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JG's 8/18/08 Raw Insanity: Shawn's To Blame For His Wife's Face
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Fritz Stephey Mourns The Death of WWE Heat

Fritz Stephey -Jun 6, 2008

Fritz discusses ( laments, even?) the Death of WWE Heat, the show that gave him a WWI job.

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The Heat Report: Snitsky vs. Duggan, Haas vs. Shad, and Smith vs. Holly

Fritz Stephey -May 10, 2008

Hello and welcome WWI readers, to another beloved edition of the HEAT Report.

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The Heat Report: Venis vs. Snitsky, Haas vs, Rhodes, Divas Tag, and Crazy vs. The Fake Bulldog

Fritz Stephey -Apr 30, 2008

Forgive me, WWI members...for I have missed the past few HEATs...but, tryin' to get back on the ball, here we go, with HEAT!

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The Heat Report (Double Edition): Two Times The Crazy, Two Times The Duggan, and D.H. Smith Does His New Gimmick

Fritz Stephey -Apr 16, 2008

Once again it is time for HEAT! Except this time, you're in for a double-dose of it. That's right, last weeks + This weeks HEAT. Now, do you think you can handle that? Cuz if not, too late! Here we go!

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The Heat Report: Featuring WWE Wrestler Derek Graham-Couch

Fritz Stephey -Mar 28, 2008

Ladies and gents, after a week of absence (who the hell knows why? They just didn't have a new HEAT last week)...but, we're back this week...all new HEAT...get it? Got it? Good.

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The Heat Report: Hacksaw vs. Burchill, Melina vs. Mickie, Snitsky vs. Venis, and More

Fritz Stephey -Mar 15, 2008

Random fact: Did you know there is NO such thing as "cold"…only a lack of "HEAT"? Yeah…I know…that blows your mind.

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The Heat Report: WWE's Hacksaw Proclaimed "Sixth Best Show" Celebrates #500

Fritz Stephey -Mar 6, 2008

Once again, even if it is up late, it's time for another edition of HEAT. This edition, however, is special, because it is Heat's 500th Episode. It had a special 500th Edition opening video, and the works.

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The Heat Report: Lucha Haas vs. Hardcore Holly, Melina vs. Mickie, Rhodes vs. Carlito, and Cade vs. Kendrick

Fritz Stephey -Mar 1, 2008

Once again, it is time for your favorite webshow report. I'm fresh off a week break from it. When WWE is overseas, they don't work on HEAT. But now, they're back…this time claiming to have 4 big matches…so let's see what they've got.

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The Heat Report: Charlie Haas Changes Outfits Mid-Match, USA vs. Scotland, and Super Gets Beat Like Crazy

Fritz Stephey -Feb 6, 2008

Hey hey, World Wrestling Insanity readers. What's up? I dunno why I ask, it's not like it's an open conversation…but, just to let you know…I'm doing awesome. It's ok, just don't be jealous. Anyways, if I'm here, that can only mean one (1; singular) thing. HEAT!

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The Heat Report: Trevor Murdoch Schools DH Smith, Super Crazy Battles The Part Time Luchadore, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan Eats a Jobber...Tough Guy!

Fritz Stephey -Jan 30, 2008

Mere days after getting an X-Box 360 and just a few  days before The SuperBowl... still find time for a lil' WWE Heat.

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The Heat Report: Santino Marella vs. DH Smith, Charile Haas vs. Brian Kendrick, Highlanders vs. Duggan and Crazy

Fritz Stephey -Jan 23, 2008

In a week of HD revamps, in which many are confused as to how to get USA HD, I bring you some non-HD streaming goodness from WWEs own website…Which, by the way…I think WWE should offer HD internet content…How am I supposed to enjoy HEAT in a lil' box…If I go full screen it'll be a big box, but…it'll look horrible…come on WWE…are you dropping the ball!?

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The Heat Report: Duggan and Crazy Pick Up a Weird Win, Santino Marella's Def Poetry Jam, and Greg Cardona is a Jobber

Fritz Stephey -Jan 16, 2008

I dunno what kind of day it is for you…but it's snowing here. So much for that "global warming" thing. Speaking of things that are warm…it's time for HEAT.

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The Heat Report: Snitsky Does a Crazy Squash, Holly Takes On Murdoch, and The Magical Mask of Charlie Haas Does Him No Good

Fritz Stephey -Jan 9, 2008

We're opening with Super Crazy. He will be taking on…Snitsky. Funny thing about Snitsky, why is it when you take away the hair that he looks 50? With it, he was - what? - 30-something at worst?

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The Heat Report: WWE Raw's Top Five Moments of 2007

Fritz Stephey -Jan 2, 2008

Well, HEAT isn't staying normal this week…that's right, this Webshow is covering The Best of RAW 2007!

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The Heat Report: Highlanders vs. Duggan and Crazy Round #159, Snitsky Kills Another Jobber, and D.H. Smith Returns To Face Charlie Haas

Fritz Stephey -Dec 26, 2007

Twas the day after Christmas… Speaking of which, Happy Holidays! Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a good one yesterday. Anyways, I'm here now, and that can only mean one thing: HEAT, and a "Back to Normal" one at that. So, what's in store for us this week?

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The Heat Report: The Rock Confronts Hogan, Damian Demento vs. The Undertaker, Dusty Rhodes Puts Strange Restrictions On His Kids, and More

Fritz Stephey -Dec 19, 2007

Hey World Wrestling Insanity readers, it's that time again, for HEAT! This week it's a tad different, though. HEAT is taking a look back on 15 Years of RAW.

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The Heat Report: How Do You Follow A Great Night Of Watching Raw? With Super Crazy. That's How.

Fritz Stephey -Dec 11, 2007

Hey guys, Fritz here, and that can only mean one thing! What? No…it doesn't mean free beer…it means WWEs WebShow, HEAT! Come on guys…free beer? Slap yourselves.

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The Heat Report: Carlito vs. York, London vs. Haas, Maria vs. Jillian

Fritz Stephey -Dec 4, 2007

Paul London is flying solo tonight, he'll be taking on Charlie Haas, mano-e-mano. Lillian Garcia announces Haas as ½ of the World's Greatest Tag Team, and John Coachmen pretty much calls her stupid , because she doesn't know apparently that Shelton Benjamin went ECW on 'em (I don't see how that affects a Webshow that lacks an actual defined roster, but I'll play along Coach).

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The Heat Report: Haas and Benjamin Challenge The Tag Champs, Londrick vs. The Highlanders, and Duggan Gets His Pits Squeezed By Mayti The Jobber

Fritz Stephey -Nov 28, 2007

Hey Hey guys, once again, here I am and that must mean that it's HEAT time. This week, HEAT is entitled "Who's The 'Greatest?'" (Might that be me?) Apparently our main event will be Haas and Benjamin vs. The Tag Champs Cade and Murdoch.

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The Heat Report: Carlito Plays Jobber For Snitsky, Londrick-Highlanders-HollyRhodes Fight For The Right

Fritz Stephey -Nov 21, 2007

Carlito opens up the show. He's taking on…SNITSKY!? Holy crap. Well, I'm guessing this won't be a squash. Unless Lito pissed off the wrong person. Snitsky shoves Carly into the corner and slams him to the mat. He hits an elbow drop to his face and continues working Carlito. Captain Cool shoves Snitsky to the corner, hits a springboard dropkick, and scores a 1 count. Right after, Snitsky tears Carlito's head off with a big boot, hits the pumphandle slam…and gets the 3 count.

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The Heat Report: Higlanders vs. Londrick, Mickie vs. Melina, and The Weekly Ron Simmon Squash

Fritz Stephey -Nov 14, 2007

Hey WWI readers, it's me, Fritz, and that can only mean 1 thing…HEAT. This weeks HEAT is entitled "Personal Heat", and the preview photo on WWE.com features Mickie James and Melina…

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The Heat Report: Snitsky vs. Some Jobber, Simmons vs. Some Damn Jobber, and The Highalnders Battle The Crazy Ho's Again

Fritz Stephey -Nov 7, 2007

This week's HEAT is entitled "International Incident II"…I'm not sure if I like where this is goin'….

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The Heat Report: Crazy Hoes vs. The Highlanders, Charlie Haas vs. Val Venis, Snitsky vs. Jobber Du Jour

Fritz Stephey -Oct 31, 2007

Starting off, we have Charlie Haas making his way to the ring. He's taking on Val Venis tonight. Oh my god, on commentary with Tod Grisham, John Coachman drops a horrible line. The camera finds a chick in the audience, and Coach claims that every week they try to find the "hottest chick in the house". He then says "She's only 16 though…right up your ally, Grisham."

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The Heat Report: Melina vs. Mickie, Snitsky vs. Brookside, and The World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The Crazy Hoes

Fritz Stephey -Oct 24, 2007

Melina makes her way to the ring. Heat was, like everything WWE this past week, taped in England. She is taking on Mickie James. As Mickie is showing off, Melina is acting unimpressed. The two divas lock up but Lina works on Mickie with a wrist lock. Mickie reverses. Melina tries a bear hug and Mickie cartwheels out. James goes for that same grip, Mel tries to do what Mickie did, but amazingly, Mickie holds on (They both manage to do a cartwheel while remaining in the "bear hug" like grip). Mickie gets a lock on Melina, stops her hands from reaching the ropes, but Melina throws both her legs up on top of the top rope to break the hold. Mickie then just drops her (It earned a laugh). Melina tries a camel clutch, does a horrid job with it, and decides to put Mickie in a chokehold in the corner. She follows up by flying off the ropes and taking Mickie down. Lina then goes to the other ring post and does the same chokehold..  Before she can take Mickie down by flying off once again, Mick gets some hits in and chucks Melina off the top rope. McJames gets some hard hits in, but Mel chucks Mick in the corner. James, from there, hits a headscissors, a dropkick, but only gets a 2 count. I swear, it's a Diva's match that is actually trying!!! Mickie goes for the top rope DDT, but Melina grabs her mid-DDT and chucks here across the ring. Melina goes for a suplex, Mickie counters, hits the DDT and get's the 3-count.

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The Heat Report: Shawn Daivari's Last Hurrah

Fritz Stephey -Oct 17, 2007

It was the HEAT of the moment…yeah, that's right, I went there…

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The Heat Report: Super Crazy vs. Charlie Haas, Highlanders and Snitsky Squash, and Daivari vs. DAMN!

Fritz Stephey -Oct 10, 2007

Hey guys, it's Fritz and as usual, I'm here to bring you this week's heat report. Here's the kicker, I've watched HEAT twice so far (not including this week's), and I never noticed the intro video...

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The Heat Report: Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall, Daivari vs. Duggan, Venis Beats a Jobber Like Crazy

Fritz Stephey -Oct 3, 2007

Heat opens with Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James. Jillian comes out first, boy band microphone and all, pokes fun at Lillian Garcia, and starts singing. (I don't have to describe her style of singing, right?). Thank god Mickie James interrupts (hmm…this seems, oddly familiar).

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The Heat Report: The Higlanders Face London and Kendrick, Cody Takes On K.C. James, and Ron Simmons Returns To The Ring

Fritz Stephey -Sep 27, 2007

Hey hey, WWI Readers! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Fritz, known around the boards as the_nWo. I got some exciting news from Jame Guttman over the weekend, saying he needed someone to cover HEAT, and well, short-story made even shorter, here I am.

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The Heat Report: Snitsky Meets Super Crazy, Jillian vs. Mickie, Hacksaw Faces A Guy With The Coolest Jobber Name Ever

Saad Naeem -Sep 1, 2007

Jillian comes out and attempts to kill a cat in a blender. Oh wait that’s her singing. Dressed just like the Silver Surfer (wouldn’t be the first person this week) Mickie James comes to our rescue. Jill starts strong by attacking her Mickie’s arm. James blocks a monkey flip but gets her head slammed hard. She comes back by countering a legdrop and gets hit with an electric chair. That gives Jillian a two count so she rubs Mickie’s face in it. And by it I mean the mat. She pulls her hair and stretches her head back and seems to be in total control. Snapmare takedown by Jillian and she chokes her opponent in the ropes. A headlock applied on James for quite a while until she comes back with an almost botched neckbreaker. Mickie does her corner hurricaranna and then hits a Thesz Press. A couple of flying clotheslines send Jillian flying. Mickie goes for her Impaler DDT but its countered by Jillian. Mickie tries a Tornado DDT but that too gets her dropped on her face. Then as both women get to their feet, Mickie lays a KISS on Jillian and kicks her head off. Three seconds later we have a winner.

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The Heat Report: Rey vs. Chavo, Hunter vs. Kane, Rey vs. JBL, Rated RKO vs. DX, and More

Saad Naeem -Aug 18, 2007

Hey guys Summerslam is next Sunday. Not only are we going to be treated to lots of great matches (hopefully) but it also marks the triumphant return of two of the biggest names in the WWE today. The Master of the 619 Rey Myterio returns to face Chavo Guerrerro while “The King of Kings” sets battle against King Booker. So to celebrate their comebacks today Heat features some of their greatest moments and matches.

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The Heat Report: Daivari Gets Super Crazy, Val Gets a Squash, Cryme Tyme Gets a Title Shot

Saad Naeem -Aug 11, 2007

They kinda remind me of each other. Don’t know why. Is it cause they’re both short? Nah it has to be something more. Anyways, Daivari does his usual stitch until he’s cut off by Crazy’s music. To counteract Daivari’s dark robe, Crazy is rocking the Mexican flag as a poncho. D man gets dropkicked to start things off and is quickly rolled up for the two. He comes back but suffers some arm drags for his troubles. Crazy tries a springboard cross body but Daivari dropkicks him in mid-air. He tosses El Senor Loco in the turnbuckles and then locks his legs around Super. He hits a gutbreaker and falls to a sunset flip. But Daivari comes back with a huge clothesline. He puts the pressure on the ribs and Crazy can’t seem to escape. Super finally escapes and hits some dropkicks. Following up is a tilt a whirl backbreaker and then a standing moonsault for the two. Crazy goes all the way to the top but misses his moonsault. He lands in perfect position for Daivari to lock in the Camel Clutch and get the victory.

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The Heat Report: London, Kendrick, and The Highlanders vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team and The World Tag Team Champions

Saad Naeem -Aug 4, 2007


Match 1: William Regal vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

From touching his wood to holding him in the ring, William Regal is in action against Hacksaw Jim Duggan. They tie up to start and Regal gets the upper hand with some blows. Duggan comes back with clotheslines which send Regal scurrying out the ring. Stiff forearms send Duggan to the ground. Following that is a hard elbow by Regal. An elbow drop gives him a two. He applies some kind of weird chokehold but Duggan manages to escape with the crowd behind him. A knee drop also gives Regal the two. Duggan slams his head on the turnbuckle but eats a damn hard knee when he Irish whips the Englishman. A neck vise to Duggan follows and then more and more knees. Duggan gets Regal in the corner and nails ten punches on him. A big body drop follows and then the action spills to the outside. Regal is sent face first into the steel post. He gets tossed in the ring and as he gets to his feet Duggan rolls him up fro behind for the victory.

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The Heat Report: Super Crazy vs. Regular Santino, Val Venis vs. Daivari, Highlanders vs. R.V.C. and Styles

Saad Naeem -Jul 28, 2007


Match 1: The Highlanders vs. Ryan Von Cool and Jason Styles

Yea, if that is their real names. Looks like Highlanders are finally gonna be on the winning end of things. Cool and Styles look nothing like their names by the way. Match starts Rory and Scrawny Styles. Armdrags by the baldie send the jobber reeling and Robbie gets the tag. He headbutts his arm and works it over. Cool comes in and he gets taken to the Highlander corner. A couple of double teams follow and more and more headbutts. Robbie hits a backdrop and Rory misses an elbow and jobbers in control for a second. Rory comes back with a double clothesline and hot tags Robbie. Robbie takes out both of his opponents with clotheslines and dropkicks. He makes the tag to Rory who climbs the top rope. Robbie gives him a little added edge and Rory hits a sky high splash on his opponent. It has enough air time to give the Highlanders the victory.

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The Heat Report: Haas vs. London, Cade and Murdoch vs. The Highlanders, Daivari vs. Some Guy

Saad Naeem -Jul 21, 2007

Hey guys. This be me again so that be Heat. Let’s see what my computer throws at me today.

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The Heat Report: Hacksaw vs. Hassan's Old Manager, Spanky vs. Charlie, and Carlito vs. Valbowski

Saad Naeem -Jul 18, 2007

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The Heat Report: The Hitman vs. The Bulldog, Chavo vs. Rey Rey, and Michelle McCool Wins Something

Saad Naeem -Jul 7, 2007

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The Heat Report: John Cena vs. JBL, Triple H, Umaga, Great Khali, and Edge

Saad Naeem -Jul 2, 2007

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The Heat Report: Super Crazy vs. Regular Regal, Palumbo Squash, and Even Tag Titles Can't Keep Cade and Murdoch Away

Saad Naeem -Jun 25, 2007

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The Heat Report: Rated R vs. RKO, The Game vs. Shelton, Taker vs. JBL

Saad Naeem -Jun 20, 2007

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The Heat Report: Rockers vs. Brain Busters, Hogan and Sid vs. Taker and Flair,Steamboat and The U.S. Express vs. Sheik, Volkoff, and Steele

Saad Naeem -Jun 4, 2007

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