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(20 Mins) JG's Audio Insanity: The Vince Russo False Flag
By James Guttman
Feb 12, 2012 - 9:39 PM

JG's Audio Insanity: The Vince Russo False Flag
20 Mins

There's a TNA pay-per-view tonight and, amazingly enough, a "creative shakeup" to get everyone talking. Now James Guttman checks in with yet another audio on why the "removal" of the vilified Vince Russo doesn't matter, won't make a difference, never mattered, and might not have even happened. Guttman looks at the many problems plaguing TNA, why so little can be directly blamed on Vince Russo, the mistaken beliefs wrestling fans have about job titles backstage, Dixie Carter signing off on storylines, Bischoff vs. Bischoff, Direct Auto Insurance Turnbuckles, the main reason guys have for going to TNA (and WWE in some instances), the difference between the big two, the show that disenchanted many former TNA fans, and more.

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