The Heat Report: Trevor Murdoch Schools DH Smith, Super Crazy Battles The Part Time Luchadore, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan Eats a Jobber...Tough Guy!
By Fritz Stephey
Jan 30, 2008 - 7:43 PM

Mere days after getting an X-Box 360 and just a few  days before The SuperBowl... still find time for a lil' WWE Heat.

That fuzzy video you're seeing on your computer screen isn't a technical problem with your monitor, HEAT is streamed in…hell, I don't even think streaming IS Standard Def. But HEY, they use the HD entrance set…so deal with it.

Opening up HEAT is Trevor Murdoch…and he is taking on DH Smith. Let's get ready to rumble! Murdoch gets some hard slaps in first, but DH takes over working on Trevor's arm. Twice DH has lifted up Murdoch, by his arm only. No doubt is the guy strong. Atomic drop, clothesline, but only a two count for Smithy. Big hand to the back of the head from Murdoch, and a big boot to DH's face. Trevor keeps control, getting some nasty hits in. He picks up a two count after an elbow to the head. Murd puts pressure on Smith's arm, and keeps the pressure on. A vertical suplex by Harry, but Trevor gets a big hit in, and scores a 2-count. Trev hits DH with a knee to the back of the head. Sunset flip, 1-2...Nope, only a 2-count for Smith. Side-Russian leg sweep from Trevor, but again, only a two count. DH flies off the ropes, hits 2 dropkicks, takedown, 1-2-…NO! Murdoch kicks out. Another close 2-count. Big boot from Trevor, and a power slam from DH! Only a 2-count! He's pissed now. Elbow to the head from Murdoch, big knee to the stomach, goes up top, but gets a boot from DH! Clothesline from Murdoch! Holy sh*t…Trevor just hit the Ace Of Spades.  More or less, the Canadian Destroyer but it gets a. 1…2…3, and your Winner: Trevor Murdoch.

You know, I recall a time when I laughed at Trevor Murdoch. You know what though? He's a good wrestler. And that match? I'm gonna guess I wish it were the Main Event of the show. We'll see, but that was a GOOD match.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is gonna wipe down the mat with Wayne Costell. A big clothesline from Hacksaw. Strike that, 3, HO! Big hit from Jimmy D, and tosses Wayne, shoulder first, into the corner. Big hip toss from Hacksaw! HO! In the corner. HO! Big hits. HO! Wayne got some hits in…Hacksaw got bigger hits in. HO! Big boot to…Hacksaw's face. WHOA! Head lock from Wayne Costell. Hacksaw works down Wayne's arm. Big slam. HO! Three-point stance. HO! 1…2…3…USA!

I figured I wouldn't pay it that much attention. It's a Hacksaw Squash, you know the formula:

1.        3-4 Clotheslines

2.        HO!

3.        Big Hit

4.        HO!

5.        Downtime

6.        Big hit

7.        HO!

8.        Three-Point Stance

9.        1-2-3

10.    USA!

It's, as Todd Grisham says, time for our "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN EVENT". Charlie Hass will be taking on Super Crazy. They start with a lock-up, into an arm-lock from Haas. He stomps on Crazy's hand, tires to pick him up, but Crazy throws a punch. Haas with a shoulder block, but when he gets back up, he's met with a hip-toss from Crazy. Crazy hits a bulldog, and a baseball slide dropkick. A 2-count for him, and he goes to work on Charlie's arm. Charles gets to the ropes and hits Crazy in the face. Crucifix pin from crazy, but only a 2-count. Crazy immediately goes back to work on the arm. Reverse-irish-whip from Crazy, big dropkick, and Haas goes to the outside to chill. He goes under the dawn charisma in the form of a mask. The mask is on…and we take a quick break.

Um…so how 'bout that John Cena? Wanna make some money? Place a bet that he'll win the title.

We're back and The Lucha Haas is in control. Big kick from the masked wrestler, and he gets a big hit on Crazy's leg, puts him in a half-crab. Crazy slowly but surely makes his way to the ropes and the hold is broken. Lucha-Haas continues to go to work on Super Crazy's right knee. Crazy flips him over and grabs a 2-count. Crazy breaks off the hold, and goes to the corner. Blocks a punch, and now is taking shots. Crazy rips the mask off! But Haas gets a hit to the knee in and dawns the mask a-gayne. He goes right back to the knee. Lucha-Haas scores a 2 count. Crazy blocks a punch, gets a bunch in, whips Haas into the turnbuckle, goes up top, gets some hits in, rips the mask off again! Monkey flip, and Crazy is up top! Goes for a missile dropkick and…MISSES! The mask is back on, and the Haas-of-pain is locked on. Crazy gives in and your winner: Lucha-Haas.

Not bad, but, certainly not the Main Event. It was decent, but should have started the show. Overall the show was solid, the only downside being the usual squash in the middle. I was surprised this time around.

And that…was HEAT. As always, feedback (Questions, comments, criticisms) is appreciated. You know the drill, I'm on the boards all the time (PM me or hit up Other Insanity > The HEAT Thread), you can e-mail me ( ), or you can go to FaceBook and challenge me in The Wrestler App. That's IT for me. Happy SuperBowl (The most celebrated Non-Holiday other than my Birthday).

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