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Kevin Peel's 10/15 Sunday Night Heat Recap

By Kevin Peel Oct 16, 2005 - 3:03 PM print

The online version of Heat is now online. This weeks show features Kerwin White taking on Shelton Benjamin in the main event as well as Cade and Murdoch defending the tag team championship against The Heart Throbs and Rosey and Hurricane. You can check out the latest edition of Heat at WWE.com.

(1) Gene Snitsky defeated Johnny Parisi with a Catatonic type move

Before segment one begins, we are treated to a video preview of Domino, now playing at a theater near you. This was played before all four segments. Segment one opens with the Heat intro which still has the sunday night heat logo. Opening match has Gene Snitsky taking on Johnny Parisi. Snitsky attacks him before the bell and hits a bodyslam. Todd Grisham puts over that Parisi is a second generation superstar and mentions that his uncle was a former WWE tag champion. Snitsky drops a couple elbows while Coach ignores the match and talks about what happened this past week on Raw. Snitsky kicks Parisi out of the ring and poses for the crowd. The announcers talk about Snitsky's foot fetish while Parisi tries fighting back. He goes for a cross body block but Snitsky catches him and turns it into a fall away slam. Snitsky puts the boots to Parisi in the corner while the crowd chants "You Suck." Snitsky irish whips hit to the corner and charges in but Parisi moves out of the way and rolls up Snitsky for a two count. Parisi follows up with a jawbreaker and two right hands before jumping on Snitsky's back and attempting a sleeper hold. Snitsky throws him off and hits a mafia kick. Snitsky hits his finisher which looks similar to Chris Harris' catatonic and scores the pin.


Just a showcase match for Snitsky. If you're into Snitsky its worth checking out, otherwise there isn't much else here.

(2) Viscera defeated Jason Bates with the VD

Segment two opens with the WWE rewind. They show highlights of the Trish/Victoria women's title match from Raw this past week. Viscera weighs in this week at 487 pounds. Coach shows no remorse for what happened to JR on Raw and Grisham talks about his appearance on byte this. Jason Bates delivers some punches in the corner and slaps on a headlock. That was short lived as Vis back suplexes his way out of it and hits a bodyslam. Vis ties him to the tree of woe and hits a butt splash in the corner. Vis follows with a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a huge elbow drop. Vis attempts a suples, but Bates slips out and delivers a couple forearm shots to the back of big Vis. Bates comes off the ropes but is met with a spinning heel kick from Vis. Vis gives a sick looking smile before doing the Visagra. Vis does an avalanche in the corner and hits the VD (Viscera drop) to score the pin.


Again, just a showcase match for Viscera. If you're into his act check it out. Otherwise, there isn't much else here.


(3) Lane Cade and Trevor Murdoch retain the world tag team titles in a suden death triple threat match involving The Heart Throbs and Hurricane and Rosey when Lane Cade pinned Hurricane after the sweet and sour

Segment three opens with a sudden death triple threat match for the world tag team championship as Cade and Murdoch defend the titles against former champs Hurricane and Rosey as well as The Heart Throbs. Grisham and Coach remind everyone that Cade and Murdoch can lose the belts here without being pinned. Someone in the crowd has a clothespin on his nose and had a sign saying "Use when murdoch enters." Grisham claims that Cade and Murdoch are unbeaten. He must have missed their DQ loss on Raw a couple weeks ago. Champs start on the outside as Hurricane and Romeo start out for their respective teams. Hurricane hits a pair of dropkicks before tagging out to Rosey. Rosey works on the arm, then hits a bodyslam before coming off the ropes with a headbutt. Rosey irish whips Romeo into the corner and goes for an avalanche, but Romeo moves out of the way and makes the tag to Antonio. Antonio comes in and escapes a samoan drop but is met with a headbutt from Rosey. Antonio goes to Cade and Murdoch's corner to tag out but they both jump down from the ring apron. Rosey hits a samoan drop, but both Cade and Murdoch break up the pin. Romeo comes in to attempt a double team backdrop on Rosey, but he grabs both Heart Throbs by the hair and throws them both into the mat. Heart Throbs regain control by throwing Rosey to the floor. Trevor Murdoch comes in and knocks Hurricane off the ring apron while Rosey whips Romeo into the barrier. Lance Cade then attacks Rosey on the outside and throws him back in the ring where Murdoch works him over with forearm drops and punches. Cade comes in and they hit sort of a double team rock bottom on Rosey for a two count. Rosey tries to power his way to the corner for the tag while the heart throbs are still recovering at ringside. Murdoch comes in with a cheap shot on Rosey, but while the ref's putting him out, Hurricane comes off the top with a double axe handle that enables Rosey to make the tag to Hurricane. Hurricane hits a headscissors on Cade then scores with a missle dropkick on Murdoch. Hurricane goes for a blockbuster off the top rope but Cade moves out of the way. Cade ane Murdoch hit the sweet and sour (double goozle) on Hurricane to score the pin and retain their titles. Champs beat up Antonio after the match.


If you're looking for tag team action, this is probably a segment to check out. Tag team wrestling has been pretty non existant in WWE lately and these are the three featured teams on the Raw brand. About what you'd expect from these three teams.


(4) Shelton Benjamin defeated Kerwin White by disqualification after interference by Nick Nemeth

Segment four opens with a recap of the Linda McMahon heel turn and firing of Jim Ross from this past Monday's Raw. They did a good job editing the ball kick on JR and made it look better. From there they gave a video package promoting the return of Kane this Monday on Raw that was pretty well done. Main event time with Kerwin White taking on Shelton Benjamin. Shelton said he had a talk with Kerwin's girlfriend and she said his problem with his golf game is that he's playing with a little putter. Kerwin attacks and works on the arm. Shelton hits a back suplex for an early two count. Kerwin works over Shelton in the corner and distracts the ref so his caddy Nick Nemeth can get a cheap shot in. Coach informs us that he is "the official voice of Raw" now with JR gone. Kerwin delivers some forearms and goes to a chinlock. Shelton elbows his way out but gets caught in a tilt-o-whirl headscissors while Coach goes on and on about JR. Shelton fights back with punches and kicks and a devastating formarm shot as Kerwin came off the ropes. Kerwin reverses an irish whip into the corner, but Shelton springs off the ropes with a reverse flying forearm. Shelton goes for a powerbomb but Kerwin slips out and goes off the ropes where Shelton lifts him in the air and lets him freefall chest first into the mat. Nick Nemeth jumps on the ring apron and is met with a ring hand from Shelton. Kerwin takes advantage with a rollup but only gets a two count. Shelton reverses Kerwin into the ropes and hits his exploder but Nick Nemeth breaks up the pin resulting in a disqualification. After the match Kerwin sets up to take a shot at Shelton with his nine iron, but Matt Striker takes it off him and clears the ring. Coach reminds up that Mick Foley will be in Carlito's Cabana on Raw this week as the show closes out.


Solid match. Nothing more, nothing less. This feud with Kerwin and Shelton is pretty much over and this was probably just a way to introduce Stryker as a future opponent for Kerwin. Decent enough to check out but you're not missing that much if you don't.


Overall this was a solid effort but nothing overly exciting from the Heat crew. The tag title match is probably the only segment worth going out of your way for since the tag titles are rarely even on Raw anymore. The main event was solid but that feud was already settled at Unforgiven so I'd rather see both guys move on.


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