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Crocker! Ric Flair's Oldness Has Nothing To Do With Injuries, Big Daddy Miz, Everyone Look At Hunter, and More
By Dan Crocker
Sep 22, 2011 - 4:57 PM

All right folks, I'm running late today, so let's get right to the news. Something something economy. Death row.   Also, I get paid today. That means food. Oh, you want wrestling news?! Ric Flair got hurt during his match with Sting, and he's going to need some surgery. He also injured his arm throwing out a pitch for the Red Sox. Flair claims that he got hurt because he hasn't been working a lot. That's exactly it. Anyone can look at him and tell that he's in tip top shape. He doesn't look at all like an old man that has spent a big part of his life drinking and divorcing. It was just a freak accident. If I need someone to throw me off a turnbuckle at 62 just to make a few extra bucks, shoot me. Then again, the chances of me making it to 62 are about the same as they were for Flair.



Flair threw out his hamstring posing for this picture.


WWE is using Miz's parents to help make this firing angle more real. His dad said, "HHH should let bygones be bygones. WWE needs to reconsider and rehire my son."   Said Miz's grandma, "What the fuck is a Twitter?"   R-Truth's father, Big Jimmy, was not available for comment.


Stacy Kiebler is dating George Clooney. That's a bit of a step down from me, but I guess she had no idea where to go after she got Crackerized. Basically, this is just an excuse for me to post this:



In my opinion, the CM Punk stuff has cooled down a bit. It started when WWE panicked and brought him back early, and it's just gotten worse with the involvement of HHH and Nash. Who could have called it?   Who would have ever though that HHH would somehow squash a rising WWE star? I mean he's never done this sort of thing before.   To be honest, I'm not sure he did it on purpose this time, but it's being done either way.


It's not so much the match, though I wish Punk would have went over clean during that. It's more their interactions. Why does Punk care if both he and HHH are being played? It make him look weak and a little dumb to be honest because whatever is going on, I'm sure HHH had his pudgy fingers right in the middle of it. It being Stephanie. Not to mention the belt is back on Cena.   At least it looks like Punk will get another shot at it. Then of course, the firing of Miz and Truth. This of course has nothing to do with either of those men. It has everything to do with Hunter being the center of attention. The only way this will work for me is if both Miz and Truth come back as "The Midnight Riders." That would be awesome, if you will.


 I don't know how anyone ever figured out it was Dusty.   Trust me on this, I remember it well. No one could catch the Midnight Rider. Unless, that is, they were in halfway decent shape. Then it really wasn't that difficult.



There's going to be a Randy Savage art show. Click the link here.   Actually, that's pretty cool. I have nothing at all sarcastic to say about it.


All right, that's it for you Uncle Cracker this week.

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