Daniels for the pure title but then Feinsteingate changed those plans). The faces came down as a huge group, with some of them getting the toilet paper attached to their wrestling boots. Jack Evans got a roll of toilet paper and tossed it at Jimmy Rave which launched a “you got served” chant. Rave started against Aries. Rave tried to escape the GeNext wrath which started the "Rave is a *****" chant, Aries looks out into the crowd and says with a smile, "Just what I eat." Hiooooooooooo! Anyway, all of GeNext worked over on Jimmy Rave, making quick tags, cutting off the ring and keeping Rave in their corner. At one point, Aries and Sydal attacked Abyss and Shelley, making sure that Nana could be the only one tagged in. Sound strategy. It went to the outside and AJ Styles did a springboard on the guard rail to jump onto Jimmy Rave, AJ slipped and landed on a small child. AJ stayed there for a while to make sure the child was ok, the kid was crying, but AJ handled it with class, as Sydal and Jack Evans did some incredible high flying dives. Jack especially did a flippy cartwheel back flip corkscrew no rope pancha thing onto Abyss and AJ. In the heat of the moment, Shelley ended up with a bloody nose. Evans was now in with Rave, he went for a springboard off the top when Nana grabbed the leg and Jack went down. Nana did a lovely dance, and came in. He hit Jack with a full nelson drop for a two, and did his butt to the corner on Aries, he also hit a very bad looking elbow. Heat for this was excellent, as the teams traded moves and traded spit. Seriously, there was spit traded between both teams, which started a “Holy Spit!” chant. Abyss then was tagged in as some TNA fans sang the abyss song while going back and forth as Abyss was in there with Jack. Yes, this should be good fun. Abyss did an avalanche into the corner and hit a face first chokeslam. After seeing Abyss for so long in TNA you really don’t realize what a big ol monster this guy is. Shelley was tagged back in and he stretched Jack something good. Shelley, then mocked Jack while grabbing his arm and yelling “Jack make tag” and then doing his awesome kitty litter taunt on Jack. Abyss brought a table into the ring and propped it up vertically in the corner. Jack finally made the hot tag to Aries And Sydal, Abyss came in and accidentally did his big running avalance accidentally on Nana in the corner. Match broke down into more of a war, as Rave and Shelley did some sweet double teams, one where Shelley hit a superkick on Aries and Rave speared him right afterward. Abyss came back and hit his black hole slam on Jack with three or four rotations. Sydal and Aries tried to beat down on Abyss, but Abyss tried to choke slam both of them. He finally chokeslammed them both, and POSED~! Of course this allowed AJ to come behind Abyss and German him into the table. Everyone was hitting everything and it was hard to call. Shelley was hit with Aries power elbow and Sydal hit a standing moonsault. Shelley was down, Abyss and Styles were down in a broken table sandwich, Evans and Rave were both down, so it left Nana alone with Aries and Sydal. Nana then dragged Sydal’s storyline girlfriend or ring second Daizee Haze and used her as a HUMAN SHEILD~! They got daizee off of Nana, and went to get him, when Daizee hit a double low blow on both of them. Jade Chung came into the ring for a catfight, but got stunned with a Daizee Cutter. The Embassy further attacked Generation Next after the match, to further the conflict and the build til their steel cage warfare match next month in New York. Excellent match. While leaving, Styles checked on the little kid, which I though was nice gesture. Then, while walking toward the ramp, he proceed to get into a verbal exchange with a bigger fan guy. Styles said something to the fact of "step over the rail and i'll knock your fucking head off." The fan foolishly went over the rail. This was not very cool, but thankfully ROH security was right there and stopped anything from happening. Samoa Joe came out after seeing this, thankfully the security protected the fan from an Angry Joe, which is quite the scary site. The fan was taken to the back and sent home quickly before anyone could get a piece of the guy. Which was good because it could have been a bad situation for the fan. But still, an outstanding match and a great night of wrestling.


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