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This Week in TNA: The Tables Are Turned On Bully Ray

By Corey Letson Jan 29, 2012 - 7:58 AM print

Previously on TNA…


Kazarian - After being an X-division guy for a really long time he got to join Ric Flair’s “Fortune”. Once they went their own ways him and Christopher Daniels seemingly had some conversations that led to something being said that could be used against AJ Styles.


Curry Man - see: Suicide


Suicide - see: Daniels, Christopher


Christopher Daniels - one of the pioneers of the X-division, who is most certainly NOT Curry Man and NEVER WAS Suicide. The longest reigning X-Division Champion in history. Over the past year he has had another falling out with his longtime friend AJ Styles over who the better man is. These battles took Daniels down a dark and scary road that ended with him fighting, in a losing effort, against his now arch-nemesis AJ Styles.


Crimson - He has never lost a match and is now Tag Team Champions with Matt Morgan.


Matt Morgan - He has lost a few matches but is now Tag Team Champions with Crimson.


TNA News of the Week


Ring Ka King has debuted in India.


Lockdown with be April 15th in Nashville Tennessee


Mr. Anderson returned to the TNA House Show circuit this past weekend.


TNA Impact in Review


Here we go looking at the previous few weeks of Imapct. Bobby Roode has screwed Jeff Hardy and James Storm. Last week he attempted to screw both of them one more time. Sting made sure that wouldn’t happen by making a new number one contender’s match. The match ended in a no contest and here we are still without a challenger for Robert Roode at Against All Odds on February 12th.


Impact kicks into high gear with Jeff Hardy destroying the backstage area using Brother Ray’s face. The two battle behind the scenes using every wall, weapon, and table they can find. Jeff takes time to grab anything with a handle that he can swing at Ray while the Bully tries to run away. After a lowblow puts Ray on the ground Robert Roode drives up in his truck. Roode and his Bully buddy then take it to the Hardy boy with every weapon in arms length.

Before the two can injure Jeff too badly James Storm shows up to vent frustration. This leads to another double teaming by Ray and Roode that leaves James Storm down and out for a beating. Sting is the saving grace for James Storm as he is finally able to chase the two off while wielding his bat.


Velvet Sky vs. Tara vs. Mickie James


Velvet enters the ring while Taz asks us to “Let the pigeons out” (What?). Tara turns it up a notch by riding out on her motorcycle. Mickie James takes the time to bring her hardcore country-ness. The ladies shake hands before getting down to business. Within seconds this breaks down to the normal 3-way match we’ve gotten since Wrestlemania 20. Mickie and Tara square off for a bit as Velvet sits off to the side after receiving a shove to the ground earlier. Impact goes to commercial with Tara in full control.

Impact gets right back to the action with Velvet breaking up a pin attempt by Tara before being taken back to the ground. After Velvet takes it to her opponents for a bit she is planted with a clothesline to stop all her momentum. Mickie drops Victoria and looks to be on her way to victory. Hardcore Country gets two near falls on both opponents just as Velvet stops Mickie’s momentum with a face buster. Tara hit’s a Blue Thunder bomb using Velvet to land onto Mickie’s chest. Three seconds later and one match is in the books for Against All Odds.


Winner and New #1 Contender: Tara


Gail Kim wants us to know she is proud of Tara but at Against All Odds she will show who the best woman is.


Tenay breaks down the entire fight between Roode, Ray, Storm, and Hardy from earlier in the evening. After the recap Stinger brings Jeff Hardy and James Storm to the ring. He quickly asks for Bully Ray and Robert Roode to join them down in the ring for a small quiet discussion. The two men oblige but only after bringing some chairs. These four squabble and before Sting single-handedly separates all four men from each other.

Bully Ray says “Screw your and your line” to the boundaries the Stinger has set for his employees. The four go at it for a few more minutes before Sting announces that Ray and Roode will team up to fight Hardy and Storm later tonight. Upon hearing the announcement the main eventers, again, decide that it is time to throw some fists at each other.

James Storm requests a tables match. Sting requests the crowds thoughts. The crowd loves the idea. Sting loves the idea. Tables match it is tonight.


Alex Shelley is ready for tonight. Zema Ion will be going toe-to-toe with him on his quest for Austin Aries’ Gold.
Eric Young mistakes a random worker for Sammy Davis Jr. While the worker tries all he can to leave Eric is confronted by Winter and Angelina Love. They want to apologize for last weeks actions. They were really sorry. The whole thing was a big misunderstanding. Eric thinks they’re trying to put a spell on him. He thinks the two women are wtiches. Eric’s precautions favor him this week when Angelina Love kicks him in the groin only to find her shin meeting a hard plastic cup. The two ladies scamper off while ODB shows up to pull Eric away.


Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion


Zema is sporting a faux hawk and was lucky enough to be picked by Austin Aries himself for this contest. Trying to keep up with this will not be easy. The two men take time to feel each other out but quickly hit forth gear. The action slows down momentarily just as Zema’s hair gets messed up in the corner. That doesn’t last too long. Seconds later Ion is found being held upside down by Shelley and thrown to the mat. After dodging a baseball slide attempt Zema Ion gains control for the first time in the contest.

Ion temporarily blinds Shelley. Alex takes time on the outside by dodging some kicks just to get his wits about him. Just as “The Next Shawn Michaels” gets control of the match he takes advantage of a Zema Ion missed high risk attempt to nail Sliced Bread #2 for the win.


Winner: Alex Shelley


AJ Styles is just sitting around in the back watching a match and enjoying it. Has the business changed so much he can’t even do that? Is it not allowed anymore? Well tonight we’re going to learn what Kaz’s entire problem is.


Tara be feeling super happy with the win tonight. Her size 28 ½ waist will feel great with gold around it. She loves that they know each other so well and cannot wait for Against All Odds.


Eric Bischoff arrived at a gym earlier looking for his son. When he found him his only question was “Where is the big trainer?” Garrett just smiled.


April 15th TNA is presenting their yearly Lockdown PPV. It is being held in Nashville, Tennessee this year. Tickets are on sale now.


Taz and Tenay converse about Garrett Bischoff’s training and how well he seems to be doing before going to video footage from earlier today. Again we are treated to Eric Bischoff walking in and asking his son where his trainer is. Garrett smiles and looks towards the other end of the gym. Eric Bischoff forces the cameramen out of the facility once he looks upon his son’s trainer.


Angelina Love and Winter vs. Eric Young and ODB


This contest is a blended version of the previous month of EY/ODB matches. Eric Young decides to lock up with Earl Hebner before sending Earl outside the ring so he can try refereeing. Once Earl decides he won’t play the games Young makes the crowd count to twenty. Eric also has no will to touch any of the ladies he is fighting against tonight. After playing around with the crowd Young shows up his cartwheel skills before locking up with Earl Hebner again.

Winter has had enough with this and forearms Eric Young. He responds to this by removing his pants. Angelina Love is tagged in as ODB tags herself in to finally begin an actual match. After hitting a broncobuster on Angelina Love, ODB is doubleteamed while Eric Young locks-up with Earl Hebner again.

Eric’s distraction has allowed Winter to take full control of the situation and cut the ring in half. ODB has been grounded by her opponents. This doesn’t last too long. ODB is slipped her flask from her man which gets her into a readily drunken state. Angelina Love tags in to receive the brunt of this attack. Angelina and Winter both get a double airplane spin from their opponents before ODB slams Love to the mat for the win. This match has finally ended.


Winners: ODB and Eric Young


What the hell is James Storm’s problem? He is challenging Ray and Roode to a tables match? Bully Ray made this match famous. It wouldn’t be like this if Roode kept his ex-partner in check like Ray did with Devon. It will be worth it in the end. Ray notes that Roode won’t be champ for long. This puts the current champ on edge. The men warily exit together for their match.


Highlight reel featuring the current war between Magnus&Joe vs. Crimson&Morgan


Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan


These two men start this entire fight off hot and heavy. Both tag partners are outside while the men inside trade vicious punches and chops. The heavy hitting stops when Morgan drops a leg on the apron. Before Matt can even land his patented elbow combination he is locked in the rear naked choke. The Blueprint gets out proceeding to show Joe just how deadly his elbows can be.

Joe gets control only after Morgan misses a running elbow to him. Joe decides it is time to show Matt the proper way to use your feet in an ass-kicking contest. Matt takes multiple heavy kicks followed by a Pele-esk maneuver that leads to a near fall.

The two trade heavy blows including big boots, inverted atomic drops, and senton splashes that end with Matt Morgan hitting a discus clothesline out of nowhere to pick up a random three count.


Magnus immediately sends Crimson into the steel before joining Joe to beat down Matt Morgan. Joe takes the leg out while Magnus nails a top rope elbow drop just to lay out Morgan.


Winner Matt Morgan


James Storm and Jeff Hardy are excited about tonight. They started Impact with a bang and will be ending it with a BOOM!


AJ Styles is here to learn what the hell is up with Kazarian being with Christopher Daniels. Why? That is AJ’s only question. See, Styles could care less about kazarian. No, when he watches the video Styles just wonders “why?” Why was Daniels telling Kaz what to do? Why was Kaz allowing it?

Daniels with Kazarian is here to set the entire record straight. Daniels is happy to see the familiar sight of AJ Styles whining and not getting his way. All you do is throw things AJ. Doesn’t matter if it is a tantrum, a microphone, or what have you. Frankie Kazarian doesn’t owe you a thing Styles.

The Phenomenal One has decided the one way to get an answer is to stand in the ring with his back to Kazarian. Frankie is very apprehensive about the situation and won’t attack his friend from behind. Styles thwarts his arch-nemesis’ attempt at an attack before asking Frankie to step into the ring and make up. All they have to do is shake hands and Styles will forget everything about this mess. Before the two can make up Daniels orders Kaz to leave. The Future has nothing to do but comply with his Angel.

Daniels won’t have AJ put his hands on him all the time. There is only one obvious thing that can be done. February 12th at Against All Odds AJ Styles needs to go one-on-one with...



Jeff Hardy and James Storm vs. Bully Ray and Robert Roode in a Tables Match


The bell sounds after Jeremy Borash’s introductions. We, also, then learn that this is a single-elimination match. The first person to go through a table will lose the match for his entire team. Beer Money take the fight to each other on one side of the ring as Bully Ray and Hardy go at each other on the other. While Storm throws Roode into anything sturdy Jeff saves himself from a table. Jeff begins to bring the pain to Bully Ray while the world champion suplexes James Storm on the ramp way.

Ray prevents a match-ending suplex that leads to him laying Hardy out with a body slam. With the Charismatic Enigma out of the equation Bully goes over to help his partner beat on James Storm. Just as we go to commercial Hardy comes flying out of nowhere to save his tag team partner.

Impact comes back from commercial just as beer is spit into Bully Ray’s eyes by The Cowboy. Jeff promptly slingshots Roode into the steel post to take full control of the contest. Hardy and Storm look to have the match in the bag. The two slide a table in and position a table into the ring. Bully Ray saves the match by moving the table out of the way as they suplex Bobby where the table just was.

Near table crashes continue for the next few moments until Bully Ray misses a boot and puts his own foot through the table. This slows the match down with all four men being out of it. Roode is the first to his feet. The champion slides outside to bring another table into the ring. While he sets it up Ray keeps Hardy down on the mat.

Hardy is positioned on the table when Ray goes to the top rope. Storm kicks Ray off and proceeds to climb to the top. Roode cuts off his old partner but fails to take him off the turnbuckle. Jeff lays Robert Roode out using the Twist of Fate. Seconds later James Storm ends the match with an elbow drop through a table.


Ray seems to take the loss personally. He brings a chair to the ring then proceeds to beat the hell out of his opponents. Bully decides to bring a table into the ring once he has had his fill of the steel chair. Roode helps Ray position Hardy for a top rope power bomb through a table off the top rope. Impact goes off the air as Hardy writhes in pain on the mat. Robert Roode clutches his title belt like a newborn as the screen fades.


Winners: James Storm and Jeff Hardy


Current card for TNA’s Against All Odds PPV on Feb 12th 2012


Robert Roode vs. #1 Contender

Gail Kim vs. Tara


Conclusions and Thoughts


So far in my reviewing of Impact this is the most middle of the road / bland episode I have watched. For everything that felt like it worked in this episode there was something else that equally felt like it didn’t. Let’s sit and talk about the thing that did though.


Zema Ion/Alex Shelley - While it was a short match and we all see where the story is headed to right now (Shelley/Aries at PPV) this match was a fun ride. These two went at it on high speed from bell to bell. Even with the momentary pause in the action it was impossible to keep up with everything going on. Real good way to bring Shelley back into the fold and let us all see some nice X-Division action.


Christopher Daniels - He delivered his portion of the segment very well and came off Andy Kaufman-y at times. I don’t think that will be able to play if this is a serious storyline, as it seems to be going that way, but it was nice to see tonight. Daniels being the evil masterminding super-villain character can work when he really puts his effort into it. I just hope the story is strong enough to support the character.


Morgan/Joe - I’m not one who enjoys Matt Morgan. Everything about him just makes me want to do something else. That being said, the guy had a match with Joe that I highly enjoyed viewing. Right off the bat the two were putting all they had into a gigantic striking contest that didn’t stop until the three-count. Most enjoyable Matt Morgan match I can remember.


Unfortunately other aspects of the show didn’t fair too well.


The Bischoff’s - I’m going to be honest with everyone and put this in the middle portion. It could be good but it could be bad. At the current time, for me anyways, there isn’t enough data to actually make a case one way or the other. Only reason I put this more towards a negative is the reveal of Garrett’s trainer. Yes, they didn’t do it tonight, but if it is anyone other than Hulk Hogan you can color me shocked. I just don’t really want to see another Hogan/Bischoff main event storyline.


Tara vs. Mickie vs. Velvet - The three wrestled the best match they could given the timeframe but it just didn’t seem to be clicking. There were times Mickie let go of a pin and looked like she was searching for an opponent who should’ve saved the fall. Other smaller segments of the match just seemed cluttered with random stalling. I know for a fact two of these three women can wrestle really well. Tonight, none of them clicked together all that well.


Highlight of the Night


Brawling. Yeah, it is as simple as that. Instead of having an 8th straight week of Impact opening with a twenty minute promo we got something different. Instead of hearing guys recap the past months of storylines only to set up a main event there was a brawl. The four men in the main event just brawling in the back, followed by brawling in the arena, was tryly a highlight of the show. I want to take nothing away from the match, it was good, but the fight before stood out.

In a nice change of pace I enjoyed seeing Sting call people out and failing at his end goal. Want to talk this whole thing out? Sorry, you’re going to have to deal with all the fighting. Ok, screw it, you’ll all fight tonight. This just kicked Impact off in a proper way. Ideally this trend won’t be lost anytime soon.


Lowlight of the Night


I’m thinking of re-naming this award to “The Eric Young Weekly Award”. Again, Eric Young wins a contest nobody else is trying to compete in. ODB and Eric Young have made me begin to think that Grizzly Redwood is a comedic genius. The two minutes of wrestling that actually happened wasn’t all that good and the five minutes of Eric Young screwing with Earl Hebner didn’t make that a great pill to swallow. He did a random cartwheel for no reason.


I completely understand how people can not like Brodus Clay, I get it. If you think he is actually the worst thing in pro wrestling today I want you to sit and watch Eric Young for 3 weeks and reevaluate your opinion.


Five Questions for TNA

1) I understand Christy Hemme is extremely hot but what is up with the camera angles? This week on Impact every time she announced a match you guys slowly panned from her feet up to her face. Tarintino guest direct this week?


2) Hey Taz, I totally enjoy your commentary and everything but I don’t understand what the hell “pigeons” are. Can you explain that to me? Is it code for ass cheeks? I really can’t think of what it could be. Help me out?


3) Why have we spent the last four weeks following Mickie James’s quest for a fair title shot when Tara, out of nowhere, just becomes number one contender? Was this just to give Tara a fair shake?


4) How long are you going to drag out the Bischoff reveal? It’s obvious to everyone it is Hogan. Do you actually think there are some people on the edge of their seats for that “surprise”?


5) Can you please just confirm something for me? I don’t even want a full “yes”. All I want is a definitive “no”. With the whole Kaz/Daniels/Styles thing…Did Kaz confess to Daniels about sleeping with AJ’s wife? Look, I’m not saying that story couldn’t be done, but I feel you dodged a bullet by pulling the Pope/Devon feud off well and it’s risky to try the family angle, again, too quickly. So while I don’t want to know exactly how this is going down can you at least tell me this isn’t going to be a blackmail angle?

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