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RDLee's ECW Report - The ECW Homecoming Finale Concludes With A Over The Top Battle Royal

By RDLee Jan 12, 2010 - 10:06 PM print

Welcome to tonight's ECW Report. We will be seeing the Finale of the ECW Homecoming concept that ECW General Manager Tiffany came up with. Whoever wins the main event's over the top rope battle royal will face Christain for the championship at the Royal Rumble.


We started tonight's show with a in ring verbal exchange between Zack Ryder with Rosa Mendes and The Hurricane. Ryder claims to be the new heart and soul of ECW after his win over Tommy Dreamer which sent him into retirement. Rosa takes the microphone and starts mumbling something in mexican to which Hurrican smarts off to her. Ryder warns him to which the Hurricane tells him to "Shut his Hurra-Mouth" and then knocks some sense into Ryder causing him and Rosa to bail out of the ring and scatter away up the ramp.


Tiffany came out during the break and started a match between Hurricane and Zack Ryder which was in progress when the commercial break ended.


Zack Ryder v.s. The Hurricane

These two put on a great opening match with plenty of near falls and several forms of unique offense. Rosa was useless at ringside only standing there cheering her man on instead of trying to help him like 99% of the old school heel managers would have tried to do. Zack gets the win after a Zack Attack.

Winner: Zack Ryder


Goldust v.s. Trent Barretta

They recapped Yoshi Tatsu's win over Barretta's tag team partner Caylen Croft this past week on WWE Superstars. Goldust is a solid veteran with good name value that seems to have the younger talent's best interests at heart. Trent dominated most of the match even though Goldy had a couple waves of momentum leading into a few moves. Trent reversed the Curtain Call attempt and hit a running jumping knee to the face for the victory.

Winner: Trent Barretta


ECW Homecoming Finale Battle Royal

ECW GM Tiffany was the special ring announcer for this big match and ECW champion Christian joined the announce team to call the match. The following guys are in this match:

CM Punk


Evan Bourne

Yoshi Tatsu

Vance Archer

Ezekial Jackson

Matt Hardy

Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin jumped Archer before the match began to try and gain some revenge for getting beat down by Archer recently on Superstars. Kane immediately eliminated Bourne much to the suprise and disappointment of the crowd.

I am not really understanding WWE's decision to give a match like this only weeks away from the Royal Rumble. It makes no sense to give away a match that will no doubt be similiar for free so soon to the one people have to pay to see.

Shelton Benjamin dived over the top rope when Vance Archer was on the apron effectively eliminating both himself and Archer at the same time. They continued fighting up the ramp.

Ezekial Jackson caught Matt Hardy when he dived off the ropes onto him and threw him over the top rope. Matt held onto the ropes but Zeke kicked him in the head which caused him to let go and become eliminated.

Big Zeke then eliminated CM Punk before Kane tossed Yoshi Tatsu over the top rope at nearly the same time. The final two are the big monsters Jackson and Kane. They tested each others strength by trying to power each other over the ropes. Back and forth struggle by both men against each other. Kane missed a clothesline off the top rope and Jackson capitalized on that by clotheslining Kane over the top rope to win the match.

Winner and new number one contender for the ECW title at the Royal Rumble: Ezekial Jackson


That does it for me tonight, be sure to check out my contributions at www.GeekWeek.com and follow me at www.Twitter.com/RDLee 

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