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The Heat Report: WWE Raw's Top Five Moments of 2007

By Fritz Stephey Jan 2, 2008 - 8:24 PM print

Well, HEAT isn't staying normal this week…that's right, this Webshow is covering The Best of RAW 2007!

Todd Grisham welcomes us in for the new year. What's in store for us? The Top 5 moments and rivalries of RAW 2007. We start with the rivalry between Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. The Hardy Boys and we're part-way into RAW on June 4 th.

We join in progress as Lance Cade just missed a 2-count.  He is wearing down Matt Hardy. Trevor tagged in and goes to work on Matt's wrapped up ribs. Side-Russian legsweep, but that'll only be a 2 count for Murd. Cade tagged in and gets a 2-count of his own. Spinebuster from Lance only gets only more of the same. Trev tagged in, big slap to Matt, and then some rough stomps. Murdoch applies pressure to Matt's midsection, but Matt slowly makes his way to his feet. A couple of elbows to Trevor's face, and a reverse-DDT keeps both Matt and Murdoch down. Matt jumps for the tag to Jeff, and the Hardy-boy takes the hicks to town. He goes up top, and is met by Murdoch's fist. Matt interrupts, throws Murd out, knocks Cade down and Jeff goes for the Swanton...but MISSES. Cade rolls over and pins him for the three. Your winners, and new World Tag Champs, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Afterwards, Matt pleads his case that his foot was on the rope for the 3-count…and Cade/Murdoch take both the Hardys out by belts to the head.

That was when Cade/Murdoch were pretending to be the good guys right? Eh, good match though.

WWE wants you to buy the first installment in a ongoing series of what will ultimately waste your money. Buy John Cena's 3-disc DVD set now! Don't wait for his Best Of DVD set, which will include this package, as well as 26 other DVDs.

Grisham tells us #4, is Triple H vs. Umaga, STREET FIGHT.

October 28th, Cyber Sunday: Again, mid-match, Umaga hits Triple H, butt-first, while he was stuck sitting in the corner. Umaga gets a 2-count, goes nuts, and grabs a steel chair. Triple H hits a low-blow as Umaga charges him with said chair. He also hits a DDT, and gets a 2-count. Umanga sends Triple H off the ropes, but it's Trips who hits Umaga with the knee. Sidewalk slam from Umanga, and now he's stalking his prey. HHH outside, going under the ring, but finds Umaga's foot to his face. Umaga with another chair, but Trips ducks and the chair hits the outside ring post. All three announce tables have the black covers thrown off, and they are fighting among each of the tables. Umaga on one table, runs, jumps, and slams Paul through the third table. Cut away, Triple H is down in the ring. Youmanga up top, flies off, but tastes the ring canvas. Triple H crawls to the side, rolls out, and goes for the sledgehammer. Umaga stops The Game in his tracks and pulls out the thumb of death. Game ducks, hits him with the hammer, and nails the pedigree. 1-2-3, and I just realized, this wasn't an episode of RAW. May be a technicality, but…still.

An ad for the WCCW DVD by WWE. Several reviews around the site have been up for a while…but, if I were to review it, in short: Buy it…its well-worth the price.

Up next has to be Randy Orton vs. Shanw Michaels…because, they are playing an extended package on Michaels and Orton. And Todd Grisham confirms this. Up next: Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, no super kicking!

November 18th: Orton gets a two count, and slowly gets back to his feet. He ducks a punch from Shawn and hits an inverted back-breaker. As Shawn is down, Orton measures him up…but gets to his feet and just stands. He sets up for the toe-of-death, but Michaels grabs his foot, and turns into Kurt Angle and slaps on the Ankle Lock. Orton fights out in the funniest way possible (Ok ok…it just…looked kinda retarded). Anyways, he looks to kick Shawn, Shawn grabs the leg, but gets kicked into the corner-post. Both men are down, Orton back to measure up, tries an RKO, shoved off, dodges a swing from HBK and hits the RKO.

WWE Magazine is also having a "Best Of 2007"…go buy one.

Looks like John Cena and The Great Khali are up next. Judgement Day, May 20th: Khali smashes Cena's head on the announce table. He does it again and rolls Cena back into the ring. Khali grabs Cena's shoulder and squeezes like there's no tomorrow. Cena gets to his feet, tries and succeeds powering out of the move. Cena shoves Khali into the ropes, and he gets tied up. Cena goes nuts with punches, walks away giving Khali enough time to untangle himself. Khali went for the chop-of-death, but Cena stopped him, mid-chop. Cena dropkicked the ring steps into Khali's leg, climbs to the top rope as Khali comes in, and hits a leg-drop on Khali. Cena locks on the STF(U), keeps it locked on and The Great Khali taps. Winner and still Champ: John Cena.

It's actually not bad, considering Khali being…well, yeah…Khali.

This Monday: Flair vs. Triple H…is Flair retiring!?

Now it's time for moment #1…and, folks, take a BIG GUESS! Seriously…take a guess. It's not that hard. The NUMBER 1 Moment from RAW…is the Return of Chris Jericho.

November 19th: Randy Orton says he's beat all that there is to beat. It's time for some Torch passing. WWE's Olympic Runner makes his way through the Arena…He looks exhausted and is…clotheslined by a mysterious man..who ends in the Y2J pose…who could it be!? Who is that man? The viral video has taken over the power. SAVE_US.X29 is….SAVE_US.Y2J. How is X29 code for Y2J? That's not important…GIANT Explosion, and break the walls down. Chris Jericho is back and wearing the outfit of a cheesy Las Vegas B-rated magician. He also has a chain…because face it…they're cool. You guys know the promo.

Grisham ends the countdown wearing a dorky hat, "2008" glasses, and has a party noisemaker.  He also states that he is not Elton John. Well, that's it for 2007, tune in for Flair/Triple H on Monday…if Flair doesn't win…he's GONE.

If you're into year-end things…watch it, plain and simple. Not your normal edition of HEAT.

That's it for me. As always comments and criticism is appreciated, you can find me on the boards (Check the Other Insanity section, look for the HEAT thread), or you can e-mail me at BrothaFritz@gmail.com . Cya next HEAT. )


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