Dan Crocker
Crocker! Dollar Store Meth, Jericho's Walls Are Broken Down, Animation Hulkamation, and More
By Dan Crocker
Feb 2, 2012 - 4:01 PM

I saw a drug deal go down at the local Dollar Store this week.   Now, I expect this kind of thing at the Save-a-Lot parking lot.   I don't know why, but it has become the hangout for the local meth heads. I guess it's just convenient to pick up semi-quality food, like a quick block of cheese, and some meth. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak. But at the Dollar Store!   I just wanted some Diet Coke, but these guys didn't even try to keep it quiet. One dude, who couldn't stop hacking loudly, just kept talking on and on about it for everyone to hear. This is my hometown in MO, folks. It's only got about 1000 people--each and every one of them a real winner.   I wouldn't suggest the Hardy Boys come here to vacation--not if they are serious about staying clean. If they're not, welcome to the Dollar Store Fellas. Get your cheap toilet paper and even cheaper meth.


Now in the wrestling world, we had some kind of rumble for the royalty.   I paid forty bucks to see Kate Middleton in a bra and panties match, but unfortunately all I saw was a Jericho loss.


 If you were a rich future king this could be your wife. Even if you were bald.


Look, there's a time for a swerve and a time to be predictable.   I'm in the camp that thinks his was a time to be predictable.   Give Jericho the freakin' win. Of course, I'm a Jericho mark so I'm obviously going to say that. I'm as happy as anybody that Sheamus is back on track. All the losing he's done the last year or so didn't make a lot of sense to me. Plus, he may be royalty. He's English or Irish or something like that.


Foley got to punch a few people. It was about what was expected. I'm not a fan of the Rumble in general, and this one did nothing to change my mind about it.   I must be in the minority though, because the following RAW apparently had some pretty good ratings, and I'm pretty interested in the Jericho/Punk stuff.   The big news, however, is the return of The Undertaker--if you want to call it big news. I mean...he's gone for ten months, but we know he's coming back fairly soon, right? Wrestlemania is coming up and there's no way in hell he's missing that. He'll be 90 years old and still on his undefeated streak.   As silly as it all seems, he always puts on a great match. I wouldn't even mind a rematch with HHH, and he's a total asshole.


Speaking of comebacks--Hogan will be on TNA for the first time in awhile tonight. I don't think anyone cares too much. I like him better on Micro-Championship wrestling (has anyone heard if there's going to be a second season of that?)   I also liked him on American Dad this week.   I hope they paid him enough to keep Linda and her twelve year old boyfriend off his back for a bit.


Sucky quality, but it's the best that's out there right now.


That's it for this week folks. I got to get to work. Have a good week and be good to people.

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