Dan Crocker
Crocker! Free Per View, Georgia Does Christmas, Roddy's Dentures, and More
By Dan Crocker
Dec 8, 2011 - 5:43 PM

Well, Christmas is on its way. I'm not sure if the economic downturn has hit you as hard as it has me, but we might be having a Little House on the Prairie Christmas this year. Everyone gets a tin cup and a shiny penny.



I'm sure Christmas will work out for our friends the professional wrestlers. Things usually do. As broke as Hogan and Flair sometimes claim to be, I don't imagine Brook and David are going hungry this holiday season.   There’s good news for UK TNA fans as well--TNA has signed a deal to keep broadcasting their content on Challenge TV. Therefore, my vast army of UK fans can now do the Christmas dance.   What's the Christmas dance you ask?   Ask Bookman.



In other television news,   rumor has it that WWE will be switching some of its PPV content to the soon to debut WWE TV Network. I think this is good news. I've said for a long time that some PPVs should be offered for free during the year. Though I would rather see them on regular Network television, NBC perhaps, this is still a step in the right direction. People just don't want to or don't have the money to buy monthly pay per views right now. Plus, giving   a few away might help draw interest to a waning professional wrestling market.   Also, I'm a cheap bastard.


It makes me wonder what TNA will do to compensate. If this turns out to be successful for WWE, how will TNA react?   Will they continue with what I feel is an outdated model? They're not going to have their own network, so they may not have much of a choice. A monthly Saturday or Sunday night PPV caliber show might be popular, but I'm not sure if it would make them more money than their PPVs. It might, as by my last count they only make about fifteen dollars a month off PPVs.   This is just enough to cover Flair's appearance fee and to sometimes get Hogan a fresh bandana.  


They could also do quarterly free television specials or something like this:



In the old days, this sort of thing could only happen in Georgia. Even now, it's a Georgia tradition, but it is time to take it national. It's well-established that there is a war on Christmas.



As as worshiper of Winter, I can tell you that nothing would be better than Santa Claus vs. an evil liberal progressive in a steel cage death match.   Who better to pull this off than TNA?   This is your chance, Dixie, you can have this idea for free. Keith Olbermann might make a good foe for Old Saint Nick. Of course, there is also another option:



Russo should be right on top of this.


Here's a present for you--an interview with Roddy Piper.   He sounds sane and articulate. It's really pretty interesting. He also looks like he's in decent shape.




Does he have dentures or is that just me?   Not that I have anything against dentures, I'm just saying. In any event, Piper has been on of my favorite since I was a kid, and I'm always glad to see him looking happy and healthy.


All right folks, that's it for this week. I hope your holiday season is going well. Don't forget there's a war out there and whatever side you are on, make sure to spend a lot. Otherwise, baby Jesus will cry and your children will hate you.


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