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The Heat Report: Highlanders vs. Duggan and Crazy Round #159, Snitsky Kills Another Jobber, and D.H. Smith Returns To Face Charlie Haas

By Fritz Stephey Dec 26, 2007 - 5:46 PM print

Twas the day after Christmas…

Speaking of which, Happy Holidays! Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a good one yesterday. Anyways, I'm here now, and that can only mean one thing: HEAT, and a "Back to Normal" one at that. So, what's in store for us this week?

Well, we're opening up with The Crazy Hoes. Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Super Crazy make their way to the ring. The crowd is pretty level…and the usual happens. Hacksaw demands USA chants.

They are taking on…well…take a big guess. The Highlanders…let me check my records to see how many this makes…

The match starts off with the "HO!" and "SI!" chants. More demand for USA chants, and FINALLY Coach asks a question that should have been asked back in October…Does Super Crazy know he's from Mexico?

Crazy and Robbie lock up in the middle. Rory gets tagged in after a short arm-lock. Crazy surprisingly got some speed work in early. There are about 15 people in the crowd chanting "Mex-i-co!". Hacksaw tagged in, and follows his usual formula:

1.        Big hit

2.        Scream HO

3.        Repeat

Crazy tagged in, whips Rory into the corner post, Rory flips Crazy to the outside apron. Rory flipped him back in, but Crazy reversed it into a takedown. Rory tagged in and Super tags in Jimmy D. Big clothesline from Duggan and he screams "HO!" Rory tagged in, stomps away at Duggan. They're keeping Hack in their corner, Rory does a series of big punches, kicks, and goes for a chokehold. Hacksaw powers out, gets some big elbows in, punches, but gets a headbutt. Robbie was almost tagged in but Hacksaw just started beating on both the Scotsmen. Robbie gets tagged in and takes control. Series of double-teams, and Rory is the main man. He goes to another chokehold, but Hacksaw fights to s standing position, and backs Rory into the corner-post. Hacksaw makes the tag to Super Crazy, who immediately leaps to the top rope, hits a flying cross body, springboard dropkick, up top and hits another flying move, moonsault and a 2-count after Robbie breaks. (ALL of that was within a 10-15 second period…DAMN!). Rory makes a quick-pin on Crazy and gets the 3.

I didn't care much for the match. It was decent at best, but at the end, that tirade of flying moves from Super Crazy WAS Crazy. Passable stuff though, I've watched them fight one too many times, and they don't have the chemistry to be able to do that.

Snitsky is on his way to the ring, and its hilarious how dead silent crowds are when Snitsky comes to the ring. He will be destroying the career hopes of Mike something or the other…I swear I heard the word "Tool" though.

Sometimes I watch these squash matches, and wonder if Snitsky should be doing this. I swear I just saw a move that was probably horribly botched. I guess it could have been worse, because nothing appeared wrong. Pump handle slam, 1-2-3, Snitsky wins.

Main Event time! Charlie Haas is flying solo, he will be taking on D.H. Smith. They lock up in the middle, DH takes down Charles, keeps the lock on. A series of reversals into every type of lock imaginable, and now they're both up. He goes for a lock-up, but Haas gets to him first. Smith gets Charlie's arm, and works on that. Some big hits from British Bulldog's son, but Haas regains control. Series of kicks and elbows from Haas, and Haas works on the midsection, starting with a side-bear hug like lock. DH is down, elbow drop from Charlie, and a 2-count. Haas has a headlock on, DH Smith stands up while Haas holds on, and Smith drops him back first to the matt. DH takes control, dodges a clothesline, gives two of his own, back body-drop, a nice drop from DH Smith, and he picks up the win.

Too short a match to care. Not a bad match, nut it doesn't do much. If it had the time, it could have been a pretty good match.

Overall, it was a very passable HEAT. I've watched The Crazy Hoes and The Highlanders a dozen times, and I think one or maybe 2 of those times, I saw a decent or good match. Snitsky is on week-in-and-week-out to pretty much eat a jobber. DH Smith, he could be something of interest. I need to see more from him. It was a short showing, but it wasn't bad.

Well that's it for me. As always, comments and criticisms are appreciated, and you can find me on the boards (Other Insanity, The New HEAT Forum), or you can e-mail me at BrothaFritz@gmail.com . Cya next HEAT!

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