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All Good With Aaron Wood: The Images Of Wrestling In 2011 (Part 1)

By Aaron Wood Jan 10, 2012 - 2:54 PM print

Welcome to Part 1 of my round-up of 2011. Unlike Canadian Bulldog's entirely detailed review of last year, this is entirely based around the images of this year, via a mixture of jpegs and animated gifs, just click on the captions to see them (a la TGIF, albeit not as "Hypnotic").

Fed up with his ghostly whiteness, some dudes decided to literally beat some colour into Sheamus...

Tyler Reks Matt Hardy debuts in TNA...

Chris Masters main evented Smackdown on April Fools Day 2011. However, here's the proof I'm not joking...

Well, at least Edge learned from Goldberg's mistakes when it came to window breaking...

Kazarian realised he got his and Robbie E's 69 badly wrong...

They would make a lovely couple...

And Dixie Carter got what she paid for with Matthew Hardy...

Bitch Please...

Hernandez attempts murder (Part 1)

Thankfully for Cole, this golden shower was just beer and not very frothy piss

TNA's 2011 nadir.

See, it wasn't ALWAYS by satellite!

No, your eyes don't deceive you. That is Brodus Clay in the middle beside Big Show...

Well, that photographer is gonna be unlucky for a while...

Jack Doan's feared his worst nightmare was coming true. Another Human Centipede...

Well, that's what you deserve when you don't shake hands backstage...

Randy Orton's "wife" has a "moment". Good thing that the bus' door wasn't entirely glass, so we can't see what she's doing with her hand...

This is why Kane not only put his mask back on, but another one on top of that!

Hernandez attempts murder (Part 2)

And some said Miss USA was in Tough Enough as a ringer...

The moment I remember from my first attended ROH show.

I wonder who just won a draft pick...

Words do this no justice...

"Sorry Pop, but that jacket really is Pepto Bismol coloured. Admit it..."

Edge's attempt at Cena's entrance didn't get over that well...

I know it won't be, but doesn't Cena look totally photoshopped into the picture?

Somehow, some way, this guy would be the only active North Carolinian wrestler not to be in drug trouble by year's end...

Antonio Inoki saw this and thought to himself, ''Come New Year, I'm doing that!'' or however you say that in Japanese...

And this is why DH Smith is current in India in a TNA offshoot tagging with Chavo Guerrero

Yeah, I don't know why either...

Hernandez attempts murder (Part 3)

How RAW should finish every week!

Stop! Stop! He's already dead!


Your Current World Champion, Ladies and Gentlemen...

Typical. You turn up at a party with a belt and find someone is already there wearing the same thing...

Once she saw her payoff for this show, Chyna decided to get f**ked in the ass in another career for better money...

"Come on Fellas, me armpit doesn't smell that bad..."

The announcers were shocked that only after the main event Vince decided he wanted to take over on the commentary...

I imagine Tom's loved having their product not just with a fat dude in a barely big enough TNA shirt...

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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