RDLee's ECW Report - Can William Regal Finally Get A Win Over The ECW Champion Christian?
By RDLee
Jan 19, 2010 - 9:41 PM

Welcome to tonights recap of ECW on SyFy. After going to Raw live in Knoxville last night I am hoping that this show will be better than Raw was. I am hopeful. Be sure to check back after the show for a all new uncut shoot interview brought to you by James Guttman.

Tonight, we have Christian taking on William Regal in the main event and also we hope to find out how will the new number one contender Ezekial Jackson will introduce himself as a threat to Christian's ECW title at the Royal Rumble because he will be in Regal's corner.


We opened the show with Santino Marella guest hosting the Abraham Washington Show for Abe and saying he was out sick. Santino had Tony say some italian phrases that he butchered. The guest was Vladimir Kozlov. They are trying to make Kozlov into a face judging by this segment. Crowd started a USA chant for some reason. Kozlov says that people fear him because they think he is Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. Santino had him say some quotes for the movie. 

Kozlov than said he loves the USA and Hannah Montana, Chili Cheese Fries, and 24 hour Walmarts. Santino asks him to form a tag team with him and Kozlov says no. The crowd wants them to do form the team. Very entertaining segment that seems to have been miles better than every single Abe show before this. They seem to be going in the direction of forming a possible Kozlov/Marrella tag team which I think would be great!


Trent Barretta and Caylen Croft v.s. Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu

I am still baffled why WWE is so ignorant when bringing in new tag teams, would it kill them to put a little effort in and NAME the tag team at the very least? I mean, the duo was formally billed in FCW as the Dudebusters... hell, I don't know about you but that would probably sell more t-shirts down the line if they take off then simply calling them Croft and Barretta right??? Anyways, I am a big Goldust fan anything so him partnering with Tatsu is cool with me for now. Croft and Barretta picked up the win following a double team clothesline into a roll up.



Zack Ryder came out with Rosa Mendes and announced that since he beat the Hurricane last week and Tommy Dreamer the week before that he wants to now be called the "New Heart and Soul Superhero of ECW".  Ryder then had the announcer as such. Rosa then began running down the announcer in a foreign language as Hurricane hit the ring and attacked him causing Ryder and Mendes to bail out of the ring and run away.


ECW Champion Christian v.s. William Regal

Why is the number one contender Ezekial Jackson not getting AT LEAST a frigging squash match on the show when he supposed to look like a threat to Christain's ECW title at the Royal Rumble? Oh that's right, because the idiot writers are CLUELESS! Christian picked up the win after a good back and forth match when Big Zeke attacked him and layed him out to end the show. At least Jackson did SOMETHING to make it known that he is a threat to the title.

Winner by DQ: Christian

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