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All Good With Aaron Wood: The Images Of Wrestling In 2011 (Part 2)

By Aaron Wood Jan 21, 2012 - 2:55 PM print

Hey everyone, if you missed Part One of this retrospective, then just click the link below!

All Good With Aaron Wood: The Images Of Wrestling In 2011 (Part 1)

But on with Part 2!  And don't forget to click the links for animated gifs!

No, your eyes don't decieve you.  That is Brodus Clay on the far left... (And yes these were written before we got the Funkasaurus, and would have been funnier if this had managed to be published before then...)

"He's behind me, isn't he?  He wants to kick me in the head, doesn't he?"

"Look, if you want to sleep next to each other, that's fine.  But not in the middle of the match!"

And some dared to say that Scream 4 was the poorest sequel.

Yes, this is Bully Ray 69'ing a blow-up doll.  TNA...Wrestling Matters...

What a bloody prick...on Orton's finger...

Hey Kaz, your wife is a whore!

And now you know why Alex Riley has disappeared off our TV screens.

Beth & Natalya give us the clap.

Now THAT'S a ref bump...

Shame Brock couldn't do this to Alastair Overreem...

I know why this particular moment happened, but you can imagine this happening off-camera a lot.

Show wanted a fist bump.  Orton wanted more...

"See Cole, Cody even drew your bald spot on the back!"


I hope Zack is reacting in pain to R-Truth's kick than anything else...

Sheamus tuned Wade Barrett and found he was a C#

So near and yet so far...

"Well, Nick intended to cripple that guy!"

AJ tries doing Mortal Kombat in real life.  Fails.

Greatest. Timekeeper. Ever.

Dixie finally snaps.

The family reunion.

"Uhh...This is how Randy Orton does his pose, right?!?!"

Of all the times for Truth's narcolepy to strike...


Yes, somehow this picture managed to find its way into TNA's picture gallery for Bound For Glory.  That's a statement on the company right here...

Nothing funny to write here.  Just wanted to note the Bella Twins backsides.  Perfection...

Screw his final match on RAW.  This is how John Morrison should have gone out.

The only time in 2011 when Sting didn't suck.

Piper didn't do this many slaps.  But this is undeniably funnier.

Dolph promised his dentist to give him a good shot and let him do a remote check up.

You can't tell me David Otunga isn't a great man...

Luke Gallows went to Nigeria and got caught up in all that bombing for this?!?!

I think a woman is out there needing to tell Sheamus something...

I wonder if at home, Colt Cabana has stuck a picture of his face over Zack's while crying ''WHY NOT ME?!?!?!?''

Like the guy in the back, I'm not impressed with the left-hand side kid's Jeff Hardy mimicking...

"Now if you don't do what DX told people to do, I will punch you..."

Show & Henry were like the Wonder Twins, only they had chairs instead of rings...

Oh man, with a mask like that, you wonder if Jeff is back on the crack...

...Oh Dear...

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