By RDLee
Feb 16, 2010 - 10:05 PM

Let me start by saying... R.I.P. Extreme Championship Wrestling...

Wow. I can't believe tonight is the final ECW ever. I have such fond memories of the old ECW that will never be forgotten and I am sad to see it end once again even though it wasn't "ECW" anymore in the past few years.

I want to thank ALL the ECW Originals for doing what they did best and making ECW a ground breaking wrestling organization that stood the test of time. Hard work and dedication was the setting for the orignal breed and it's a shame that Vince McMahon didn't keep it the same way it was remembered when he brought it back to life several years ago.

The true ECW Originals such as Taz, Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Sabu and even my good friends Stevie Richards and Judge Jeff Jones were all responsible for ECW's biggest successes and I would like to thank them all for doing such a wonderful job giving me as a wrestling fan plenty of memories I can one day tell the next generation of fans about.

The past is now the current and the future is only one week away when WWE launches it's new groundbreaking wrestling program called "NXT" which I will be covering from now on. I am excited, so please journey with me thru the next hour of the final ECW and jump on board next weeks first ever review of the "NXT" generation.


WWE Unified Tag Team Championship

ShowMiz (Champions) v.s. Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu and Goldy earned a title shot last week by beating Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta. I really like the team and hope they stick together wherever they end up after tonight's final show.

Tatsu and Goldust put up a valiant effort but unfortunately Big Show's power and Miz's opportunist style picked up the win following a Skull Crushing Finale to Goldust.

I am guessing that Mark Henry and MVP are now the number one contenders for the tag titles after their win over the champs on last night's RAW.

Winner: ShowMiz


Next we had a rundown of the rookies and their chosen mentors for next week's debut NXT show.

Wade Barrett with Chris Jericho
Justin Gabriel with Matt Hardy
Skip Sheffield with MVP
Michael Tarver with Carlito
Heath Slater with Christian
Darren Young with CM Punk
Daniel Bryan with The Miz
David Otunga with R-Truth


The last (THANK GOD!) Abraham Washington Show on ECW was up next. It turned out to be yet another POINTLESS segment and a waste of time.

Shelton Benjamin came out, Vance Archer came out, The Dudebusters came out and finally Vladimir Kozlov came out.

Kozlov got trash talked by the heels in the ring. Kozlov then proceeded to clear the ring and end the segment by shaking hands with Shelton Benjamin while celebrating.

What a poor segment for this important farewell show.


ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match 

Christian (ECW champ) v.s. Ezekial Jackson

Before the match Christian did an in ring interview running down his thoughts about joining ECW when he came back to WWE last year. He spoke of how proud he was of being a mentor for the younger stars and how thankful he was to be given the ball to run with. He thanked Tommy Dreamer and the fans. He said he was thrilled that he could say he was the last ECW champion ever.

I am a big fan of both men in this match. I really think that Big Zeke has the famous "It" factor and does his job as a big man remarkably well. He has the look, style and charisma to become a big time star for the WWE in the coming years if they invest a little time into him.

Zack Ryder interfered but Christian quickly and easily discarded him right away. Rosa Mendes jumped in and scoulded Christian for his treatment of her man and slapped Christian in the face. Suddenly ECW GM Tiffany ran.... RAN into the ring from backstage and hit Mendes with a wicked spear. She then kicked Ryder and Rosa out of the arena.

Zeke and Christian pulled out all the stops and used weapons such as trash can lids and kendo sticks to try and get the win. Christian chased Regal off with a kendo stick. Regal ran back in seconds later and missed his running knee only for Christian to take him out with a Killswitch. Jackson took advantage of the confusion and hit Christian with the Uranage Slam thru the table set up in the ring to pick up the win and become the LAST ECW champion ever!

Winner and NEW (FINAL) ECW Champion, Ezekial Jackson! 


That's all for me tonight folks, I will miss ECW in a sense but am glad to be done with the lame WWE version of it. Be sure to join me next week as we begin our new journey on the debut edition of the WWE "NXT" thanks for reading and remember to "Stay Classy!"

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