Dan Crocker
Crocker! The Impact of a TNA Without Vince Russo
By Dan Crocker
Feb 16, 2012 - 4:40 PM

It's not always easy coming up with something to write about that's wrestling related. I don't really do reviews. I just sort of make jokes. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Either way, so much that happens in wrestling is recycled that I'm often left wondering if I'm recycling the same jokes. Usually, I honestly can't remember. So if writing about wrestling can sometimes be difficult, writing actual wrestling is probably really hard. I imagine it's a lot like writing for a soap opera. Yeah, you're going to be using a lot of the same stories over and over. The trick is to somehow make them seem fresh.


A man who's writing style once seemed fresh and original and then, a few years later (things move fast in this business), stale and uninspired got his walking papers recently. I'm talking about none other than the polarizing Vince Russo. I'm a fan. I'll admit it. I may be the only person on the planet that actually liked his stint at WCW.   Well . . . at first. WCW was getting pretty damn stale by the time Russo came in. It was all NWO (in about fifty different incarnations--my favorite being NWO Horsehoofs). When Russo came in, he made things exciting again . . . for awhile. He made Goldberg more human, which I think was a good move. He pushed Booker T and Jeff Jarrett--both of which were also good moves at the time. It was a million times better than when Bischoff was running things.


There were plot holes. There were WTF moments. Things moved quickly, but, good or bad, they were seldom boring. This all changed with Russo put himself on TV though. Plus, the Filthy Animals were awesome.


I think it's just that Russo burns bright at first and then everything goes down hill. I may also be the only person on the planet that loved his early time in TNA. Way, way back when (remember when it was PPV every Wednesday night?). I even liked the random run-ins at the end of every show. Whether he gets bored or just runs out of ideas, I don't know. His writing always goes downhill eventually (some of that has to do with backstage politics, of course).   Here's hoping he gets another chance somewhere eventually.



How about the rest of you? Will you have more interest in TNA now?


In other news, my main man, HBK, was back on television this week. It was pretty good and I'll be damned if HHH and 'Taker don't have me interested again.   Of course, now a lot of people are complaining (not wrestling fans, right?) that HHH buried the younger wrestlers by saying he's part of a dying breed that left everything in the ring. He's kind of right though. I'm not saying that the wrestlers now aren't leaving it all in the ring (when WWE give them a chance).   Fartin' Randy Orton comes to mind. There really was something good about era though. I'm not sure if it was the actual wrestling (though it was often very good). It was just a perfect storm. Stone Cold, the Rock, HBK, even Triple Damn H. They just had a nice mix of really strong characters. That sort of thing isn't going to come around that often. Still, it's not the sort of thing Hunter needs to be pointing out on TV.


All right. That's it for me folks. Have a good week. Leave comments, Crockerholics!


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