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(21 Mins) Mike Johns' Maverick Radio: There Is No Vince Russo
By Mike Johns
Feb 15, 2012 - 9:07 PM


Mike Johns's Maverick Radio: Episode 52
"There Is No Vince Russo"  21 Minutes

This past Sunday Night, Mike Johns took to his computer, expecting to spend the night tweeting about the Grammys, just to see there was also a TNA Pay-Per-View in progress. Not only that, but once again, Vince Russo, who had supposedly been ousted from Creative last fall, was magically being ousted from Creative. This week, Mike discusses the Red Herring that is Vince Russo, the numerous times Russo's allegedly been reassigned, why he's even still on TNA's payroll, and whether or not the man even actually exists! Plus how TNA expects fans to give them credit for things most wrestling promotions just do, Chris Rock, George Lucas, Courtney Love's awful solo album, Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, and as many of the Billboard Top 100 of 2011 one can fit into 4 minutes, courtesy of DJ Earworm!



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