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The Heat Report: Lucha Haas vs. Hardcore Holly, Melina vs. Mickie, Rhodes vs. Carlito, and Cade vs. Kendrick

By Fritz Stephey Mar 1, 2008 - 11:42 AM print

Once again, it is time for your favorite webshow report. I'm fresh off a week break from it. When WWE is overseas, they don't work on HEAT. But now, they're back…this time claiming to have 4 big matches…so let's see what they've got.

Heat is opening up with Charlie "The Lucha" Haas. He will be taking on ½ of the World Tag Team Champions (In case you forgot…Cody Rhodes and Holly won them a while ago…) Hardcore Holly. They start with a lock-up to a side head lock from Holly followed by a shoulder takedown and 2 big slams from Holly. Bob hits another takedown into an armlock. The fight is taken to the corner where Hardocre gets a Ric Flair chop in. Haas stumbles to the next corner, and gets another Flair Chop from Holly. Charlie goes outside and under the ring. Af6ter about 15 seconds, of course, Haas is wearing one of his many Lucha-Mask's and is wearing different attire (This time around it's purple and silver). Luchahaas gets a big kick and hit to the back of Holly. He takes Hardcore and chokes him on the rope. Big swift kick to Double H's back. The Lucha is now working on a stretch against Holly. Sparky fights his way out, getting vertical, getting a kick in, and then taking Haas down. They're both fighting on the top rope, Holly rips off the mask and shoves Haas off. Holly hits a flying crossbody, shoulder takedown and a dropkick, but it only grabs HH a 2 count. Haas pulls out another mask, but before he can dawn it, Holly strikes him in the back. Holly grabs the mask and puts it on. Hardcore hits a mega Alabama slam with the mask on and picks up the 3 count!

I finally get it…Haas has stumbled upon some magical wrestling attire that gives people the power to not win! Not a bad match, decent action, decent opener.

Now it's time for some Divas action. Melina makes her way to the ring. She's taking on Mickie James. They begin with a lock-up, go into an armbar, and then it becomes a slop fest of screaming, pulling hair, and the like. Ouch. Melina laid Mickie across the second rope in the corner, ran and jumped up and put two knees to Miss James stomach. This match is getting kinda hard to call, Head scissors takedown from MJ, Melina is down and gets some big ol' punches from Mickie. Mickie hits her finisher and picks up the win! She ends off the match by blowing a kiss to Melina.

Meh. It was really a slop fest. I've seen the two in good matches. But this just wasn't gonna have it.

If you'll recall my last HEAT report (I know, it was like, 2 weeks ago), I said you needed to buy the Stone Cold DVD Set, and that I would elaborate on that this week.  Well, I don't have any REAL reasons you should buy it…I did. It's because I am a Stone Cold mark…but I mean, hey, you should buy it too. The guy has a lot of great matches.

Up next, Lance Cade (accompanied by Trevor Murdoch) will be taking on Brian Kendrick (accompanied by Paul London). Kendrick tries to get some kicks in, but is hesitant, as Cade seems to stand back every time he goes for it. Kendrick shows off his speed by flipping around to the side of Cade, gets some kicks to the leg in, but Cade gives him 2 power irish whips (You know…the kind you use in SvR 08 to send your opponent into the corner). Cade holds on an abdominal stretch, but breaks the hold. Knee to the back from Lance, and he locks on another abdominal stretch. Kendrick actually fights out, gets around and rolls up for a pin! Only a 2 count. Kendrick tries to whip Cade into the corner, but Cade reverses. LC chargers for Brian, but he gets a big kick from Kendrick to the face. Kendrick then quickly jumps to the top rope and takes down Cade. Another 2-count for Kenny. Jaw breaker from Kendrick, and the hugest enziguri I've ever seen (The guy practically had to be upside for it). Brian up-top again! Frog-splash! 2-count! Kendrick has a weird camel-clutch locked on but Cade flipped him over. Cade hits a sit-out powerbomb (I think that's what they're calling it these days), and grabs the 3-count.

That wasn't bad. Another pretty decent match, not to much to argue with.

Main Event time, as Carlito will take on the other  ½ of the World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes. Carlito opens with a big kick to the stomach and big hits to the back of Rhodes. He sends him to the outside, but Cody holds on to the top rope, while Carly walks off thinking he's on the floor. Cody flips back in the ring, gets a dropkick in and sends Lito to the outside. Codes gets a hit to him on the outside and sends him back in. The two are fighting over the ropes and now Lito has Cody in the corner. Neckbreaker from Carlito but that'll only grab a 2-count. Rhody flips Lito, and gets some big hits and a clothesline in. Leg sweep from Mr. Rhodes, but Carlito sends him to the ropes, and hits an elbow to the back. Carlito goes for a Backstabber but fails! Cody was close enough to the corner to hold on to the ropes! But Carlito gets it again, and nails it! 1-2-3, and Carlito wins!

Rightfully, as the main event, it was the best match. This felt a little more than decent to me, with some good action, and very little down-time to it. Pretty good stuff.

And overall, It went 3-for-4, and that's about as full as you can get with HEAT. A good edition.

That's it for me. As always I'm open to comments, feedback, whatever. You can always find me on the forums (And in Other Insanity > HEAT Thread), or you can even e-mail me ( BrothaFritz@gmail.com ), and then there's always Face Book and that addicting Wrestler App (4-Time Wilmington, DE Champion…*coughs*andthenextWWIchampion*). Peace out folks, have a good week, and cya next Heat.

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