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This Week in TNA Special Edition: Against All Odds 2012

By Corey Letson Feb 14, 2012 - 2:21 PM print

Welcome everybody to a look at this past Sunday’s TNA: Against All Odds (that’s right, TNA had a PPV this past Sunday):


Card for tonight’s TNA: Against All Odds


Robert Roode vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship

Matt Morgan and Crimson vs. Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus for the TNA Tag Team Championships

Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley for the X-Division Championship

Gail Kim vs. Tara for the Knockouts Championship

Kazarian vs. AJ Styles

Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen for the #1 Contendership to the X-Division Championship




Robert Roode vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship - I’m going to go with Bully Ray right here. I don’t think he has a big chance to win, I see Roode retaining or for some reason Jeff Hardy winning the title in a non-1-on-1 match. Granted, that is how Jeff shouldn’t win the title, but man…I see it happening. Still, I’m choosing Bully Ray because I want him to win the title. He is so damn good at his role right now. Chances of a title going from heel reign to heel reign is highly slim though. No matter what, James Storm doesn’t have a shot tonight.


Matt Morgan and Crimson vs. Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus for the TNA Tag Team Championships - Samoa Joe and Magnus become tag team champions. Joe continues to be on television for the next two months, the team splits, and Joe is gone for another year.


Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley for the X-Division Championship - Regardless of Alex Shelley’s greatness Austin Aries is the best thing in TNA. The only way Austin Aries should lose the title would be so he could step up and win the World Title from Jeff Hardy after he wins it in the 4-way later tonight. I might change my main event pick to Hardy in hopes this will all happen.


Gail Kim vs. Tara for the Knockouts Championship - Shouldn’t Mickie James defeat Gail Kim for the title? For that, I’m going with Gail retaining.


Kazarian vs. AJ Styles - I’d rather have had seen Daniels/Styles on this ppv but this will totally do. Styles and Kaz should probably put on the second best match of the night (behind Aries/Shelley). I think Kaz has to lose with Daniels getting upset with his forced disciple. This will probably lead to Kaz coming out with what he knows regardless of what it does to Styles, or Daniels giving it away and we get Daniels/Styles XX next month.


Gunnar w/ Bischoff vs. Garrett Bischoff w/ Hogan - Should be Gunnar but it’ll be Garrett because Hogan is on his side.


Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen for the #1 Contendership to the X-Division Championship - Zema Ion. There is no other option in the world. Ion vs. Aries would be great stuff, but even if Shelley somehow wins Sorensen has a lack of ummm…any character to actually be wanted on television. Ion has a preence about him. Granted, he comes off as a cheap Austin Aries. Hmmm…maybe Sorensen has a shot after all. Ion it is.




We open with a nice video package showing Ken Anderson carrying Jeff Hardy’s weird butterfly crazy belt. He stole it from Jeff…wait a minute. Ummmm. Oops, this is Against All Odds 2011. Give me a few minutes.


*15 minutes later*




Jeff Hardy is stopped on his way into the Impact Zone and asked if he is ready for tonight. His response? Walking away silently.


Against All Odds opens with a highlight video of TNA’s recent tour of the UK. Highlighted by Hogan’s comments about how it is one step away from being the next big thing in wrestling. From there we go to highlights of the main event participants for this evening. They all let us know they’ll go to every length to win that title.


Tonight Orlando has apparently become Vegas. The crowd seems very un-energetic. Jeremy Borash is joining Mike Tenay for commentary tonight. This should be an interesting change of pace. Not sure why it is happening, but I think, depending on how well he does, Borash could squeak in and begin to take someone’s job if his performance is good enough. Bare minimum Borash could turn some heads.


Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen for the #1 Contendership to the X-Division Title


Turns out Taz has had a loss in his family. That sucks. Sorry to hear that. While these two are coming to the ring I remember a conversation I had on the WWI Forums (something you should join if you aren’t a member yet) where I was talking about traversing the WCW/WWF war one more time. Watch one raw and one nitro a week, insert PPVs where they happen. Someone mentioned they’d tried it and learned that it’s ok to skip matches you’ve seen six times in the past eight episodes. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen has been seen far too much for me recently.

I have a feeling these two could be fighting, what is now, a formulaic match. It starts off with Ion offering to spray up a kids hair before Sorensen brings his opponent into the ring. Pretty good opening with Sorensen being on the attack and almost getting a quick pin while Ion holds onto his aerosol can the entire time.

Ion using the stealing of Sorensen’s football from a child to get people to react. Really it’s the only reaction they’ve had to anything in the match. This is a stark contrast to their recent London adventure. Ion nails a moonsault on the outside that looked like his knees jammed into Jesse’s head HARD. Seriously, that looked legit painful. The crowds reaction to a legit looking injury is to boo. But man, yeah…that looked really bad. Sorensen’s neck looked like he just got jammed down. Hopefully he is ok. Upon looking at a reply Sorensen got knocked out by Ion’s knee just nailing him right in the forehead. Instant KO.


Winner: Zema Ion


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 100%


Christy Hemme is standing by with Robert Roode to find out how he will overcome all the odds (get it? GET IT?). Roode knows the odds are stacked against him. Three opponents tonight. Flip that coin over and look at the other side. The most dominate champion is Bobby Roode. Every night he walks in the champion and walks out the champion.

Jeff Hardy is a failure who can’t beat the champ anytime his title is on the line. Storm lost his title to his ex-partner and hasn’t done a thing since. There is no chance for you tonight. Money doesn’t know what Bully Ray’s problem is. Although, Bully might just be a little selfish. Sadly, no one is more selfish than the World Champion Robert Roode. Tonight there is no deck stacked against the champion. He’s already counted the cards.


Robbie E is out in the ring with Big Robbie T. Tenay lets us know that Robbie E has been champion for this long mainly due to the help of Robbie T. I figure it’d be because he hasn’t been on television for the past ten weeks would be why he is champ. I mean seriously,. What the ****? Now he has a gimmick of “the list”? What is this? Anyways, Robbie E invitational. Anyone in the back gets a shot at the Television title. All they have to do is walk down to the ring.


And its….Shannon Moore,,,ugh,.


Robbie E w/ Robbie T vs. Shannon Moore for the World Television Title


So with this match happening I guess I can legit ask if TNA knew they had a television championship until Sorensen got hurt? Obviously this is a bonus match added in due to the injury. Kinda wish they would’ve thrown The Pope out there but I’m glad they didn’t grab Eric Young. Win some, lose some.

Robbie E doesn’t want a part of Shannon Moore, just like eighty percent of the crowd, so he decides to take his ball home right at the bell. Shannon chases them down and takes complete control of the match. After throwing almost everything he can at TNA’s Zack Eyder Shannon is sent to the outside. Robbie won the title in November and I’m almost certain this might be his first title defense. Easily no more than his third. Shannon Moore attempts to get some momentum before being laid back out by The E. OH! OH! OH! Elbow off the top rope.

Maybe it is the lack of build, the rushed nature of having the match thrown together, or the crowds complete apathy over the entire night so far but this match is dull. Shannon takes control after and enziguiri. He throws down some clotheslines and then a bulldog that leads to a near fall. Robbie T is being shown seething just as Shannon attempts to KO Robbie with a moonsault of his own.

I think the more interesting thing will be to see if TNA continues to go with this concept now that they’ve introduced it or if it’ll fall to the wayside. Shannon misses another moonsault and then takes a clothesline. Robbie decides to fake call someone before scaling the top rope. Moore cuts him off and nails a top rope hurricanrana. Twenty percent of the crowd comes alive for the close two-count. Robbie T nails Shannon with a punch behind the ref’s back which allows Robbie E to continue his fist pumping ways.


Winner: Robbie E


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: Push…100%


We get a nice highlight video showing the three-way match between three ex-knockout champs which has led to the Tara/Kim title match tonight. Gail tells us she shall bring it at Against All Odds to see who the best woman is while we watch Gail lose to Tara cleanly just two weeks ago.


Knockouts Bullet Points

-Tara Earns Title Show

-Long Term History

-Gail Kim Controls Championships


Gail Kim w/ Madison Rayne vs. Tara for the Knockouts Championship


I still don’t get the bullet point stuff. It never really brings anything to the forefront. Kind of like how the tale of the tape is the same thing instead of a breakdown of stats. I dunno, the small bullet points don’t do anything for me really. I do enjoy that TNA has gotten a semi-knockoff version of that Tatu song. You know, those two contracted lesbians that made out and made that one song then went away forever.

Jeremy Borash doesn’t want to say the Knockouts Tag Champions (Gail Kim and Madison Rayne) aren’t getting along, but it seems like they aren’t getting along. The two women bicker and fight on Gail’s way to the ring. The bell rings and Tara is in complete control. Throughout Tara’s offense Madison is yelling at her partner. As Gail gets on the offensive Madison then hates how she is doing that. Ms. Rayne wants this match to be over already. “Screw You Gail!” and Madison Rayne is gone.

The crowd comes to life for Tara just as Gail Kim gets a close two-count and then begins to stretch out Tara’s knee. Moments after Tara breaks out of that submission she is then stretched with the Octopus Stretch. The lady now known as Tara gets to the ropes to break the hold.

The knockout champion isn’t quite done laying in the punishment as she takes her challenger down with a top rope hurricanrana. While Tara is out Gail decides to mock Madison with a beauty queen wave. Maybe it is a difference in how the stories have been built or how well the fans know the two but the crowd is actually live for this one.
Tara gets some quick control before using a back body drop off the top rope to lay Gail Kim out prone. Tara hits a moonsault that aggravates her bad knee. Gail capitalizes on her injured opponent by using a shin breaker just before summoning her inner-””Mean” Chuckie Taylor


Winner: Gail Kim


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 100%


Christy and James Storm are in the back. Last time James won the title he shocked the world. This time people won’t be shocked. Instead tonight people are going to want to party. This evening is all about revenge. He lost what he has worked for for 15 years. There are beer drinkers out there. Those guys will be vomiting in the streets after James Storm grabs that title.


Highlight package featuring the tag team contest between Magnus and Joe vs. Crimson and Morgan tonight. Crimson knows more about Death Before Dishonor more than his opponents. I find that a tad hard to believe though. Joe was a beast at those events for years in Ring of Honor and I never saw Crimson there once. Seriously dude, don’t lie to me like that. If you can’t tell the truth how can I ever give my heart to you without feat of you tearing it apart?


Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson


X Factors:

-Greatest Man Who Ever Lived


Oh wait, we’re looking for Tag Lines. Same basic concept, wrong match.


Tag Lines:

-Wild Card Team Finds Chemistry

-Blueprint For Success

-Challengers Send Physical Messages


Seriously, that second one makes no sense unless Tenay sits and breaks it down for you. Tenay also lets us know that Against All Odds is packed to the brim with title matches. That will happen when you have a title for every single thing on the planet. A roster of twenty people shouldn’t be in an organization that has eight titles. That is not even counting each tag title as a separate person either. Within TNA if you aren’t fighting for a title you are the champion. That truly is a problem.

Crimson has fought for a year and hasn’t been defeated. His team has lost a few times but he hasn’t ever, himself, been the reason for the lose. Everytime Crimson lost it was because his partner is a bitch. Crimson is hoping that Morgan won’t turn out to be a bitch tonight. I’m kinda banking on Matt Morgan being a big bitch tonight.

Joe and Morgan start this match out right where they left off in their previous singles encounter. The two men are just throwing blows and standing toe-to-toe. Type of fight that is great to see after multiple high flying matches already tonight. Just as Joe tags out Matt Morgan brings Crimson into the ring. The crowd has decided to wait for Joe and Morgan to come back before caring again.

Crimson puts Magnus out before he and Morgan show their tag team abilities. A few quick tags followed up with some tag team moves put things firmly in their hands. Joe has a better idea and brings the momentum to a halt before getting the tag. The challengers have a nice combination that leads to a near fall. Another frequent tag sees Joe come in and jab Crimson down to the mat.

Brutus comes in and slows things down for a few minutes before Joe comes in to go back into fourth gear. The streak seems to be in jeopardy with Joe and Magnus seemingly having Crimson’s number. A quick reversal gives him the ability to get to Matt Morgan and bring the pain. Morgan deals out some damage like they’re back in London and has both his challenger’s numbers at the same time. Joe barely saves the titles after The Blueprint almost slams Magnus through the mat.

The champs are stopped from hitting a double choke slam that allows their opponents to go for their winning combination. Crimson tries to break it up but accidentally spears his partner into the ground. Seconds later the challengers hit the Snapmare/Elbow Drop combo to earn the gold.


Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 100%


Christy Hemme is now in the back with Bully Ray. How does it feel to be going against an ally? Well, how does it feel to call Bully Ray at 2am and then get blown off? No matter how much makeup you put on or how sleazy you dress you still don’t look good. Bully Ray has all your guys’ number and won’t call. He won’t even leave a voicemail. Bully Ray is in the champs head too. Underdog? No. Bully Ray is the favorite. I’m glad that Bully knows I chose him. That makes me feel important. Seriously, this guy is just amazing at everything right now.


X Factors:

-The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

-Aries Demands Competition

-Shelley Guns for the Gold (what a pun)


Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley for the X-Division Championship


Before this match even begins I’m going to venture to say this will be the match of the night. I assume that, outside of Jeff Hardy, this will be the only time the crowd is alive tonight as well. Simply put, even before the bell, go find this match and enjoy the greatness of Generation Next going at it one more time.


This comment deserves its own paragraph. I love Austin Aries’ glittery cape. It is quite easily the best entrance attire ever.


Shelley chants start this match off just as Aries starts it off with an arm drag to silence them. Dueling chants while Aries stays one step ahead of Shelley before taking a quick break resting on the top rope. This aggravates the former GeNext leader forcing him to go on the attack. After sending Aries out to the floor and hitting a plancha he gets a near fall off of a great springboard splash.

Aries calls for a quick timeout but Shelley decides to be a jerk and not give it to him. The two exchange a quick back and forth of moves before Shelley sends him to the outside with a clothesline. Aries crawls under the ring before Shelley can fly to the outside. Seconds later Aries nails the Heat Seeking Missle and is in full control. Flying senton then leads to an attempted win.

This match will be far quicker and full of back-and-forth action than I will be able to give an account on. Easily this recap of this particular contest will be far much more of a “wow, look how good these two are doing” sort of fare. For right now A Double has control and cranks on the neck after hitting a top rope elbow to the back of Shelley’s head. What better to follow that up with than with the pendulum elbow drop? I’m saddened that the move misses it’s mark. With that the Machine Gun finally starts to show some life. After throwing Aries back and forth into turnbuckles he turns the champ inside out with a clothesline. Signaling for the end Shelley nails a gut kick but can’t hit Sliced Bread #2.

Aries scurries to the outside. Upon trying to run under the apron again, he is thrown back out then becomes the victim of a suicide dive. It actually comes off like a flying head butt and looks really vicious. Shelley capitalizes with Emerald Fusion getting the closest fall of the match. The crowd erupts in disappointment. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived blocks a move before hitting a great combination that ends in the pendulum elbow drop. Both men are down and out.

As they come to their feet Aries is stopped from delivering his trademark running dropkick. The men then move to the apron where Shelley attempts a Sliced Bread #2 but instead falls victim to a Death Valley Driver. A Double takes the driver’s seat by hitting a top rope double sledgehammer and going for the pin. Shelley kicks and then gets out of the way of a 450 attempt. Quickly Shelley follows up with a Sliced Bread #2 that WINS THE MATCH! Oh, wait. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived had the ropes and is still in this match. The crowd wants one more time. Aries drops Shelley, gives him some knees, following it with the sickest kick to the jaw I’ve ever seen, a running dropkick, and the brain buster FOR A TWO! The crowd has fully come out of their seats. This match has gotten insane.

Shelley follows up out of kickout with a disgusting super kick which leads to another amazing two-count that looked too close to call. Shelley pulls the limp Aries up and goes for Sliced Bread #2. Aries reverses it into a slam that leads to him nailing another brain buster and the Front Chancery for the submission win.




Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Austin Aries


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 100%


Welcome to the match you should download and watch. Holy crap did that match take a great turn in those final minutes. These two really should’ve started the show off just to get the crowd going because they are finally here to watch some wrestling.


Christy Hemme is now with apparently Jeff Hardy, who appears to be LA Parka, in the back. Jeff sees gold and so do the enigmas. The creatures will mount up. What the ****? His eyelids are painted with gigantic blue eyes. Holy hell, is he really still sober? That face paint is going to haunt my dreams.


Kaz/Daniels/AJ hype video time. We’ll be waiting for you. Three’s Company too. Or something like that right? I never really watched the show. All I knew was it dealt with Tony Danza apparently being attractive enough to land two women. I’m not assuming that Styles, Kaz, and Daniels get down like that. I’m just assuming that Kaz has slept with AJ’s wife, might be the father to one of Styles’ children, and Daniels is the only one who knows about it.


Kazarian w/ Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles


Kazarian is wearing the best shirt I’ve seen TNA make in about three years. It’s the new Christopher Daniels one. Gigantic cross with Daniels symbol in the middle on the front and “I’m no Saint” written on the back. Very nice. I may actually have to buy a TNA t-shirt now. Wow, they’re getting me to spend money on something of theirs. That is a positive step TNA. Make some good Joe and Aries merchandise now.


Daniels is forcing Kaz to wear that shirt for this match. Good marketing strategy. Aj’s first act of the match is to rip the shirt off his ex-friend’s back. Styles is so damn mad at Kaz he locks in a headlock. Borash lets us all know that since Kaz has betrayed AJ the only thing that keeps Styles sane is his Nintendo 3DS. If it weren’t for Super Mario 3D Land then Daniels plan to drive AJ Styles mad would’ve worked. Luckily for The Fallen Angel, that battery only lasts five hours. You have plenty of time to mess with him.

The fans are paying about as much attention to the actual match as I am at this point. AJ has gotten tired of the chain wrestling so he throws Kaz to the outside. The crowd continues to not watch the match and just let Christopher Daniels know that he sucks. Kazarian is the sacrificial lamb and is being beaten like a mule.

Styles has firmly spent his time working on Kaz’s back this match-up. After Kaz gets a brief moment to shine Styles uses his beautiful head scissor takedown from the mat to throw Kaz outside. Upon getting his opponent back into the ring Styles locks in an Indian deathlock.

The Phenomenal One keeping an eye on Daniels might be his undoing as he missing a splash in the corner and then takes a sick monkey flip from Kaz. For the first time in this match Kaz is finally allowed to show us exactly how much he is willing to fight to keep his secret safe. Daniels valiantly cheers on his man while Kaz hates himself more with every maneuver he gives to AJ Styles.

The more pain AJ Styles is in the more Kazarian begins to question his actions. Christopher Daniels is outside loving every single minute of it. AJ starts to fight out but is stopped with one of the best flip kicks I’ve seen in a really long time. While the crowd thinks Daniels sucks, I think he is still one of the best things in wrestling. Tamato/Tomacco.

The two opponents trade blows in the ring before AJ puts Kaz down with a few clotheslines and enziguiri. A reverse Styles Clash later almost wins the match. The two reverse big moves before Kaz shoots AJ Styles across the ring with a BIG dropkick. I’m surprised Daniels has still not gotten involved at all. Kazarian stops a Styles Clash and then gives Styles a DDT on the apron. Both men are down and out on the floor as the ref begins his 10-count.

Styles barely, and questionably, rolls his lifeless body back to the ring at nine. Kaz sets AJ on the top rope and lands a disgusting front kick to AJ’s face. Styles and Kazarian fight on the top turnbuckle before AJ drops him with a head butt. Reverse DDT out of nowhere but the match isn’t over yet.

Both men trade pinning combinations before Styles hit’s the pele kick out of nowhere dropping both men for the third time in the match-up. Styles is on the apron and goes for a flying springboard moonsault on Daniels. Upon reentering the ring Kazarian ends the match with the Fade to Black.


Winner: Kazarian


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 80%


Christy Hemme (again) this time with Eric Bischoff and Gunnar. Eric is pissed that Hogan is taking a father role for Garrett, but is grateful that Hulk is looking out for his son. He knows that Gunnar might just cripple Garrett tonight. As a father it might be Eric’s own fault. But, you know, that kind of stuff happens. Luckily for those two Bischoff will be giving them a towel they can throw in when it gets to bad.


Gunnar w/ Eric Bischoff vs. Garrett Bischoff w/ Hulk Hogan


Where is Ric Flair? Seriously? Shouldn’t he be pissed that his client is just doing freelance work and not cutting him in on the action? Could just be me though.

Somehow this match seems far much more about Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan right now than it really should. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have some focus on them tonight, but the past few weeks of promos make Gunnar and Garrett seem replaceable. They come off as blank inserts that could truly be anyone because in the end it only furthers Hogan and Bischoff’s angle.

The action in the ring is all Garrett showing off his technical prowess. This includes multiple versions of arm drags and arm bars. The man of 1,004 moves would be more than proud right now. Gunnar is getting mad that the rookie keeps getting the one-up on him.

After using a nice dirty tactic or two Gunnar has the young Bischoff under his control. Just as Garrett starts to comeback his momentum is stopped by his own father. This gives Gunnar the ability to reassert himself as the dominate male of the match.

Garrett, showing more wrestling skill than Hogan has used since ‘81, takes back control with a few basic moves ending in a nice inverted atomic drop. The veteran Gunnar uses the first opening he sees to use an underhanded tactic. This match is pretty damn bland. Gunnar isn’t really good enough to carry it and Garrett is too much of a novice to help save it. With that becoming obvious the match slows to a crawl.

Tenay and Borash are really pressing the story of the match and Garrett’s injury but nothing is working all that well here. The two clumsily trade blows and moves before Eric gets a punch in on his son. Hogan then gives Eric a punch of his own. After that we’re back to some pretty sloppy wrestling. Where is Ric Flair when you need him?

Gunnar works the neck over with neck breaker after neck breaker. Hogan threatens to throw in the towel but Garrett says no. He then loses after taking a DDT.


Winner: Gunnar

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 66%


Christy Hemme is with Sting to find out why he is an enforcer tonight. Why? He just wants a clear winner. That is all. He will make sure he gets it too. IT’S SHOWTIME! Awww…no TA-TA. *insert sad face here*


Fantastic video package showing Roode’s path to tonight and how each of his opponents have gotten to this match as well. TNA does really good when they try on video packages.


Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Robert Roode vs. Jeff Hardy w/ Sting as Special Enforcer for the TNA World Championship


Tale of the Tape

-Sting Special Enforcer

-Bully’s Dual Motivation

Roode’s Toughest Challenge


Man, I’m truly thinking those amazing calves will be the reason Bully Ray walks out of the Impact Zone with the world title. Wow, I just types that sentence unironically. I feel kind of dirty. Jeff Hardy’s face scares me. Roode still does great in his championship role. And I kind of feel bad that James Storm really is the one overlooked in this entire match.


Before Christy Hemme can finish the traditional main event introductions Bully Ray has something to say. “Shut up skank! I don’t need you introducing me!” The second best thing in TNA then goes on to introduce himself into this entire match. Let’s go Bully Ray! I’m very biased in this contest.


The four men pair off across the ring with Hardy and Storm standing across from Roode and Ray. Ray decides he doesn’t give a crap then just walks out of the ring. It’s time for Roode to finally pay for what he has done to Storm and Hardy over the past few months. After taking it to Roode for awhile Storm tries a quick roll-up on Hardy but fails to win the match. Hardy then tries to get a win himself. The duo turn their attention back to Roode to prevent him attacking.

Bully Ray has decided to join the match and puts Hardy and Storm on the mat. Roode is happy to see his friend and Bully looks like he is here to help. Rock Bottom out of nowhere later and Storm stops Bully ray from becoming world champion. Ray comes off the ropes and is met by Beer Money giving him a double suplex. Just before the two celebrate they begin to trade blows.

Jeff jumps into the fray and takes out Beer Money before being laid flat by Bully Ray. Sting is checking on the men outside as Ray stalks Jeff in the ring. Jeff takes some more damage before being thrown into the lights with a back body drop from Bully Ray Dudley. This match is all Bully Ray right now. The two previous tag team specialists are fighting on the top rope as the fans tell them that “WE WANT LADDERS”. Ray responds to their request with a suplerplex from the rop rope.

Beer Money is on the outside of the ring fighting just as Roode sends James Storm into the steel steps. Ray takes command of the match by ordering Roode to the top rope. Their opponent’s squash Ray’s spiking idea by taking Bully Ray out of action and stopping Roode on the top rope.

As Storm and Hardy climb to the top rope after Roode, Bully Ray runs up to power bomb all three of them off the top rope. Ray is again in full control and attempting to pin each of his opponents unsuccessfully. Jeff gets up and puts Ray down with a Twist of Fate out of nowhere.

Roode’s attempt to win the match is stopped with a Pounce form Bully Ray. Jeff is thrown into the ref whom Bubba accidentally splashes in the corner. With the ref out Bubba can’t get the 3-count he would’ve had to win the match. Roode comes at Jeff with a spear and then takes a Codebreaker from Storm. Storm nails Roode with a Last Call Superkick but doesn’t win due to Bully Ray pulling the ref out of the ring.

Sting comes to say something but both men are cut off by James Storm diving to the outside onto the referee. This match has gotten chaotic. Jeff Hardy lands a Twist of Fate but misses the Swanton Bomb. Roode brings the title in to nail Jeff with it but Sting stops him. Bobby threatens Sting to hit him with the title and then spits in his face. Sting responds by swinging the title belt but accidentally hitting Jeff Hardy with it.

Roode pins Jeff and forces Sting to count. Sting reluctantly gets on the ground and starts to count slowly. Throughout every single count Sting yells for Jeff to kick out. Sadly, Jeff does not and Bobby Roode retains his world heavyweight championship. “The Selfish One” then forces Sting to raise his hand in victory and hand him his world championship.


Winner and STILL World Champion: Robert Roode

Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 57%


Match of the Night - Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley


Seriously these two went out there and had themselves a really great match. It was technical, showed that Shelley wouldn’t quit, and showed Austin Aries’ smarts, determination, and abilities. Really good back and forth action that had the best final minutes I’ve seen a match have in a few months. Even if you have no drive to see this whole event try and find this match. You won’t be disappointed. Matches like this are the reason why Austin Aries is the best thing going in TNA today.


Surprise of the Night - The Crowd

It is a gigantic surprise how much the crowd completely hurts this entire event. I mean, what were they here for? Maybe it’s just due to the London events. The crowd there was so damn lively that this crowd seemed dead. Every single match they were completely not part of it until we got to Aries/Shelley. Even for that they weren’t involved until the final minutes. Yeah, Garrett/Gunnar and Robbie E/Shannon Moore were bad but the crowd should’ve been far more into the rest of the card than they were. Man. I don’t think it’s fully the Impact zones fault either. Just an area that never gets wrestling will be more lively even if a show isn’t good. Maybe they should hold the next tv tapings in Nebraska somewhere.




You know, it was a PPV. Was it great and amazing? Eh. Was it memorable? Eh. There was one really great match and then a bunch of others that surrounded it. It was more like an Impact episode with less talking and more decisive endings. Groundwork has been laid for some plausible interesting turns though. Stings accidental hit on Jeff could take an interesting road. Other than that we’re just on our way to the next Pay-Per-View with nothing set in stone except for Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries.

With the internet giving you the ability to find single matches on it with ease you can fully skip this PPV. This is just another stepping stone up to one of their major shows that has no gigantic bearing on anything now or in four months. Against All Odds just felt like a show they had to do because it was on their schedule. The crowd seemed like they were there because they scheduled themselves in two months ago and forgot to cancel their reservations.

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