The Heat Report: Charlie Haas Changes Outfits Mid-Match, USA vs. Scotland, and Super Gets Beat Like Crazy
By Fritz Stephey
Feb 6, 2008 - 10:53 PM

Hey hey, World Wrestling Insanity readers. What's up? I dunno why I ask, it's not like it's an open conversation…but, just to let you know…I'm doing awesome. It's ok, just don't be jealous. Anyways, if I'm here, that can only mean one (1; singular) thing. HEAT!

And we're opening this web show with DH Smith…who is taking on former ½ of the worlds greatest tag team, and part-time Luchadore, Charlie Haas (Yet to be named when he dawns the mask). Charlies goes to work early with an armbar. DH managed to reverse it, but Haas regained control. Charlie has a hip-toss blocked and gets one from DH, and a one count. Hass goes to the outside, and under the ring. Holy crap…Hass not only dawns the mask, he has an entirely different set of singlet on. That sneaky bastard.

DH grabs him by the mask, and takes him to the corner. He tries ripping it off and then tries to whip him into the corner, but it's reversed. DH Smith goes to the corner, leaps off, and a chop block from Lucha-Hass. Haas in now going to work on the same leg he hit the chop block with. DH Smith rips the mask off of Haas, and throws it outside. Haas takes down Smith, gets up…and pulls out another mask! He slaps on a half crab and drops an elbow on the leg of Smith. DH does half of a sunset flip, but before Haas can take advantage, Davey finishes the flip, but only for a two-count. The mask is off of Haas, yet again, and DH has taken control. Haas appears to have sent Smith outside with a hip-toss, or an arm drag. Charlie has the second mask back on again. The newer Heat commentator actually points out and asks why is there two sets of ring steps. Grisham answers "One to get in, one to get out". During this convo, Haas locks on the Haas of Pain, and DH Smith gives in.

Good enough for Decent. It really, was nothing impressive.

Robbie, The Highlander, makes his way to the ring. He is taking on the HO! Man (…not the Godfather) Jim Duggan. Someone, please tell me why the Highlanders' new bagpipe music is a pop mix. It sounds like Scottish porn music. Hacksaw demands USA chants, and stomping his foot on the ground. Robbie has an arm-lock, Hacksaw reverses. Robbie gets to the ropes, so Hacksaw must break it. Another lock-up, and a side headlock from Hacksaw. Big hits and a lot of HO's! Clothesline! HO! USA! Big hit from Robbie, and he goes to the corner with Mr. Duggan. He tries to slam Jim's head to the turnbuckle, but is blocked. NO! Robbie goes for it again. NO! Duggan lands an elbow to Robbie's chest, and sends HIS face goes into the post. Big clotheslines from Hacksaw. HO! USA! Arm drag onto the rope from Robbie, and he goes to work on the Big Ho's arm.

Random fact from Todd Grisham: Robbie weighs 16 Stone; Hacksaw Jim Duggan weighs 1 Boulder.

Hacksaw fights off with big hits, but gets gets whipped into the corner. Robbie charges, Hacksaw spins out and Robbie goes stinger-splash into the corner post. Hacksaw with a BIG right fist, scoop slam and a three-point stance!  One tackle later and it's HO-ver.

Eh. The coolest part is the celebration. Duggan takes his 2x4, chucks it in the air, and catches it, one handed…WITHOUT getting a splinter. THAT, my friend, is the REAL show.

Main Event time, as Todd Grisham always says (Though he actually says it like this: It's time for our *Giants breth* MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN EVEEEEEEEEEENT). Anyways, Trevor Murdoch is taking on MISTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER...Super Crazy. I just found out the new heat commentators name! It's Josh Matthews. Time for me to finally say it…he's not bad. A lock up into Crazy shoved into the corner. Murdoch breaks it off, does it again into the opposite corner. He whips crazy into the other corner, but misses the running strike. Crazy manages a pin, but gets a two. Crazy with swift kicks to Trevor's leg, and a drop-kick, sending Murdoch outside. Super Crazy goes to leap outside; Murdoch gets up, Crazy 360's inside the ring, and dropkicks Trevor as he tries to get back in the ring. Quick commercial break.

Go buy the Stone Cold Steve Austin DVD set (it's available the 12th)…if you don't…there's something wrong with you. More on this NEXT Heat.

We're back and somehow Trevor took quick control of the match. He goes through a series of head locks. Murdoch goes for a Suplex, Crazy reverses into a pin, but only scores a two-count. Big boot from Trev but only a another two-count. Big forearm smash against Super's face and Crazy starts living up to his name, with a series of kicks (Dropkicks, spinning heel kicks, more dropkicks). He goes up top for a Moomsault but Trevor lifts his knees! ACE of SPADES! Trevor wins.

Trevor Murdoch really does impress me. Seriously. He's not there yet, for me at least, but he's certainly going there. The match itself wasn't bad. I'll say it met Good.

And this week, well…take it as it is. A decent opening, a meh middle, and a good closing. Sounds like a decent outing to me. As always, questions, comments, criticisms, etc. are all appreciated. There are several ways to go about getting me:

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