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T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: This Is John Cena's God Awful Life, Retire-rooni, Kudos For Double J, UFC's 64 Second Fox Debut, and More
By Matt Dawgs
Nov 18, 2011 - 8:12 AM

T.G.I.F. with Matt Dawgs: #134

Good day to you all and welcome to World Wrestling Insanity. I am your host for today, Matt Dawgs and this is my column. Today is the end of the work week and the time to look back at all the goings-on over the past seven days as I wrap it up with a bow and spout it out bit by bit. Buckle up. Let's go...

MATT NOTE/RANT: Ok, I have made it. Survivor Series is this Sunday and as I had previously stated in another column, since I am attending the show I felt I was obligated to report on WWE up until that show. With that being said, RAW SUCKED this week therefore, due to the short week of Thanksgiving coupled by the fact that RAW can't seem to show any improvement, there will be NO COLUMN next Friday, November 25th. I just can't. I do not plan on watching any wrestling next week unless by some miracle somehow Survivor Series ends up being the greatest PPV event of the year (which I highly doubt). So enjoy your column and see you when I see you.

BONUS MATT RANT: Last week I went on a rant about Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and his rape of little boys. Well earlier this week he discussed it in an interview with Bob Costas. Not for nothing but his attorney should be disbarred for letting him take part in this interview because he absolutely proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that he likes to touch and rape little boys. UNBELIEVEABLE COMMENTS in this interview.

CLUB WWI NEWS: In a RARE interview, James Guttman and Glacier managed to bring Marc Mero to for an interview that challenges some parts of his "Death List" (with Marc giving some pretty good responses and reasoning behind it) and even delves into his wrestling career.  It's a great listen to a former Intercontinental Champion who almost NEVER does interviews.  You know what I'm going to tell you - GO LISTEN. CLUB WWI !!! DO IT!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!

WWE News and Notes

- That was the "GO HOME" show to Survivor Series? THAT MESS? So let me get this straight, John Cena can't seem to get the upper hand on Miz and R-Truth so he asks the Rock to be his partner. The following week, Rock agrees due to his Twitter fans. That same week, John Cena BEATS BOTH MEN single handedly. Rock comes to RAW and then proceeds to do the exact same thing that John Cena does by laying out both Miz and Truth. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY TEAMING THEN?!?!?! Miz and Truth (like they said themselves in the promo) are an after thought. Remember just a few short months ago they were booked strong and to look like a main event level heel act? Since then they look like a bunch of jabronies, it is embarrassing. Why in the world would Miz and Truth just stand there while Rock and Cena exchanged barbs? Piss poor booking. On the flip side of that, WWI's own Aaron Wood stated that he believes Miz and Truth are going to win this Sunday. My rebuttal to that is that it is IRRELEVANT!!! Who cares if they win? They have been booked like goofs since the beginning of this angle. A win will do absolutely nothing for them nor will it hurt Rock or Cena. If you want to discuss the "drama" between Rock and Cena again, who cares? We know they don't like each other. We know that they are fighting at Mania and we know that they are going to turn on one another at some point. This entire angle was ruined.

- Apparently Hollywood does not have a " WELLNESS POLICY ". WOW.

- Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Rock. He is awesome on so many levels but seeing him on my television is sad. Not because he isn't awesome when he is on. More so because he is so FAR AND ABOVE anyone else in the WWE when it comes to entertainment that he makes everyone look beneath him. His promos are solid GOLD, his reaction and interaction with the crowd and the way he makes everyone eat out of the palm of his hand is second to none. Every time he is on television he is a big neon sign of the fact that the WWE does not create new stars.

- John Cena "This is your life" with Mick Foley was GOD AWFUL. I am not sure how many of you were around when Foley did it for the Rock but it was GOD AWFUL then too. Difference is, it was a train wreck and something like that had never been done before. The Rock "This is your life" ended up being one of the highest rated segments in professional wrestling HISTORY drawing something like an absurd 8.2 rating for that quarter hour. I highly doubt this one will come close to that range. That being said, the part with Rock coming out, Foley going to hug him and then eating a Rock Bottom before Rock walking out was SOLID GOLD. That was one of the best ending to a segment I have ever seen.

- Medical update on Christian, he has been pulled from the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday due to a severe high ankle sprain. He is currently on crutches but should be cleared in a few weeks. Dolph Ziggler will be replacing him at the Survivor Series PPV on Sunday.

- What a complete waste of time the entire Michael Cole challenge was. Also, why have CM Punk come out to injure him only to have Cole come out later and kick Ross out of the booth? Make zero sense to me.

- Also making zero sense? In addition to the elimination match, Dolph Ziggler will also be defending the US title against…..John Morrison???? Yes. Not Zack Ryder who Ziggler is in a storyline with and has been petitioning for a title shot. The same John Morrison who has an expiring contract at the end of this month and is not booked for any shows past November 28th. THAT John Morrison.

- WWE did a good job convincing us that Cody Rhodes is legit. The fact that he has competed with Orton for a few months (even though he didn't win at all) did wonders for him because he actually looks like a star now. No stupid mask, no stupid baggers, new music and no "Dashing".

- So in a three hour show that a lot felt like filler, Brodus Clay's debut couldn't be penciled in? Had to push it back a week yet you have Jack Swagger vs. Sheamus go 8 minutes? Really?

- SANTINO MARELLA: "It doesn't matter what I said." = GOLD.

-By the way, John Laurinaitis couldn't bother to call Clay until 2 hours into the show to tell him? Why wasn't Clay already at the arena? Shouldn't he have arrived earlier in the day since he was expecting to debut? WTF?

- Good save by Alberto Del Rio when he locked CM Punk in the arm breaker and then realized it was the wrong arm so switched. Most others would have held it there and pretended it was the right arm.

- WWE sure likes trending. How soon before they make a t-shirt out of it? Or a trending title? I also have a feeling that they don't really get what trending is.

- For those of you who attend RAW and Smackdown, you really should stay until after the dark match (as I know a lot of people leave following the cameras going off). Reason being is that this week following RAW, there was a dark match of John Cena / Randy Orton / CM Punk vs. Mark Henry / Miz / R-Truth. During the match, a huge "WE Want Ryder" chant broke out which prompted CM Punk to leave ringside mid match and get Zach Ryder from the dressing room (who was already in his street clothes ready to leave). Ryder then hit Miz with the "Ruff Ryder" and pinned him to the delight of the crowd. Ryder then thanked the fans on the mic for all their support and he was legit excited for the moment. He named them Broski's of the week meaning they will appear in this week's True Long Island Story.

- Make sure you tune into Smackdown tonight as it is the start of the big Daniel Bryan push for Wrestlemania!!!!

- Just kidding, he gets buried dead by Mark Henry.

- Where is Drew McIntyre?

- Booker T has publically stated that this upcoming WWE run as a talent as well as an announcer will in fact be his last. After his current (upcoming) storyline is done, he will retire from in ring action and stick to commentating and training wrestlers at his school.

- For those wondering why Sin Cara did not work the European tapings last week, it was because he had visa issues. The work visas for the talents on this trip were set up months ago during the time Sin Cara was at home and WWE was figuring out what to do with him.

- Many people within the television industry are doubtful that WWE will be able to pull off a Network launch by their internal April launch date. Just too much work left to be done including hiring more staff and even negotiating with cable companies on clearances. For anyone wondering, in no way, shape or form will this become a profit grabbing winner for WWE. It will take YEARS before WWE sees a positive in the revenue column for the network. Between the amounts of time it will take to get cleared on all cable providers to getting significant ad revenue, they won't see a dime for several years. If you look at the NHL network, they launched in 2007 yet did not see any significant ad revenue until 2011.

- Former WWE Star Ken Doane (Kenny Dykstra) worked a dark match prior to Smackdown this week losing to Justin Gabriel.

- put up a video on the career of MICK FOLEY .

- Actor/comedian Jonah Hill will be a special guest host for RAW next week.

- Best of luck to former WWE Star Kamala the Ugandan Giant who had his LEG AMPUTATED last week due to complications from high blood pressure and diabetes.

- WWE has begun production on a CM Punk DVD for 2012 release. It will feature a documentary as well as matches from his career. Unlikely that his ROH matches will be included but would be awesome if they were.

- WWE is also working on a 3-disc Rock DVD similar to the Steve Austin one being released. The plan is to release it in conjunction with Wrestlemania. It will be a new documentary on his career with matches, his life since his last match, acting and his current return.

- WWE has released (for lack of a better term) a John Laurinaitis " FUTURE ENDEAVORED " t-shirt. Stay classy WWE!!!

- Former WWE/ECW/WCW star Perry Saturn is training for a comeback and is looking to have one last run in WWE. Saturn is 45 years old. It is unlikely he will make it given his history and age however he has reached out to Triple H, DDP, Dean Malenko and Raven on advice on what he needs to do in order to make it.

- Former WWE Star Shane "Hurricane" Helms is still recovering from his motorcycle accident that nearly ended his life. The accident was much more serious that reported and Helms recently stated that the state trooper who found him said he had never seen someone with as much facial damage as Helms had survive before. Helms almost needed his foot amputated and the chin strap from his motorcycle helmet almost ended up severing his throat which would have certainly killed him. He recently got off of crutches and is now walking with a cane instead. He currently has four metal plates in his foot and 23 screws. His and his girlfriend have medical bills currently estimated at several hundred thousand dollars.

- WWE has signed IVELISSE VELEZ from Tough Enough to a developmental contract. She has already started at FCW although her new name has not been decided on as of yet.

- The " MACHO MAN " Randy Savage is coming to WWE 12.

- Episode 39 of " Z! True Long Island Story ."

WWE SURVIVOR SERIES PPV is THIS SUNDAY from New York City and the line-up is as follows:

  • John Cena & The Rock vs. Miz & R-Truth
  • WWE TITLE: Alberto Del Rio (c) w/Ricardo Rodriquez vs. CM Punk
  • WORLD TITLE: Mark Henry (c) vs. The Big Show
  • US TITLE: Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison
  • SURVIVOR SERIES RULES: Randy Orton & Sheamus & Mason Ryan & Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger & Hunico.
  • WWE DIVAS TITLE: Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve Torres in a Lumberjill match.


- Turning Point has to be the least watched TNA PPV ever. I do not think I know of one person who watched it, legally or illegally.

- So James Storm, who was rumored to be held out of action until Lockdown in April, is back. Is anyone surprised that TNA couldn't hold him out longer?

- Also back is Kurt Angle. You know, the guy who was wrestling on a severely injured and possibly torn hamstring is also back. He was the one who "took out" James Storm and cost him his rematch vs. Bobby Roode. Angle also recently stated that he is STILL training for the Olympics even though not one credible news source is confirming this and it would be a real big deal if a 44 year old former Olympic Gold Medalist were to try and get on the Olympic team.

- Anyone notice that Rob Van Dam has been moving in slow motion lately? Is he injured or is the wear and tear of age catching up to him (he is 40 now)?

- So Crimson and Morgan fight at the PPV, have been feuding for a while and are now TNA Tag Team Champions? It makes sense in a Vince Russo world.

- TNA invested in 6 months worth of television to build Velvet Sky finally winning the Knockouts Title only to take it off her one month after winning it by giving it to Gail Kim? What sense does that make?

- Why does TNA have a television title when it is only used for opening card talents? Originally it was supposed to be a bigger deal (remember when AJ Styles held it) but now from Eric Young to Robbie E?

- Remember when Mr. Anderson was SUPER OVER and on the verge of becoming something big in TNA? Remember even further back when he was still in WWE and everyone was grooming him to be the next "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. So much so that Austin was even mentoring him? HAHA. How did that turn out?

- Amazing that Jeff Jarrett and Austin Aries are the only two guys in all of wrestling who know how to be heels. Jarrett lost to Jeff Hardy on Sunday, 3 times in a row. 3!!! He got pinned in 6 seconds by a Twist of Fate. Jarrett attacked Hardy immediately after losing and demanded a rematch. A beaten Hardy agreed. During the rematch, Jarrett went for a figure four and Hardy turned it into a small package for the win. Jarrett jumped Hardy, beat him down with a chair and then hit his finisher. He forced Earl Hebner to try and count the pin but Hardy turned it into a crucifix and won AGAIN!!! That is good booking to get over a babyface and good business by Jarrett to let it happen. Kudos to you Double J for "getting it".

- Where the hell is Alex Shelly? I know Sabin is out until 2012 but wouldn't it be smart to use Shelly in some capacity since he is talented and can carry his end of feuds. Especially against his former ROH stable mate and longtime friend Austin Aries?

- Jesse Neal has been let go from TNA which is surprising since they just recently signed his girlfriend Toxxin to a deal. Neal was let go because he refused to relocate a.k.a. "sent down" to Ohio Valley Wrestling to improve on his in ring skill.

- Former WWE Nexus member Michael Tarver was backstage at the Impact tapings in Orlando this week.

- Matt Hardy is apparently DOING BETTER .

- Tommy Dreamer did an interview where he stated that he left TNA because there was no logic in anything they do and he did not want to become a bitter old man who hates wrestling because of it.

Independent / International News and Notes:

- Nigel McGuiness began his retirement tour last weekend losing to Eddie Edwards on an independent wrestling show. The following night he defeated former rival Chad Collyer in Ohio. The Edwards match was said to be outstanding and I am hoping that McGuiness does get an ROH match in there somewhere before he retires.

- As part of the storyline for training to regain his title, Eddie Edwards is being trained by former NWA World Champion Dan Severn to defeat his former tag team partner Davey Richards at Final Battle on December 23rd.

- The Briscoes are AWESOME .

- WSU returns tomorrow night with an iPPV that is scheduled to be the independent wrestling debut of Melina. This is Melina's first match since being released by World Wrestling Entertainment. The show will also feature the first ever Women's War Games match. Full line-up listed below.

- Best of luck to Serena Deeb. Deeb was scheduled to be Melina's opponent tomorrow however suffered a concussion that she tells Long Island newspaper New York Newsday could end up ending her career. She has been told by one doctor to stop wrestling and she is highly considering it.

- Tommy Dreamer TELEVISION episode 5.

WSU WRESTLING returns TOMORROW NIGHT with an iPPV from Deer Park New York and the line up is as follows:

  • Former WWE Superstar Melina vs. A Mystery Opponent
  • WARGAMES: Team WSU (WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez (c), Alicia & Brittney Savage) vs. The Midwest Militia (WSU SPIRIT CHAMPION Sassy Stephanie (c), Jessica Havok & Allisyn Kay)
  • WSU TAG TITLE: The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) (c) vs. The International Home Wrecking Crew (Rain & Jetta)
  • Becky Bayless (formerly Cookie in TNA in her first match since leaving TNA) vs. Rick Cataldo
  • NYWC STARLET TITLE: Suicidal Six-Way Elimination Match
    Nikki Syx (c) vs. Violet vs. Monique vs. Jessie Brooks vs. Barbie vs. Gabby Gilbert
  • #1 Contenders to the WSU TAG TITLES: Winners Get a Title Match at the 5th Anniversary Show: The Belle Saints (Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle) vs. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)
  • Loser Leaves WSU Match: Jennifer Cruz vs Niya

ROH WRESTLING returns with "Glory By Honor" TOMORROW NIGHT from Chicago Ridge IL and the line-up is as follows:

  • ROH TITLE: Davey Richards (c) vs. El Generico.
  • ROH TV TITLE: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Roderick Strong.
  • ROH TAG TEAM TITLE: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) (c) vs. The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King)
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Kyle O'Reilly
  • The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe)

MMA News and Notes

- History took place last weekend as UFC debuted on national broadcast television. UFC on FOX featured the UFC Heavyweight title fight between champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Junior Dos Santos. When it was all said and done, Dos Santos was no longer a challenger as he KNOCKED OUT Cain Velasquez to win the UFC Heavyweight championship within seconds of the first round. Dos Santos will now go on as champion to face the winner of the Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem fight in December.

- 64 SECONDS .

- This was a HUGE deal for Dos Santos because during the post fight press conference he revealed that he had tore his meniscus in his knee just 10 days before the fight and was actually on crutches for two days. Had Velasquez not aborted the take down, eventually Dos Santos would not have been able to get out of/stuff the takedowns and would have likely lost the fight. So the immediate knockout was a bonus for him.

- Sources state that Velasquez was also injured going into the fight but neither fighter was going to pull out due to the importance of this fight.

- UFC on Fox delivered in the ratings as well drawing a 3.1 rating on FOX making it the MOST WATCHED UFC fight in UFC's 18 year history. 5.7 million people was the average viewership of the show however quarter hour breakdowns say that 8 MILLION people were turned in during the main event which is HUGE for UFC.

- Several people who saw Brock Lesnar in person at the UFC on FOX show state that he is as big as he was in his WWE days which would put him at close to 290 lbs. The heavyweight limit for fighting is 265 meaning he is going to have to cut weight to fight Overeem next month. Lesnar told people that he is walking around at 278 lbs which couldn't possibly be true just by looking at him. Vs. Overeem, Lesnar CANNOT go the Cain Velasquez route vs. Dos Santos. If he stands and tries to trade with Overeem, I guarantee he gets knocked out. He absolutely needs to take him down and ground and pound him into oblivion.

- Fox is basically planning on rebranding their Fuel network as a UFC channel. The plan is to air approximately 2,000 hours (roughly 5 hours a day) of UFC programming in 2012. While not officially changing the name of the network or making it exclusively UFC only, they plan on doing a lot of UFC stuff with it.

- The plan of airing two UFC events in one day (February 25th) is out the window. The reason Dana White mentioned it is because they had already announced that as being the Japan return but then Fox came to them about airing a live special that same day. Dana spoke to the UFC production people who stated that it is possible they could pull it off but then for some reason Fox balked at the idea so it is off the table. The plan was to have a few fights on Fox from Vegas and then leading into the PPV from Japan.

- Ben Henderson defeated Clay Guida to receive a shot at the lightweight title.

- Frankie Edgar will defend the Lightweight Title at the UFC in Japan show on February 26 vs. Ben Henderson

- Zuffa filed a lawsuit vs. The State of New York on Tuesday looking to challenge the constitutionality of the banning of MMA in New York stating that it violates several constitutional amendments including the First Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause and the Due Process Clause. The lawsuit insists that New York is infringing on the rights of fighters who want to publically exhibit their skills as professionals.

- Also named as Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Jon Hones, Frankie Edgar, Gina Carano,Matt Hamill & Brian Stann.

- Shane Carwin underwent another successful back surgery that should alleviate the pain he undergoes when competing. He is several months away from even being able to train so a return to the octagon will not be until Summer of 2012 at the earliest.

- Former WWE announced Todd Grisham began his new post as the host of MMA Live on ESPN last Friday. Congrats to Todd.

- Congrats to Bobby Lashley who won the Shark Fights Heavyweight title last weekend defeating Karl Knothe by submission via kimura. Lashley stated that he has learned a lot at the hands of Josh Barnett.

UFC 139 is TOMORROW NIGHT from San Jose California and the line-up is as follows:

  • Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
  • Cung Le vs. Wanderlei Silva
  • Brian Bowles vs. Urijah Faber
  • Stephan Bonnar vs. Kyle Kinsbury
  • Martin Kampmann vs. Rick Story

The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale is on December 3rd from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • Michael Bisping vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller
  • Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards
  • TUF Finale Featherweight
  • TUF Finale Bantamweight

UFC 140 is on December 10th from Toronto Canada and the line-up is as follows:

  • LIGHTHEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Jon "Bones" Jones (c) vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir
  • Antonio Rogerio Noguiera vs. Tito Ortiz
  • Claude Patrick vs. Brian Ebersole
  • Mark Hominick vs. Chan Sung Jung (The Korean Zombie)

STRIKEFORCE 37 is on December 17th from San Diego California and the line-up is as follows:

  • STRIKEFORCE LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Gilbert Melendez (c) vs. Jorge Masvidal
  • WOMEN'S FEATHWEIGHT TITLE: Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos (c) vs. Hiroko Yamanaka
  • Gegard Mousasi vs. Ovince St. Preux

UFC 141 is on December 30th from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:

  • Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem
  • Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone
  • Alexander Gustafsson vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
  • Johny Hendricks vs. Jon Fitch
  • Dong Hyun Kim vs. Sean Pierson

UFC 142 is on January 14, 2012 from Rio de Janeiro Brazil and the line-up is as follows:

  • FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE: Jose Aldo (c) vs. Chad Mendes
  • Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson

UFC 143 is on February 4, 2012 from Las Vegas Nevada and the line-up is as follows:\

  • WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: George St. Pierre (c) vs. Nick Diaz
  • Carlos Condit vs. Josh Koscheck
  • Erik Koch vs. Dustin Poirier

UFC 144 is on February 26th from Tokyo Japan and the line-up is as follows:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE: Frankie Edgar (c) vs. Ben Henderson
  • Jake Shields vs. Yoshiro Akiyama
  • Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony Pettis

Random Thoughts, Links, Pics, ETC.

- Random VIDEO of the week: Guy named Roger on Jeopardy completely RAPES his opponents. Never seen anything like this. Other guys might as well have quit right there.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week: GOLD.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 2: Girl takes a picture of herself every day for 4 YEARS. Here is the 1,460 pictures of her.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 3: Not even sure what is happening here. Did the soccer player think he was going to clear that second fence? Like jump 15 feet in the air and celebrate in the crowd?

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 4: Meet Damien Walters, he is the best Parkour guy in the WORLD. You Parkour rookies need to step your game up. That includes John Morrison of WWE fame.

- BONUS Random VIDEO of the week PART 5: Do you own an iPad? If you do, I suggest that if you do not own a G-Foam case, you should probably buy one. Just my opinion.

- Random PIC of the week: This is the kid of actress Tori Spelling. But this isn't what you are looking at. See, in the background are Tori Spelling's TITS!!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week: Hey there Demi Lovato, James Guttman misses you!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 2: Mannequin win!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 3: Nothing like old school Lindsay.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 4: Pretty fair request if you ask me.

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 5: Clever advertising!!

- BONUS Random PIC of the week PART 6: This is the stupidity we are dealing with here in New York. The dumb f*cks from Occupy Wall Street are protesting whatever it is they are protesting all over the place. According to their diary, they delayed the opening of the stock exchange yesterday per the picture highlighted in green. Only problem is these dumb pieces of sh*t don't realize that the market does not open until 9:30!!!!! This is the crap that is happening.

- FUN on FACEBOOK : Well played!!

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK : Really bro? You serious?

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 2: Absolute brilliant!!! I am stealing this!!!

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 3: Bravo Tom!!! You OWNED Andrew.

- BONUS FUN on FACEBOOK PART 4: This is an interesting question.

- Random ARTICLE of the week: You kidding me with this bullsh*t?

- BONUS Random ARTICLE of the week: Conflict of interest much? WTF?

- Random GIF of the week: Hypnotizing.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week: Hypnotizing Part 2.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 2: Hypnotizing Part 3.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week Park 3: An oldie but a GOODIE!!

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 4: Great camera work.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 5: Someone missed sportsman class.

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 6: Why not just run around the car?

- BONUS Random GIF of the week PART 7: Deleted scene from Terminator 2.

- Random LINK of the week: Go ahead, use it in a sentence.

- BONUS Random LINK of the week: Am I going to go to hell now for posting this?

- Autocorrect FAIL : Parents can be so innocent sometimes.

- BONUS Autocorrect FAIL : Buried in what?

- BONUS Autocorrect FAIL PART 2: Maybe cause you let him?

- BONUS Autocorrect FAIL PART 3: Stop staring at it then.

- Wrong Number TEXTS : Oops.

- BONUS Wrong Number TEXTS : Not a good thing to text your mom.

- BONUS Wrong Number TEXTS PART 2: I hope I never get to this stage in life.

- BONUS Wrong Number TEXTS PART 3: I don't think they are going to work out. No second date.

- My Future Wife, Kim Kardashian-Aponte flashing some CLEAVAGE and with her sisters at the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS .

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