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This Week In WWE Vintage Collection History: Becoming Funky, An Outlaw, A Wildman And Incredibly Positive
By Aaron Wood
Jan 15, 2012 - 11:29 AM

Mean Gene opened the show by noting we'd be continuing our look at fresh starts in sports entertainment. Our first guy started out as a mystery partner for Ron Simmons at WCW Clash Of The Champions 21. While no-one knew his name during that match, it was only a matter of time before fans all over were clamouring for 2 Cold Scorpio. This match, from WCW Saturday Night which aired on February 27th 1993 (taped a few days prior) would see Scorpio take on a guy by the name of Shanghai Pierce, a man we may recognise from the WWE (answer in the Epilogue).

After the break, Gene said that after spending some time in WCW and ECW, 2 Cold Scorpio emerged in the WWE in a fancy suit, accompanied by the Funkettes, continuing to deliver the excitement by the name of Flash Funk. In this match Funk faced a man who wasn't all that long in changing himself, Rockabilly. This match was from Shotgun, which aired on October 11th 1997, taped on the 6th, which was, of course, the night after Brian Pillman's death. And while he had been going by the name Rockabilly for all that long, this match would see Gunn change again!

And so, now that Rockabilly had turned on the Honky Tonk Man, after the break, we skipped to the RAW IS WAR of 9 days later, as "Road Dog" Jesse James and "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn (later adding extra g's and d's for copyrighting purposes) made their debut as a team, facing The Headbangers.

After the break, we moved on to focus on our next "New Beginning", although as it goes, both men featured would have fresh starts. Having moved from being a manager himself to being in the ring, Diamond Dallas Page was on a mission to get to the top of WCW by any means necessary, including using his valet, Kimberley, to his advantage, even using her recently acquired fortunes. But by the end of 1995, she had had enough and enlisted Johnny B. Badd to help her get her freedom. So at Superbrawl 6 on February 11th 1996, it was all on the line as the two met. Badd's TV Title, Kimberly's freedom and her money were up for grabs.

after the break, we stayed looking at Mero, as he quickly left WCW after beating Page, joining the WWE, becoming "Wildman" Marc Mero, although he was just a chivilrous, rescuing Sable from HHH. In this match from WWE RAW on April 15th 1996, although it was taped April 1st, the night after Wrestlemania 14 where Mero & Sable had made their debuts, Mero's debut match in the WWE would be in the opener of the show against Leif Cassidy of The New Rockers.

After the break, it was time for our main event focusee, and it was he, it was DDP! Now, I don't normally post promos that appear, but in this case, I had to track it down, and it wasn't hard to find...

Yep, we had moved to the WWE in 2002, and in our main event match for the week, we went to the Smackdown of January 31st 2002, as he faced Christian for the European Title. This was the same edition of Smackdown that the cast of Rollerball appeared and that Flair offered to sell his half of the WWE back to Vince to prevent him from bringing in the nWo, only for Austin to put a stop to it and tell Vince to bring them on.

Gene said that Page made Christian feel the BANG! of the Diamond Cutter, before retaining the title in a rematch at Wrestlemania X8. While this made things seem like this new beginning for Page would be a positive one, he would, in fact, lose the title to William Regal only a few weeks after Mania before soon retiring due to injuries. Gene said we were "only the middle" of the series, so there'd be more next week.

2 Cold Scorpio would have a brief Tag Title reign with Marcus Bagwell late in 1993, but was released in 1994, where he then moved on to find more success in ECW, becoming a Tag champion and the TV champion at the same time. Despite not being with WCW anymore,he would still wrestle on 2 WCW-promoted shows, the "When World's Collide" show in 1994 with AAA and the "Collision In Korea" in 1995.

After becoming Flash Funk, he wouldn't do much of note, not winning a title in his WWE tenure. He took part in the Brawl For All, replacing Ken Shamrock, although he was beaten by The Godfather. Also in 1998, he would essentially drop the gimmick and revert to the Scorpio name as he joined up with Ron Simmons, before being released in 1999.

So, just who was Shanghai Pierce, I hear you cry? Well, it was in fact Mark Canterbury, otherwise known as Henry Godwinn. At that time, he was in a tag team with Tex Slazenger (a.k.a. Mideon), having joined as a team in 1992 and remaining with WCW until 1994 when Canterbury would end up in WWE as Godwinn.

Only a few weeks after forming, Road Dogg and Badd Ass Billy Gunn would win WWE Tag Gold, beating The Legion Of Doom for the title, only a couple of weeks themselves in a "do or die" situation. This win would also see them get their "New Age Outlaws" name, after JR likened them to outlaws. It was also during this initial feud with the LOD that the pair join DX, and as they say, the rest is history.

Very shortly after this match, Mero left WCW due to his objections to an angle where he was associated with another man's wife, citing that his daughter had begun to think he had left her mother, seeing him on screen with Kimberley. Indeed, at the following PPV, Kimberley would be in the corner of The Booty Man (Brutus Beefcake). As for Mero in the WWE, he would be Faarooq in the finals of an IC Title tournament, holding the title for about a month before losing it to HHH. However, his career was interrupted when he tore his ACL not long into 1997, requiring 6 months off.

As noted, at Uncensored, DDP face The Booty Man, who was standing up for Kimberley. This time, the match was a "Loser Leaves Town" match, and it was a match that DDP would lose. That said, he would be back only a couple of months later in a WCW Saturday Night episode, beating Billy Kidman. The next night, he would take part in and win the "Lord Of The Ring" Battlebowl at Slamboree. This was supposed to give him a World Title match, although Page would never actually receive it. Indeed, he then moved onto the Eddie Guerrero feud that had been covered before. As noted by Mean Gene, Page would retain the European Title at Wrestlemania before losing to William Regal. And then after picking up a neck injury from Bob Holly, he let his contract expire and retired.

His failure to recapture the European Title at Wrestlemania wouldn't be Christian only involvement in the show, as he ended up part of the Hardcore Title shenanigans that night. He beat the-then champion Mighty Molly with a stable door to the face for the title, only to be foiled in his attempt to leave the building by the original champion going into the show, Maven, who attacked him outside getting the pin and then stealing Christian's cab. Not long after this, Christian would form part of the Un-Americans group with Lance Storm & Test, winning tag gold with Storm in the summer.

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