Aaron Wood
All Good With Aaron Wood: Ask Not For Whom It Begins, It Begins For Thee
By Aaron Wood
Nov 23, 2011 - 3:38 PM

If you were clever enough to catch the Easter egg-like graphic at the beginning of the Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger from match on RAW this past Monday, or if you were on any Internet site within minutes of the graphic appearing, you'll have seen a YouTube URL, which takes you to this following video.

And naturally enough, this has started a whole bunch of conversations to who whom this video refers to. However, if you are stuck for ideas, maybe these fine folks could be the "ItBegins" guy, along with the positives and negatives of each person case...


The colour palette of the video was of the purple and mono-chrome variety that you would associate with Taker.

The dialogue of the video is something you would associate with The Undertaker, with talk about "a power shall come to punish the meek" and that "on the second day of 2012 a familiar force shall come to claim what's his" and that it would be the end of the world.

It's pretty much become an annual thing with him now that he has a return at some point every year and we get these sort of videos to build the return up.

When you look at the "Trending" graphic on the screen that revealed the YouTube link at the beginning of the Jack Swagger/Sheamus match, it was the same sort of "static/interference" that has been very much used in previous video about/from The Undertaker.

It could be set up as an Undertaker video to get people assuming it's Undertaker, only for it to be someone else. Because it's too obvious...

That all not un-recent picture of him completely bald. He can't have that much hair right now, and I can't picture Undertaker without at least neck length hair (i.e. 2004) if not longer. Could have extensions, but that would be a pain.

If he only has one good Wrestlemania left in him to go 20-0 with, wouldn't it be better to do it in Houston next year rather than Miami this one, especially when Rock vs. Cena is the draw and they could go all out for Taker in Texas?

If it is Taker, why isn't he back, like this year, AFTER the Rumble? Well before it seems a little premature, almost suggesting whomever it is will be part of that PPV too, at least.


Taker-like video, so it would be a swerve to be his brother.

The dialogue also is applicable to him, although not as much as Taker, really.

There was an obvious Kane return video on the show. Could be an Easter egg, using Twitter as it's deliver system.

CONS: Dave Meltzer says it's the two videos are for 2 different people, so it really is for two people. It's not Kane.


Jericho has "form" in having wacky video builds where you are supposed to figure out what things are.

The dialogue says they're coming to reclaim something. CM Punk, your current champion, is all about being "The Best In The World".

WAY more media-literate than you would expect Undertaker to be. I mean, do you think that Taker would be promoting his return on YouTube, leeching off of WWE's Twitter erection.

Recent reports and Jericho's own tweets suggest that he's currently on the outs with WWE, but then again, it's not like Jericho would be above working people for the surprise value, and these things are rather conveniently timed, are they not?

Recent reports and Jericho's own tweets suggest that he's currently on the outs with WWE, and this time, they might not be working us with that stuff.

Other than the "reclaiming something" line, the video isn't very "Jericho". I mean, would you consider him a "power" in the way that is intonated in the clip? I wouldn't.


Everyone jumped to the conclusion it was Sting last time when it was so obviously and always Undertaker. This could be a swerve. People just assume it's Taker and BAM, there's the Stinger...

I mean, one of these video builds has to be him some time, right?

While he's never been in WWE to return to it, he fits the "familiar face" line and the motif of "It begins".

As our own forum member Rowdy Rodimus pointed out, an anagram of "It Begins" is "I Be Sting"

TNA doesn't have much luck in holding onto people it has on TV in the role of "Network Guy/Commissioner", ain't that right my friend Mickles?

He's got a sweet retirement fund going with TNA without having to do as many dates, and indeed right now, without even having to wrestle on TV.

The biggest value of Sting coming in would be to face The Undertaker. If this is for Sting, then where is The Undertaker and why is his return not being hyped?


It's not an obvious name you'd think of for this, but it wouldn't be a let down if it were.

That MMA and film career has sure taken off.

Literally nothing to suggest in the video that it has anything to do with him. The look and tone of it suggests Undertaker. The enigmaticness and potential detective work suggests Jericho. It's an anagram for "I Be Sting". Nothing to make people think about Deacon Dave.


Has been vocal on Twitter recently about getting a match against Cody at Wrestlemania.

The video was cinematic and that's Goldust's style, plus, YouTube would be the vessel to promote his return.

It's friggin' Goldust. They aren't doing putting in this effort for him! It would be a massive let down of epic proportions. I don't care if he blocks me on Twitter for saying it. Hell, he'll block anyone for almost anything other than sucking up to him.


It was recently announced that the WWE Network would make it's first impression on YouTube along with a whole bunch of other companies. This is all about a YouTube link and video.

The WWE Network does indeed begin in 2012.

The video clearly talks about someone coming back. Didn't you listen to it? Still, the WWE Network makes more God-damned sense than Goldust...

And then there are some less likely contenders...

The guy has to re-debut SOMETIME, right??? That said, if it were him, they'd only delay it another week...

Injured, was supposed to be on the show this week but wasn't. Maybe the power's gone to his head and wants a fancy return.

He's been off RAW for so long, a reappearance would feel like a return for him.

Who's to say that JR hasn't gone batshit insane and now getting wacky videos posted in an effort to reclaim his spot?

After getting a good taste of the main events in 2011, Lawler could return to action full time, and this is it. The 1/2/12 RAW is in Memphis...

Just to stick it to Eric.

Gunner who? Wants to claim his crown as the rightful shitty security guy they should have used as a singles wrestler.

All have disappeared recently for a month or so...

Well, if Mason Ryan is going to make the Full Nelson part of his moveset, he may as well reclaim it...

While the video talks about a "he", this boy can dream...

Whomever it is, it's once again, for the second time this year got people talking. My biggest question though is who does TNA have up it's sleeve when they decide to be "clever" and spoof it like 2/21/11?

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