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T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: All Things WrestleMania, The Worst Female Wrestler Ever, Curb Stompin' Chris Brown, Reliving The Summer of Punk, UFC in Japan, and More

By Matt Dawgs Feb 24, 2012 - 10:10 AM print

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #146

Good day to you all and welcome to World Wrestling Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Let's go...


WWE News and Notes

- Super busy news week for WWE as the road to Wrestlemania has officially begun. The top 4 matches of the show are already set (well 6 but the 5th and 6th aren’t announced yet).

- WWE swerved many people and Daniel Bryan will be going into Wrestlemania with the World title. Bryan won the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match on Sunday to hold onto the title however he was immediately attacked by Sheamus who announced that he is challenging Bryan for the belt as winner of the Royal Rumble event. The match was so-so with an interesting and unusual spot that had the Big Show open the top of Bryan’s pod and climb into it in order to beat up Bryan before his pod opened. The finish had the crowd going apesh*t as the final two men were Daniel Bryan and Santino Marella and I do not know what overcame the fans but they were at the edge of their seats actually believing that Santino was going to win the World title. Kudos to Daniel Bryan as he continues to prove he is the best in the world and carried Santino to a great finish. Amazing what they have done with Santino in just two weeks time.

- The reason Sheamus states he is challenging for the World title at Mania because he has already been WWE champion on two occasions and now wants to win the World title. As stated two weeks ago, this match has special meaning to both men since they were scheduled for a US title match at Wrestlemania one year ago but the match was bumped from the PPV due to time constraints so neither worked the Wrestlemania show.

- Over on the RAW side, CM Punk retained the WWE title winning the RAW brand Chamber match. The match was well below past Elimination Chamber standards and WWE kind of painted them into a corner if since they weren’t planning on taking the title off of Punk. Chris Jericho was eliminated from the chamber match by getting “injured” and being unable to continue. This was WWE’s way of protecting Jericho and not having him lose before Mania. Punk ended up beating Miz as the last entrant to win. Not exactly sure why WWE chose to have Miz as the last entrant for Punk considering not one single person in the building thought he had a shot at winning.

- Thankfully the Cena/Kane feud appears to be finished with as Cena won the ambulance match and Kane was not on RAW the next night.

- Speaking of RAW, very good show in my eyes although some usual questionable booking but I will get to that.

- Eve heel turn. I am not sure if this was the plan all along or if this was WWE’s way of turning last weeks error into their fortune. For those who missed the show, Eve was speaking to the Bella Twins to start and stated to them that she was never into Zack Ryder, even as a friend. She only used him to get to Cena and now she is going to use Cena to get to the top. Why she would say this with a camera in her face is beyond me but Cena was standing behind her and overheard this. He smirked, shook his head and then left. He was going to ringside to gloat about defeating Kane and then turning to the Rock but Eve came out to say he misunderstood. Cena didn’t want to hear it and then she tried to kiss him and began crying. Psycho Eve is in the house. I liked it and Cena came off well in dissing her and leaving. Good angle.

- The other main angle on the show was the Undertaker/HHH confrontation. Not sure if it is rust since he hasn’t cut a promo in over a year but Taker was WAY OFF in cutting his promo. It could have been the “WHAT” chants from fans that rattled him or it could be he was just off of his game. Either way, the whole thing sucked balls. HHH came out and salvaged a ‘could have been bad” segment and turned it into gold. Not sure if it is because this is likely HHH’s last match before moving full time into the front office but he has been ON FIRE lately. Good for him. Anyway, rather than drag it out another week or two (although I think they should have), HHH finally relented and promised to end Taker once and for all; this time in a Hell in a Cell match. Even without the blood, this match is going to be all sorts of AWESOME. Both men have a ton of Cell experience as they are number 1 and number 2 respectively in all time number of Cell matches and both are veteran enough to be able to fill their match with plunder and keep it entertaining. My guess? They just say “F*ck the rules” and end up spilling blood. What is Vince going to do? Fire them? Sad that they get to circumvent the rules but the fact is, they can.

- John Cena’s promo toward the end of the show (the one he tried to cut at the beginning of the show before Eve cut him off) was probably Cena’s best promo in over a year. He was FANTASTIC in being serious without mentioning “poopy”. Between this, his angle with Eve earlier and the tremendous VIDEO PACKAGE that aired during the Elimination Chamber of him training in the gym and showing footage of him training with developmental talents, giving them advice, etc, shows that they are in full “we want a mixed crowd at Mania” mode. Sadly, this IS NOT POSSIBLE. They can have videos of Cena curing cancer as well as showing every single make a wish foundation visit he does and saving a puppy from a burning house fire and the Miami crowd is not going to be split at Mania. It is going to be 100% pro-Rock. But I give credit to WWE for trying. They are going to fail but they are trying and if it were anyone else, Sunday and Monday was a damn good first step in succeeding.

MATT NOTE: The guy bench pressing 575 lbs in the Cena video package is FCW Developmental talent Big E Langston (real name Ettore Ewen). Langston was the 2011 national power lifting champion as he did an 834 lb squat, 452 lb bench and a 733 lb dead lift. WOW.


- It is funny because apparently, in addition to CM Punk, there are several people backstage who agree 100% with Cena’s sentiments and are legit upset that Rock is coming in and taking a Mania spot. How that is an argument is leaving me completely befuddled. Reason being is that The Rock easily makes this Mania bigger than it would be had he not been around. Having Rock on the show brings in more business for WWE and thus brings in more money for everyone else. All of the main players (some of which are the ones who are upset) all make more money with Rock on the card. It isn’t as if someone like Sheamus or Mark Henry or Big Show isn’t going to be on the Wrestlemania show because Rock is taking their spot. Sure Drew McIntyre might not make the show but lets be honest, is there anyone in the world other than maybe Drew’s mother who would rather see him on the Mania show in some capacity more than the Rock? No.

- Normally as Mania season approaches, WWE tries to limit in ring action and “big time” match ups in order to prevent injury from occurring as they head into the big event. NOT WORKING OUT FOR THEM. As you know, Randy Orton suffered a concussion at last week’s RAW. Orton has had a few concussions over the length of his career both diagnosed and undiagnosed. The actuality of it is that it is an ALARMING number to those who know. He was held off television this week and is not going to be evaluated by doctors until Monday, February 27th on when he can return to action. He will likely be cleared before Mania but will he be cleared in time to do something physical before Mania is another question.

- The injury bug continued on RAW this week with Wade Barrett suffering a gruesome elbow injury (dislocated elbow) when trying to catch Dolph Ziggler during a battle royal. Ziggler, who himself almost DIED on the spot, landed on Barrett’s arm and immediately Barrett dropped several “F bombs” on live television while slapping the floor in agony over it. He had his arm places in a splint at ringside and was helped to the back. Ziggler somehow managed to be fine after literally breaking his fall with his FACE as it smashed into the announcer table. No concussions and he wrestled in a dark match following the show.

- Barrett is likely to miss Mania as doctors diagnosed him with a dislocated elbow and he should be out of action for 6 – 8 weeks. Barrett is likely going to attempt to wrestle on it if he heals in 6 but WWE may not allow him.

- Also injured was Cody Rhodes. Rhodes actually injured his hamstring at the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday but tried to tough it out and wrestle on RAW Monday. Not a good look since he injured his hamstring further and was limping to leave the ring following the match. He is day to day.

- Luck was watching Kofi Kingston as he was almost killed himself in the very same battle royal mentioned above. He was thrown from the top rope to the floor by Chris Jericho however he did not realize before jumping that Vicki Guerrero was in the way to had to alter his landing and fell down the ring steps. It could have been bad for both Kofi and Vicki. Kingston was already a member of the walking wounded as he had staples in the back of his head from the Elimination Chamber match the night before.

- Not for nothing but Chris Jericho won the battle royal and won a title shot vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania (although Santino Marella was in the battle royal and once again the crowd thought he had a legit shot at winning.). If I were Sheamus, I would absolutely file a formal complaint with the WWE board considering Jericho won a 10 man battle royal to get his shot while Sheamus had to win a 30 man Royal Rumble to get his. That is not fair.

- Ron Simmons was officially confirmed for the WWE Hall of Fame on Monday. Here is his VIDEO PACKAGE .

- Why is Mark Henry still wrestling? He is no where near 100% yet WWE sent him out there to do a job for Sheamus. Why does this make any sense? He needs to heal, especially if he is wrestling at Mania.

- Can anyone explain the Teddy Long/John Laurinaitis situation for me? Long is being booked like an idiot. David Otunga is going to wrestle and Teddy Long gets to pick his opponent from Smackdown. Long has the choice of ANYONE on the entire Smackdown roster from the World Champion Daniel Bryan to the number one contender Sheamus to the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry to the Great Khali and he chooses Ezekiel Jackson? The same Zeke who just one week ago on Smackdown lost to JINDER MAHAL CLEAN IN TWO MINUTES; the same Jinder Mahal that was losing to Sheamus for the past few weeks. Then, after Zeke loses to Otunga cleanly in two minutes, the same situation presents itself on Smackdown Tuesday and LONG DOES THE SAME EXACT THING!!!! Zeke loses again and Long looks incompetent. Long isn’t doing much to prove his point.

- Aksana has the potential to be the next Trish Stratus!!!

- The above statement was 100% Sarcasm. Aksana has to be the worst women’s wrestler EVER and that is including Jenna Mosca of Survivor fame when she wrestled in TNA. By god is she awful in the ring.

- Following the Divas match on RAW that pitted the Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly and Aksana, former WWE star Shane Helms tweeted: "Geez, Askana is .... not good" which prompted former WWE star Lance Storm to reply: "Understatement of the Century."

- WWE is denying the claims made by Shaquille O’Neal that he is wrestling at Wrestlemania in Miami. They even went far enough to say so on WWE.COM. Rumors have been circulating for a few days that O’Neal will in fact NOT WRESTLE hence why WWE has been building to Big Show and Cody Rhodes over the past few days. The official plan was for O’Neal vs. Show but apparently WWE officials may have gotten upset that Shaq jumped the gun by doing interview stating he was wrestling on the show and that may have caused talks to collapse. Even AFTER WWE released their statement denying these claims, O’Neal once again stated on ESPN radio that he is wrestling. I don’t know what to make of all the he said/she said.

- Also rumors floating around that WWE may now scrap the planned Money in the Bank match at Mania and instead have an elimination style match featuring a Raw team accompanied by John Laurinaitis vs. a Smackdown team accompanied by Teddy Long with the winning team’s GM becoming GM of both shows. Not sure how this is going to work considering the Smackdown side will have people like Christian and Mark Henry on it and both have stated that they endorse John Laurinaitis for GM of both shows. It is just another case of poor booking/continuity on WWE’s part if it is true.

- Kharma is not back yet as she has not recovered from giving birth to her newborn (maternity leave). She did the Rumble appearance because it was limited and she did not have to do much. WWE asked her to appear as it was a surprise no one was expecting. The goal is to eventually feud her with Beth Phoenix but it will not happen at Mania. The tentative plan for the Divas title is for Phoenix to defend against Natalya although WWE really botched that build up badly.

- To date, there are 58,000 tickets to Wrestlemania currently sold. The stadium, once set up for Mania will seat 63,000 so they will absolutely be sold out day of Mania.

- Smackdown aired LIVE on Tuesday and was a good show. A Live Smackdown is always better than a taped one for some reason. The crowd was electric and the show was headlined by a wrestling clinic involving WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Champion Daniel Bryan. Both men are just so good in the ring.

- The show opened with yet another fantastic Daniel Bryan promo. Bryan was accompanied by his girlfriend AJ Lee who is a HOTTIE. He was interrupted by Miz who in heel 101 fashion commented on how he always knew Bryan would be a star and a World champion and how he respects that Bryan took all he learned from Miz and turned himself into a star. Classic heel promo considering when Miz was mentoring Bryan, they hated each other and Miz was always gloating how the internet loved Bryan yet he was the bigger star, etc. Good stuff.

- It leads into a Sheamus (who came out to interrupt the love fest and talk to Bryan) vs. Miz match. The only reason I am mentioning this is because James Guttman did a SMACKDOWN INSANITY this week and pointed out a wonderful fact that I never thought of. In every match Sheamus ties his opponent up in the ropes and clubs him in the chest 10 times. It is a cool move because of the visual and the fact that Sheamus stiff the hell out of his opponent so badly it leaves a red mark on the chest and makes an incredible sound. But that isn’t what I am pointing out. I am pointing out the fact that James Guttman confirmed that the move IS ILLEGAL!!!!! You have a 5 count from the referee to break a hold that is in the ropes. So how is it that Sheamus gets away with nailing his opponent 10 times on the chest in each and every match when he only has 5 seconds to break it yet NEVER gets disqualified?

- So on RAW, WWE lumps R-Truth and Kofi Kingston into a tag team together and they manage to defeat the tag team champions in a non-title match, clean. As a reward, Truth and Kofi, in their second match together, lose to Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, clean?? Um…I don’t get it.

- Everyone knows that Truth and Kingston were put together as a team for one reason and one reason only.

- It is because both men have no feuds at this time so they need something for them to do. What? What were you thinking I was going to say?

- Does anyone know why is Drew McIntyre still employed after he was fired like a gazillion times on Smackdown? Why is he still doing jobs on Smackdown?

- WWE had an UNAIRED segment on Smackdown this week involving Eve explaining herself for what happened on RAW.

- Perry Saturn was backstage at RAW this week. Saturn is looking to get a job with WWE in some fashion. Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle was backstage at the Elimination Chamber PPV on Sunday visiting.

- Backstage at Smackdown this week was David Otunga’s fiancé, Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.

- In a funny coincidence, Kofi Kingston stated in an interview that he actually knew Alex Riley from college. He stated that while they weren’t the best of friends, the actually ran in the same circles and had similar friends and hung out from time to time. One day Riley walked into FCW when Kofi was their training for a year already and Kofi looked at him and said, “That looks like Alex Riley” They ran drills together that day and towards the end of class, Kingston approached him and asked him and Riley confirmed. Funny.

- Both Christian and Alberto Del Rio returned at the PPV on Sunday. Christian is ready to go and should be wrestling soon. Del Rio is close and cleared to wrestle but not 100%. WWE is likely going to hold him off until he can go. The following PICTURE is from David Otunga’s Twitter from the PPV on Sunday.

- The Rock is going to be LIVE on RAW on Monday to discuss John Cena’s recent comments. Rock is going to be on every RAW going forward until Mania. He is going to miss one in person but will likely do a via satellite interview. Rock did manage to send a tweet after watching RAW which stated: "@JohnCena @WWE The truth comes out this Monday. John you have no idea."

- USA Network will be running a one hour special on Monday March 26th before RAW focusing on the Rock and John Cena. It is similar to the HBO 24/7 series for boxing and the UFC Countdown specials for mega fights. It is going to be a in depth “behind the curtain” look on both men. It will replay on March 31st, the day before Mania.

- The 3 hour RAW scheduled for April 23rd is set to be the annual WWE Draft. I cannot wait!!! Maybe we will get to see stars like Randy Orton appear on RAW each week? Or Jinder Mahal wrestling on Raw, or CM Punk on Smackdown, or Mark Henry on RAW. There are so many possibilities. Or you know, exactly like Raw and Smackdown are now with everyone crossing over both shows with no rhyme or reason. Not exactly sure what the point is anymore since there has not been a real brand extension in over a year and now we are building to a single General Manager across both shows.

- WWE is set to release a “Best Matches in ECW history DVD” for summer. It will compile the top 25 matches from ECW dating between 1992 – 2001 meaning it will not feature any of the WWECW stuff. For those who do not know me, I am a huge ECW buff who has been to the ECW arena when it was still the arena on numerous occasions. I have seen several milestones in ECW history LIVE and in person. With that being said, most ECW matches do not stand the test of time. A lot of their “in ring” stuff is outdated and not as good as I remembered it. The angles were/are still awesome as they were unheard of for their day and stolen in recent years by other promotions. But the workrate is sub par.

- In the hilarious department, Singer Chris Brown (best known for beating singer Rihiana to a bloody mess) recently claimed that CM Punk is on steroids. Reason being is that Punk tweeted: “I would like @ chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curb stomping that turn would be a #wrestlemania moment”. Brown tweeted Punk back stating "@CMpunk needs more followers. He's such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women."

- Punk’s REPLY to Brown.

- Brown then went on ANOTHER rant about Punk with the below comments: "@cmpunk the video u just posted was cute! It's so funny how defensive u are. And the fact that I really don't know who you are and could give a shit is the funny part! I really hope this 15 minutes of fame is paying you for the long run becuz music last forever! Wrestlers come and go according to ratings!"

"I miss the real wrestlers! (Hacksaw Jim duggan, Brett the hitman heart, coco beware, rowdy roddy piper) #Notnopunks"

"Note:today will be the last day I bring @cmpunk existence up!The confrontations that people continuously bring my way are very amusing."

- Brown was also began re-tweeting comments from fans and using the hashtag #notnopunks. Brown said he has #notnopunks t-shirts being made that will be for sale. I am hoping the grammar in the above tweets was for twitter space purposes because if not, ugh.

- Doesn’t stop there though, CM Punk went on Hot 97 in New York and did another INTERVIEW on Brown followed by one on CNN HEADLINE NEWS .

- Dave Batista was interviewed by the SUN in the UK and stated once again that he left WWE due to the PG nature of the company and he does not like where it is from an entertainment standpoint. He cannot stand the Miz and John Cena’s characters and if he ever decided to come back, it would be for a lengthy run instead of a one shot deal. He was offered a role as a coach on Tough Enough (likely the spot that went to Booker T) but turned it down. If he were to come back, he would want to work with HHH or Taker since they are the best workers in the company.

- WWE reported their 4th quarter earnings this week and they had a loss. On the conference earnings call, Vince McMahon stated that the bulk of the loss was caused by the “less than stellar” film division. As I reported a few weeks (or months) back, Vince gutted their execs in the film division and replaced them. His exact words on the call were “If we cannot make our new approach work then the film division will be gone.” So he is basically saying that this is the last chance for the division to be successful. My thoughts? I expect it to be gone by this time next year.

- For those wondering why the “stupid” name in FCW for the former ROH star Chris Hero, he is being called Kassius Ohno because the initials signify “KO” as in Knock Out which was his ROH nickname “The Knockout Kid” as he won matches with his Misawa elbow.

- In the never fails to learn a.k.a. stupidity department, WWE has decided to change the name of Jodi Kristofferson to Garrett Dylan. I get the point in changing names of people like Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. Don’t agree with it since they had a small name in Ring of Honor but they want to own those rights and that is their prerogative. But changing Joe Henning’s name to Michael McGullicuty all the while referencing the fact that his dad is a WWE Hall of Famer is dumb. Plain old dumb. But this has to take the cake. The Kristofferson name is a celebrity name. Being known as the son of Kris Kristofferson can bring about mainstream media attention. Not tons and tons, but attention nonetheless. Why change it? Makes zero sense to me.

- WWE Developmental Diva Irena Janjic a.k.a. Leah West was released form her contract. Janijic was trained by former WWE star Lance Storm.

- WWE.com released a photo GALLERY of the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania victims.

- Episode 2 of “ FOREIGN EXHANGE

- Episode 2 of “ ARE YOU SERIOUS ”.

- Episode 4 of “ WWE DOWNLOAD


- Episode 1 of “ SUPERSTAR TOYZ

- Episode 4 of “ WWE INBOX

- 1 Year Anniversary Edition of “ Z! True Long Island Story ” (Episode 53)

2012 WWE Hall of Fame takes place on Saturday, March 31st from Miami Florida and the line-up is as follows: (SPOILER LINE UP!!!!)

  • Edge (inducted by Christian)
  • The Four Horsemen of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham managed by JJ Dillon (inducted by Triple H and Shawn Michaels)
  • “Iron” Mike Tyson (inducted by“Stone Cold” Steve Austin)
  • Yokozuna (inducted by The Rock)
  • Ron Simmons (inducted by John Bradshaw Layfield)
  • Mil Mascaras (inducted by his real life nephew Alberto Del Rio)

WWE WRESTLEMANIA is on Sunday, April 1st from Miami Florida and the line-up is as follows:

  • The Rock vs. John Cena
  • WWE TITLE: CM Punk © vs. Chris Jericho
  • WORLD TITLE: Daniel Bryan © vs. Sheamus
  • HELL IN A CELL: The Undertaker vs. HHH


- The latest on Jesse Sorenson is that he is now home and expected to make a full recovery as far as being able to walk again and live a normal life. As far as wrestling goes, that is WAY off from ever happening again but walking should be more important than wrestling right now. Even if he could, how would he want to? A fractured C-1 vertebrae in your neck is normally instant death for the person. So he is lucky to be alive.

- I know I have said it before but I cannot emphasize this enough, Bully Ray is in TREMENDOUS shape at this point in his career. I do not think he has ever looked better physically.

- Is it me of does it seem like James Storm is kind of meaningless now? Like I feel like Jeff Hardy and Sting take precedence in the feud with Bobby Roode. So much potential wasted between Roode and Storm all down the drain.

- “The Freak” Rob Terry and “Mr. Pec-Tacular” Jesse Godderz (of Big Brother fame) captured the OVW Tag Team titles. I can only imagine how awful their matches must be. WOW.

Independent / International News and Notes:

- Ring of Honor is absolutely capitalizing on CM Punk’s success by releasing the entire “ SUMMER OF PUNK ” angle on a two disc DVD set. If you aren’t familiar with the “Summer of Punk” then I recommend buying as it was GOLD!!!

- Ring of Honor announced that former WWE Star Lance Storm is returning to the company and will be wrestling on their Wrestlemania weekend event vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett. Storm likely got the date because he was planning on being in Miami for Wrestlemania weekend since he wanted to see his good friend Edge get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. That same show is set to have the rematch for the tag team titles with the champion Briscoes defending the titles vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin).

- I hope this isn’t a term that they are going to use going forward as I do not want to make it “a thing” but ROH Original the Amazing Red returns to Ring of Honor at the 10th Anniversary show on March 4 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Red will team with TJ Perkins to battle Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin in a tag team match.

- Thoughts and prayers go out to former Combat Zone Wrestling owner John Zandig. Zandig’s son, John Jr. attempted suicide earlier this week when he laid down on train tracks and was struck by a freight train. Both his legs were completely severed. He is in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital. Zandig lost his younger son in 2010 due to suicide so this is a real tough battle for him and his family right now.

- Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs (best known for being Hulk Hogan’s best friend) was recently knocked unconscious backstage at an independent wrestling show by New Jack. Knobbs came back to the locker room following his match complaining that no one there knew how to wrestle. He then approached New Jack to single him out as someone who didn’t know how to work. New Jack immediately punched him in the face sending him backwards. Knobbs then rushed New Jack tackling him to the floor however New Jack immediately escaped and stood up. Knowing what you know about Knobbs, he couldn’t get up as quickly due to various ailments and New Jack kicked Knobbs right in the jaw knocking him unconscious in front of everyone.

- Mexico star Charly Manson (Charlie Malice on the Lucha Libre USA show that aired briefly on MTV2) was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Mexico for severely beating two Mexican police officers in a fight last April. Both officers were hospitalized.

- I normally give a full line-up for the annual “ Wrestle Reunion ” event that takes place during Wrestlemania weekend. I am not going to do so but I will highlight the participants who are either VIP guests or have their own vendor table at the event.

  • 2 Dragon Gate USA iPPV shows
  • A Q&A with Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  • A luncheon with several wrestlers
  • $5 Wrestling is having an event
  • A tribute to Florida Championship Wrestling coordinated by Mike Graham (son of FCW promoter Eddie Graham)
  • Autograph signings with:
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Torrie Wilson
  • Stan Hansen
  • The New Age Outlaws
  • “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko
  • Rick Steiner
  • Mike Graham
  • Carlos Colon
  • Kevin Sullivan
  • JJ Dillon
  • Nikita Koloff
  • Leilani Kai
  • Road Warrior Animal
  • Tito Santana
  • Big Van Vader
  • Lanny Poffo
  • Molly Holly
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  • Fit Finlay
  • “The Total Package” Lex Luger
  • “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
  • Harry Smith
  • D'Lo Brown
  • “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
  • Tommy Dreamer
  • Jimmy Garvin
  • Mickie James
  • Tammy “Sunny” Sytch
  • Sabu
  • Jillian Hall
  • Shane “Hurricane” Helms
  • Maria Kanellis
  • Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

RING OF HONOR returns Sunday March 4th to the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC for the 10th Anniversary show and the line-up is as follows:

  • MAIN EVENT: ROH CHAMP Davey Richards © and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole
  • ROH TV TITLE: Jay Lethal © vs. Tomasso Ciampa
  • The Amazing Red & T.J. Perkins vs. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin

MMA News and Notes

- Famed MMA trainer Greg Jackson confirmed that he is going to corner Jon Jones for his fight with Rashad Evans. Originally Jackson said he would not out of respect for Evans who he used to train but he has now decided to do it.

- Tomorrow night’s show form Japan is a sell out and Dana White is now planning another UFC trip there soon. Amazing accomplishment since MMA in Japan (as well as wrestling) has been dying for years on top of the fact that this show is taking place in the MORNING their time.

- Zuffa has re-signed Nate Marquardt to a contract although it will be for Strikeforce deal and will fight sometime over the next few months. Marquardt was famously released from his UFC contract in June of 2010 after failing his pre-fight physical right before his UFC on Versus 4 main event.

- New UFC Interim Welterweight champion Carlos Condit is still up in the air as to whether or not he plans on waiting until George St. Pierre returns from injury or fighting current top contender Jake Ellenberger. Ellenberger is on a 6 fight win streak at the moment and has not lost a fight in two years. His last loss? A split decision to…Carlos Condit.

- The Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen fight that is scheduled for San Paulo Brazil in June may be forced to move to Rio de Janeiro as there is a noise ordinance for San Paulo that states all events need to end by midnight when in fact UFC, due to the time difference, will not end until around 2:30 am. Rio does not have such a statute.

- Dana White announced that he has negotiated with Showtime and that Zuffa now has more decision making power over Strikeforce events. Previously, Showtime had the final say in EVERYTHING that was Strikeforce related; from the line-up to the graphics to the production aspects to the promotion.

- White also confirmed that Dan Henderson stated that he does in fact want to fight again before getting his Light Heavyweight title shot however turned down a fight with Lyoto Machida. White said that Henderson basically has no choice. It is either fight Machida or wait for the Jones/Evans winner.

- White confirmed Lorenzo Fertitta’s statement that Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin is going to happen but not in May as Fertitta originally said. It is likely going to happen in July at the earliest, will be Tito’s last UFC fight and be treated as a BIG EVENT based on Tito’s retirement.

- UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta made boxing promoter Bob Arum his “b*tch” at an auction to raise money for brain research that also doubled as a 70th birthday party for Muhammed Ali. The pair of boxing gloves Ali wore during his heavyweight title fight vs. Floyd Patterson in 1965 was up for auction and Fertitta was bidding on them. The auction was up to $750,000 and Fertitta publically stated that he would end the bidding right now if Arum was willing to say in public that he loves UFC. Arum has been a vocal opponent of MMA and UFC specifically for years. He did however agree to do so and did so in front of everyone. Fertitta was a man of his word and ended the bidding by purchasing the gloves for a whopping $1.1 million dollars. The event, including Arum’s statement is set to air on ABC and ESPN tomorrow night.

- Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal is now out of the woods. As mentioned in a previous column, Lawal decided to under go surgery to repair a torn ACL and ended up with complications that forced him to have 5 knee surgeries overall in a 2 week period. As it turns out, King Mo had a severe, life threatening staph infection INSIDE his knee that almost required amputation of his leg. He even had an IV going directly into his heart at one point. Had he waited 2 more days to go into the hospital, he would have died. He is now out of the hospital and will be back to normal soon. Zuffa medical insurance also does not cover the surgert since it is a recurring injury that they already covered within the last 12 months so he is going to have to come out of his own pocket to pay for it which will easily run several hundred thousand dollars. WOW.

- Amanda Lucas, daughter of George Lucas (YES, THAT GEORGE LUCAS) is fighting in MMA competitions in Japan.

- When you are a celebrity, you absolutely need to be careful what you do. In the case of UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste, you need to be absolutely certain that when you are vacationing, you try to avoid walking on your hotel terrace completely NAKED when there are CAMERAS AROUND . Not that I mind that she DIDN’T .

UFC 144 is TOMORROW NIGHT from Tokyo Japan and the line-up is as follows: (Note: airing on PPV in the US on February 25th.)

  • LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Frankie Edgar (c) vs. Ben Henderson
  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Ryan Bader
  • Jake Shields vs. Yoshiro Akiyama
  • Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony Pettis
  • Chieck Kongo vs. Mark Hunt

STRIKEFORCE: “Tate vs. Rousey” is on March 3rd from Columbus Ohio and the line-up is as follows:

  • WOMEN’s 135lb TITLE: Miesha Tate (c) vs. Ronda Rousey
  • K.J. Noons vs. Josh Thomson
  • Paul Daley vs. Kazuo Misaki
  • Sarah Kaufman vs. Alexis Davis

UFC on FX 2 is on March 3rd from Sydney Australia and the line-up is as follows:

  • Thiago Alves vs. Martin Kampmann
  • Joseph Benavidez vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani
  • Demetrious Johnson vs. Ian McCall
  • Court McGee vs. Constantinos Philippou

UFC on FUEL TV 2 is on April 14th from Stockholm Sweden and the line-up is as follows:

  • Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Alexander Gustafson
  • Brian Stann vs. Alessio Sakara
  • Paul Thiago vs. Siyar Bahadurzada
  • DaMarques Johnson vs. John Maguire

UFC 145 is on April 21st from Atlanta Georgia and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC Light Heavyweight title: Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Rashad Evans
  • Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills
  • Brendan Schaub vs. Ben Rothwell
  • Mark Bocek vs. Matt Wiman

UFC on FOX 3 is n May 5th from East Rutherford New Jersey and the line-up is as follows:

  • Jim Miller vs. Nate Diaz
  • Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks
  • Pat Barry vs. Lavar Johnson
  • Rousimar Palhares vs. Alan Belcher

UFC on FUEL TV 3 is on May 15th from Fairfax Virginia and the line-up is as follows:

  • Thiago Silva vs. Igor Pokrajac
  • Tom Lawlor vs. Jason McDonald
  • Donald Cerrone vs. Yves Edwards

UFC 146 is on May 26th from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Junior Dos Santos © vs. Cain Velasquez
  • Jason “Mayhem” Miller vs. C.D. Dollaway
  • Evan Dunham vs. Edson Barboza
  • Dan Hardy vs. Duane Ludwig

UFC 147 is on June 2012 from San Paulo Brazil and the line-up is as follows:

  • UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE: Anderson Silva © vs. Chael Sonnen
  • Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva

Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

- Random VIDEO of the week: Rihanna’s new single featuring Chris Brown a.k.a. the man who hospitalized her by beating her into unconsciousness for having the audacity to check his text messages as she was holding his phone for him from a girl who he was banging on the side while he was dating her.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: Am I wrong for laughing out loud at this?

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Can you spend 45 seconds staring at Kate Upton’s eyes? I doubt it.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Our future leader’s people. This is our YOUTH . SMH.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: HOLY MOTHERF*CKING SH*T OUCH SON OF A B*TCH GODDAMNIT F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 5: Kid falls on trampoline then almost gets face f*cked by family dog….wait, WHAT?

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 6: Friendly reminder for everyone who jocks Kobe and Lebron.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 7: Greatest EBAY purchase EVER!!!

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 8: Yep, THAT. JUST. HAPPENED.

- Random PIC of the week: Absolutely wish she wasn’t as much of a head case as she is because she should be a bigger star.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week: Really Quaker? Really?

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 2: Advertising WIN!!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 3: Always read the fine print.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 4: A beautiful heart!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 5: If I ever have a daughter, I am absolutely printing these out.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 6: Just because.

- FUN on FACEBOOK : Well played sir!!

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK : That has to suck.

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 2: Amazingly awesome if true.

- Random TWEET of the week: I she seriously wants to ruin her life, fine. But why drag us into it?

- Random ARTICLE of the week: Life or death situation, only you and your best friend would know about it, what would you do?

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: Got to love NY criminals. WOW.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 2: I do not think Lin-sanity is going to end. This story is incredible.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 3: This can’t be a true story can it? Please tell me it isn’t so A-Rod!!! You cannot possibly be a bigger douche than you already are, can you?

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 4: American laws are so stupid sometimes.

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 5: What. The. F*ck?

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week PART 6: Seriously, the kid who’s mom is the feature of this story sucks at life. No other way to explain it. Complete and utter FAILURE.

- Random LINK of the week: Mind blowing.

- Random GIF of the week: Hypnotizing.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 2: Hypnotizing Part 2.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 3: Hypnotizing Part 3.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 4: Hypnotizing Part 4.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 5: Hypnotizing Part 5.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 6: Hypnotizing Part 6.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 7: Hypnotizing Part 7.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 8: Hypnotizing Part 8.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 9: Hypnotizing Part 9.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 10: Hypnotizing Part 10.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 11: What did you say? BOOM.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 12: Get out of the way kid!!!

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 13: Sabotage FAIL!!

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 14: Broken back 101.

- Autocorrect FAIL : What kind of bowling is this?

- BONUS Autocorrect FAIL : Damn bro, what were you doing?

- BONUS Autocorrect FAIL PART 2: There is medicine for that?

- BONUS Autocorrect FAIL PART 3: That isn’t something you should ask for bro.

- Dumb TEXT : Well this is going to suck.


- My Future Wife Kim Kardashian-Aponte vacationing last week in Miami in a BLACK bikini and a PURPLE one as well. AMAZING .

- Check it out at CLUBWWI.COM if you haven't had a chance yet. There are literally HUNDREDS of interviews with your favorite wrestling stars of yesteryear and today!!! If you're not a member then please do yourself a favor and JOIN CLUB WWI right NOW!!!! What are you waiting for? DO IT. DO IT NOW. Good stuff folks; don't miss out. You'll thank me for it.

Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like in the "Anger Management" section of the message board or whichever section you see fit. Also drop a comment in the comment box below as I try my best to answer in a timely fashion.

~Matt Dawgs


Questions, Corrections, Comments, Feedback or Ideas: Matt@worldwrestlinginsanity.com .

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