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(21 Mins) JG's Audio Insanity: The WrestleMania Blues
By James Guttman
Feb 18, 2012 - 7:19 PM

JG's Audio Insanity: The WrestleMania Blues
21 Mins

The Elimination Chamber is coming tomorrow and reality is setting in for fans who had their fantasy bookings ready for their personal dream WrestleMania. Now, James Guttman looks at the changes fans go through once Royal Rumble hits, the certain truths they have to accept, Santino Marella in the Royal Rumble, Marella's spot in WWE, why he has a harder job than people realize, why the Elimination Chamber is the one PPV you can put him into the main event of, how it wouldn't matter who goes in anyway, Triple H's "end of an era" nonsense, how his family is the one that killed the old era, DX co-opting the Undertaker WM streak, Rock vs. Cena's lack of buildup, Zack Ryder being rolled down the ladder of success, and more.

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