RDLee's ECW Report - The Countdown To ECW's Departure Is On
By RDLee
Feb 9, 2010 - 7:23 PM

Big thanks to Jana "Girly Parts Jesus" Bulloch for covering ECW for me last week as I attended the season premiere of Lost.

One week after finding out the ECW will be coming to an end soon tonight we will begin to get a feel for what the fate of the ECW roster might be.

Who will decide to sign with Smackdown and who will decide to move to Raw?

My predictions are as follows:

Smackdown gets: Christian (who will feud with Edge later on), William Regal, Shelton Benjamin (who I think will reform the WGTT with Charlie Haas) Yoshi Tatsu, Vance Archer, Abraham Washington (w/ Tony Atlas) and The Hurricane.

Raw gets: Zack Ryder (w/Rosa Mendes) Croft and Baretta (who will form a stable with Ryder), Goldust, Paul Birchill, Kozlov (so he can form a team with Santino) and Ezekial Jackson

Superstars gets: Tyler Reks. (NOT! haha) 


General Manager Tiffany addressed the ECW locker room thanking them for their hard work and basically told them that they are free agents after next week like Christian stated last night on Raw.


Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft v.s. Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu picked up the win for the duo after hitting the right high kick to Croft's head and in the process earned himself and Goldust a Unified Tag Team title shot against "ShowMiz" on next week's final edition of ECW.

Winners: Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust


We took a look at the first inductee announced for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2010. The Million Dollar Man is one of the most deserving men in the buisness that should have already been inducted by now. He joins Antonio Inoki and Stu Hart who are already confirmed but just not yet announced for this years HOF.


Ezekial Jackson (w/ William Regal) v.s. Random Jobber

No clue as to why they would put a squash match like this on a show that is soon to be over. There are other guys on the roster that deserve a little more air time before they go to the bigger leagues. Jackson picked up the win his "Book of Ezekial" Uranage Slam finisher.

Winner: Ezekial Jackson


Regal got on the microphone after Jackson's match and talked about how he thinks he and Big Zeke were mistreated at the Royal Rumble and asks her to give Ezekial the last ECW title match against Christian on the last ECW title match. Jackson took the mic and told Christian that if he accepts he will become the last ECW champion but it will only be the beginning of his dominanace.


Backstage we see ECW champion Christian as he accepts Ezekial Jackson's challenge and says it will be an Extreme Rules match!


Shelton Benjamin v.s. Vance Archer - NO DQ Match

Benjamin took the mic and addressed his history with ECW and how much he respected the young ECW superstars now since he joined. He said it took Yoshi Tatsu beating him in 10 seconds to make him realize that he was in a talented environment. He finishes by promising to make his last ECW moment a proud one when he beats Vance Archer in their match and wipes the smile off his face.

The first few minutes of the match featured both men trying to get the pin by using their wrestling ablility and no outside objects despite the no DQ rules. However when the commercial break was done we saw Vance Archer with a kendo stick in hand and Benjamin with a chair in his.

In a completely STUPID move, they stopped the match and brought in a doctor to stop Benjamin's slight bleeding on his head after getting smashed onto the announce table. NO BLOOD IN ECW???? And during a NO DQ match at that? Vince has officially KILLED ECW off with that one...

Benjamin recovered and began his assault. Shelton picked up the win after hitting the Paydirt.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

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