This Week In TNA
This Week in TNA Special Edition: Genesis 2012
By Corey Letson
Jan 11, 2012 - 7:56 AM

Welcome everybody to a look at this past Sunday’s TNA: Genesis.


Card for tonight’s TNA: Genesis


Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode for the TNA Championship

Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson for the TNA Tag Titles

D’Angelo Dinero w/ Double Trouble vs. Devon

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries for the X Division Title

Bully Ray vs. Abyss - Monster’s Ball match (If Abyss loses he rejoins Immortal)

Gunnar vs. RVD

Gail Kim vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship




Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode for the TNA Championship - Robert Roode due to some sort of bad doing.


Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson for the TNA Tag Titles - I don’t think TNA has cared about the tag titles for awhile and doing this tourney of random mash-ups just to have them lose would make me wonder what the hell. I’m going with new TNA tag champs starting tonight. Let’s go Joe.

D’Angelo Dinero w/ Double Trouble vs. Devon - I know these guys have been at this in some variation for awhile now. They may have taken a break for a little bit before picking it back up. This seems to be moving towards and final conclusion, but I don’t think this is the month. Dinero keeps the boys on his side, for this month, and picks up a win. Maybe not the technical win, but he’ll be standing in the end.


Kurt Angle vs. James Storm - Kurt Angle can’t stay away from Storm’s “last call” tonight either. After what should be a very solid match Angle is getting knocked out cold.


Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Austin Aries for the X Division Title - Tons of high paced action that should end with “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” still being “The Greatest Champion At This Current Point in TNA”.


Bully Ray vs. Abyss - Monster’s Ball match (If Abyss loses he rejoins Immortal) - Abyss. This should have no reason to continue when Immortal is basically all but dead and has been since Sting beat Hogan. The Immortal angle, turns out they aren’t forever, closes almost fully tonight.


Gunnar vs. RVD - Gunnar keeps his path of destruction rolling that should set him up for a really good program with a face champion somewhere down the line. Again, Ric Flair can hide almost every flaw someone has. Flair can make you even better than you could ever be. As long as the two stay together, Gunnar is gonna go far with Natch.


Gail Kim vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Championship - Gail Kim loses her pull in TNA as she loses her title in a competitive match. Within the next week she’ll probably be tag title-less as well.





Bobby Roode apparently arrived at 4:30pm and that is somehow relevant to this whole thing. Jeff arrived at 6pm and he didn’t even use a car. Genesis is off to a hot start already. For some reason the PPV’s opening hype video, something I remember TNA being brilliant at, is using Jeff and Bobby arriving as the opening. That is, uh, different…I guess.


The crowd is loud and vibrant for this show and ready for action while Taz and Tenay talk about how important this show is. We’re going to kick this thing off hot.


Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash for the X-Division Title


Talk about one of the main matches I wanted to watch tonight. This is going to be hot and heavy from the get go. Of course any time Austin Aries is involved it is something I want to see. Oh, Rick Ross is in the house and just faked out Zema Ion with a high five-low five take-back. Where was the ‘that was awesome’ for that? I realize that my previous weeks of typing Jesse’s name were wrong as he comes out. Ironically enough I got my spelling from the TNA website.

Also very noticeable is how much nice the entrance way looks as Aries brings his way out. To add even more awesome to this match it is going to be elimination style. That is exactly how these type of matches should be. Make them gauntlet through the prove their worth. Shows and matches like these are reasons I enjoy wrestling. From top to bottom this night should give off some good action.

Aries can play the smart-coward just as well, if not better than, Edge. He enjoys taking a break on the outside while Sorensen and Ion go at each other with some impressive back and forth high-flying. Sorensen has the technical portion of it all down and Ion has the character portion. Smart person would throw the two into a tag team.

After A Double sneaks back into the ring everyone exchanges some cradles before Aries and Kash brawl to the outside. Ion is cut off from the regular everyone jumps to the outside and is the main recipient of a tower of doom. With all three men down and out Austin Aries does what he does arguably as good as anyone, takes control. After three near falls Aries takes down Sorensen and goes to the top. Zema makes sure that doesn’t happen before starting the obligatory “everyone dives to the outside because this is an X-Division match” spot.

Action is everywhere in the ring and I give credit to my fellow reviewers for really being able to keep up with some of this stuff week to week. These four men are doing some ridiculous spots that could easily break a neck. After falling backwards off the top rope Kid Kash is eliminated by Zema Ion’s 450 splash. Aries takes to the top to hit his patented 450 splash on Sorensen who…kicks out? WOW!

Zema Ion and Aries were made to feud with each other. They both exude the same personality. Promos would just be solid and the matches could be good too.

Sorensen doesn’t allow these two to fight too long before joining the fighting and eliminating Zema Ion with a quick surprise roll-up. This crowd wants Jesse to win, and I want each and every one of them to be dead wrong.   Ion clearly almost screws Aries out of the title by distracting the ref and the night almost begins with a gigantic surprise.

The match leads itself to a n interesting conclusion. Aries and Sorensen keep trading pins, moves, blows, and everything in their repertoire but Ion won’t leave the ringside. Why? Because Jesse Sorensen doesn’t deserve to get something Zema Ion can’t have. Top rope brain buster and this is all but done.


Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Austin Aries


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 100%


We get to enjoy some interview time with Jeremy Borash, The Pope, and Double Trouble dressed in their best Pope outfits. These kids are only 16? Man, that could lead to something pretty big if they really wanted to do this. The Pope already wants some powder for his pimp hand. They need to do more with Dinero. The guy is just straight out great on the microphone.


Hype video before we get to one of the matches I couldn’t believe I am actually looking forward to. Again, I can’t believe this has turned out as well as it could. When it comes to family affairs they rarely go well in wrestling. Hell, you rarely ever want to see the matches involving them. This angle has yet to hit that moment of face palming yet.


D’Angelo Dinero w/ Double Trouble vs. Brother Devon Dudley


Guys like Devon don’t get their full credit when it comes to pro wrestling. Feuds like this shouldn’t involve much wrestling at all. A man is trying to steal his family, why should he apply a headlock? Being the veteran he is Devon knows this better than anyone. The battle starts off cranked to eleven which involves Dinero getting beat down everywhere the arena will allow. If it weren’t for Elijah throwing the ref into the ropes Devon would still be punching and clothes lining him around the impact zone.

This really is the type of match I want to see out of these two at this point. Happily, they are delivering it just the way it should. Dinero’s attack is just par the course. After Tebowing (grr) much to the crowds delight D’Angelo continues his beat down.


Wrestling holds/maneuvers in first 5 minutes: 0

Punches/kicks/head butts/heavy hitting strikes in first 5 minutes: about 100


After taking all the fighting to Mr. Dudley Elijah finally locks in that headlock I truly don’t think works for this match. The crowd is actually into this match and are split. As Randy Orton begins to bash The Pope on Twitter for using some “vintage Orton” offense the Pope shrugs everyone off. Double Trouble seem to be a tad concerned that Burke has decided to crush their father’s skull in using the ringpost multiple times.

With one brother from a different mother laying on the ground Terence and Tyrell are brought in to finally finish the job. The boy with spiked hair decides to check on his dad instead. This brings out D’Angelo’s pimp rage.

The boys are beat for the insolence and love of their father. The kids learned how to fall pretty well too as Pope makes sure they won’t be part of this match anymore. Last thing you should ever do though? Beat up two underage kids on live pay-per-view while their father is in the same wrestling ring as you. We get to see what Devon-ing Up looks like as he almost paralyzes his opponent with a back body drop. The crowd wants a table as Dinero puts 4up! Daddy Dudley’s jaw. The boys take D’Angelo’s attention off Devon long enough for him to hit Saving Grace for the win.


Winner: Devon Dudley


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 50%


I can’t really believe that TNA loves mentioning Hardy’s Victory Road moment as much as they do. Seriously, sweep that stuff under the rug. Using it as a storyline…ok. Find some other way to say it but not say it, ya know? Sting doesn’t get his interview time as some woman I can’t fully put my finger on who it is wants the job. She has lots of plans and ideas for how to control the VP division. Oh, Velvet Sky. She looks different than I last remember.

Sting’s interview reasserts that he did for Jeff in 10 months what it took Bret Hart 10 years to do for Shawn Michaels: give him forgiveness. And tonight, this should be his crowning achievement. This will show everyone that Jeff Hardy is now better than ever.


Gunnar w/ Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam


The two didn’t have a terrible match on Impact just a few days ago, but I question the need for them to be on PPV. I mean, I know they need to fill three hours and all. Hopefully TNA keeps the push on Gunnar with a decent length match which ends in RVD getting the ol’ ambulance treatment.

Universal Orlando is all about 4:20 and Van Dam tonight. This match starts off with some back and forth mat wrestling. RVD is going to get revenge for attempted paralysis with some headlocks tonight. This doesn’t last long before RVD brings out the kicks and flash pins. RVD hasn’t had time to get even one “Rob Van Dam” finger point motioning off tonight at all. Luckily for Gunnar the legendary Ric Flair is going to let him know just what he needs to beat Van Dam tonight.

Even with my dislike of Gunnar I have to admit he looks like a wrestler and has the power needed. Using solid offense he brings RVD all the way out to the floor. It takes seconds for Gunnar to reveal the cement. Hebner’s attempt to stop him allows Mr. PPV a chance to get back on his feet. If Van Dam paid less attention to Flair he could have this one in the bag already. It doesn’t hinder him too much though as he is about to give the Nature Boy a coronary on the outside.

This match is all but over once RVD misses a dive to the outside and then takes a DDT to that cold concrete floor. Best Gunnar outing I’ve seen so far.


Winner: Gunnar


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 66.66666666666666666repeating%


Paramedics come out to put RVD on the gurney. Two quick things while they take care of RVD.


1) I dislike the whole “show the injury sign” thing when a guy isn’t injured and it is all storyline. I dunno. Something about it is just……yeah.


2) Did you know: Rob Van Dam doesn’t watch any other wrestling matches other than his own. Truly no bs on that. He will watch his and only his matches. Takes the time to check out what he did and could do better next time. Learned this from meeting him when he had that broken ankle a few years ago.


Borash is here again and Jeff Hardy is serious as hell. How can we tell? He painted his entire face to look like the Genesis poster. Not half his face; all of it. The crowd is electric as Jeff let’s them know tonight he is resurrected.


Mickie James vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship


Two of the best women wrestlers around are about to go at it. If I’m forced to sit through a woman’s match at least this one is going to be between two I know can bring it.


Knockout tale of the tape:

-Final Resolution Controversy

-Sting Orders Rematch

-No Karen Jarrett = New Champion?


The tale of the tape told me absolutely nothing about either competitor. Velvet Sky has constructed a shark cage and brought it to the ring so that Madison Rayne could be locked inside. I’m assuming the definition of “authority” Sting was told he has compared to what he actual has is drastically different. Kinda like how you tell a six year old “When I take a nap you are in charge of your three year old brother.” That kid has all the power in the world until lil’ bro just goes and wakes mom up. Poor Sting have a cookie.


This match is taking ten minutes to start just because of the whole “get in the cage” thing. Instead of tricking Madison into the cage by telling her there is a paycheck in there, Ms. Sky just uses brute force.

The ever beautiful Mickie James and always attractive Gail Kim take the time to wrestle back and forth when the camera isn’t purely focused on Madison Rayne. WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan Danielson’s ex-girlfriend has full control of a woman WWE Champion CM Punk was seen with on occasion. Hello people who were linked here from Google.

Over half this match has been either camera shots of Velvet Sky or Madison Rayne. After Gail takes Hardcore country to a free yoga class, Ms. Kim takes Alexis to a Japanese restaurant for some octopus stretch. This doesn’t last too long as James slams the champion to the ground. As Gail removes herself from the ring James doesn’t want any non-title win here. She pulls Gail into the ring to do the damage. Unfortunately for her Madison wants to bring in some brass knuckles. While the ref takes time to remove those from the ring Madison throws down another pair that unfortunately get used on Gail.


Winner by disqualification: Gail Kim


First chant of “bullshit” from the crowd tonight.


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy: 50%


Borash is in the back with Bully Ray. You know Bully Ray. He is so damn amazing. Ray is the king of hardcore. Monster’s ball? Screw that. He has done these matches his entire year. Mick Foley and Terry Funk bow down to him. He is the king of hardcore. Tonight “Abyss will be Immortal’s bitch again”.


Bully Ray vs. Abyss in a Mnnster’s Ball match


Abyss is an underrated big man. The guy is a solid wrestler and can do a hardcore match pretty well. With how much TNA actually shows they care for the guy he does go out of his way for’em. This should be a pretty standard hardcore match: tables, thumbtacks, barbed-wire bat (named Janice if I remember right), and kendo sticks. Bully Ray is really serious tonight. He isn’t even showing off his calf muscles. Check mark the kendo stick and barbed wire boards on the list of weapons.

The crowd is fully behind Abyss in this match-up. It could be they like him, or that Bully Ray does the ‘I don’t want to be in this’ shtick really well. Before Abyss can attack Ray gets some courage known as a steel chair. This match is kicking off with a chair fight. Winner? Bully Ray. Loser? Bully Ray. Why? Because Abyss doesn’t get hurt by chair shots like a bitch.

Gripe time. Here is the sequence of events to start this match:

Chair shot to Abyss

Abyss Chokeslams Bully Ray

Bully Ray yakuza kicks Abyss

Abyss is up and staring Ray down as he turns around.


This was ten seconds of action. These two are both Chuck Norris and don’t give a damn how powerful your maneuvers are suppose to be. Trash cans, kendo sticks, punches, chairs, these things are for normal men to be effected by. Janice comes out and someone may actually feel pain in this match now.

Without any warning at all Bully Ray is winded and punches do damage now. God mode has been turned off because cookie sheets have come out. After damage is allowed to be felt it doesn’t take all that long for barbed wire to make it’s way into the match. What’s stronger than barbed wire ripping into flesh? Face smash into the steel steps.

The monster has all the momentum and blood pouring out of him now as he brings out the thumbtacks. Special occasion as not one, but two, bags have joined the fray. In the most unique use of a foreign object in the past decade Bully Ray’s private parts are shredded by a cheese grater.

After making Abyss feel his ball-pain Bully Ray grabs a table. His attempt to use it on Abyss is fruitless, though, instead he gets a choke slam through it for his troubles. Ray’s balls are still in immense pain. This is the longest someone has felt one singular move in all of TNA’s history. Without warning a Rock Bottom drives Abyss into barbed wire. This is followed with a barbed wire sandwich senton. Even at it’s most basic it was a hell of a visual.

Janice’s missed love connection with her man allows for a third choke slam to Bubba. This time he felt the thumbtacks.   They have conceivably used every single weapon around except for the Janice. Bubba doesn’t care and destroys a kendo stick by beating Abyss with it. The match ends suddenly with a Black Hole Slam into the barbed wire.


Winner: Abyss


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy 60%


Borash has the tag champs in the back and Morgan wants us to know they aren’t one shot wonders. These two dudes will totally take out this completely random tandem. Even though they are also a completely random tandem.


Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus vs. Crimson and Matt Morgan


The Nation of Violence is making it’s way through Florida for the fourth straight week in a row. He is bringing along the UK man to help on out again. Upon the champs coming out I realize this entire night should be completely hard hitting. Every single match is pretty intense or just full of some big dudes who like to throw fists. With that, I’m surprised that the crowd is into this with as few wrestling moves that have happened tonight. This has been a very strike heavy event. No one has gone for a submission….yet. Joe is here so he might choke a bitch.

Morgan and Joe start it off like everyone else this evening and they are throwing bones. After a stalemate of power, Crimson and Magnus are getting their turns. This lets Red’s cousin go all Goldberg on Brutus’ ass. Quick tags from the champ and it seems they don’t want anything to do with the Samoan. Sadly they can’t keep him at bay for long. As with the past month, Crimson meet Samoa Joe circa 2005.   If Joe is in the ring the entire crowd wants Joe to kill his opponent, but if Joe isn’t wrestling the entire crowd wants Crimson and Morgan to win. It really is one of the most interesting dynamics and, whether TNA likes it or not, shows how much their fan base enjoys the former world champ.

TNA splits the screen into a double feature showing Abyss and Bully Ray still fighting. “We want Morgan” and “No We Don’t” erupt in the arena as Crimson knocks himself out by spearing Samoa Joe. As important to this match as anything…Bully Ray is trending on Twitter. I truly hope I don’t have to deal with the Twitter stuff here as well.

Magnus is The Blueprint’s plaything as Joe saves his teams title shot. Crimson takes a fall to the outside which seems to injure his knee. Joe/Magnus hit the combination that has won them their previous matches in the series but are just barely stopped from winning by Crimson. For his troubles Crimson eats a suicide dive by Joey. The challengers can’t hold on for very much longer though as Crimson and Matt Morgan hit a double choke slam on Magnus to end this.


Winners and STILL TNA Tag Champions: Matt Morgan and Crimson


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy 50%


Mitch Hedberg’s pro-wrestler brother James Storm is in the back with Borash. For some reason James is going to interview JB as if he was wrestling Kurt Angle. See kids…James Storm believes that people will tell Kurt he sucks and he will lose. Third time is only a charm for Jamie tonight. Sorry about your damn luck.


Kurt Angle vs. James Storm


This is the match that could easily steal the show. I’m actually looking forward to it doing as such. Can we skip the really good promo video and just get to the match? Good idea in the match that Kurt is only going to wrestle and force James Storm to do so as well. I’m seeing a super kick coming out of nowhere to make Angle even more upset.

The crowd is fully behind TNA’s real cowboy tonight. These two lock up and are about to have themselves a move for move wrestling match. That is, of course, until Jamie attempts to hit that ‘Last Call’ super kick. This forces Kurt to the outside to gather himself. Result? Kurt is going to take it to Storm with some punches and kicks. Again, this doesn’t last as Kurt has to slide out to avoid a super kick. The Olympic gold medalist is becoming increasingly frustrated. Storm is going all Roll Tide on Kurt this evening. It is looking like he definitely has Angle’s number.

The impact zone is completely into this match as Kurt quickly gets some semblance of control with a belly-to-belly suplex. Now we’re playing the dissection game. Taz lets us know that Kurt’s training regiment has given him the endurance that no one can match. The guy may even tryout for the Olympics. Mr. Angle keeps James on the ground following a headlock with a nice elbow to the jaw. He has finally gotten some control and now he is taking the last world champion to school.

While Kurt has James on the ground with a chinlock I have to give it to Taz and Tenay. These two guys aren’t trying to get themselves over with a character or going crazy with anything. They are helping give an umph to this match by explaining the reasoning for the moves and how they can wear a man down. After listening to Michael Cole for a year this is a great change of pace tonight.

Kurt stops the Cowboy’s small offensive flurry by knocking him out with the multiple german suplexs. Angle decides to prove he can hit his moonsault on James Storm and does so in convincing fashion. After kicking at two James rolls out of the ankle lock, gaining control with a DDT. The action is officially hot and heavy as these two go back and forth escaping moves left and right until Kurt lands the Angle Slam. It’s time to end this as the straps go down and he prepares to give James a super kick of his own. Instead Kurt is met with a Codebreaker and an ace crusher.

The Cowboy ascends the top to land an elbow on Angle which leads to a near fall. Impact zone erupts as Storm goes for a super kick. He stops before crushing Earl Hebner’s head in. While Earl is shoved aside the Olympian low-blows Storm and super kicks him for the win.


Winner: Kurt Angle


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy 43%


Just before we get to Jeff’s redemption road (and my bathroom break) the camera crew wants to know where Abyss is. Bully Ray doesn’t know. He is just calmly cleaning someone’s blood off his hands. With that we go to our main event hype video and I get myself to the bathroom.

As I come back the hype video ends and Robert Roode is with Jeremy Borash. We’re in a pathetic situation tonight. These “creatures of the night” will be chanting Jeff’s name all night long. Just like they’re doing now. We need to get this clear though. That man is an embarrassment to everyone who is in this profession. Mr. Selfish doesn‘t enjoy being embarrassed. You wasted your opportunity. Hell, you wasted ten of them. The champ only got one and he used it to become world champ. The World‘s Most Selfish Man will do whatever it takes, WHATEVER IT TAKES, to hold that title in his hands at the end of Genesis..


Robert Roode vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship


Before the two come out and we get the champion introductions I learn Robert Roode uses an armbar for a finisher. Really?


Tale of the Tape

Hardy earns title shot at Final Resolution

Roode survives overtime (as talked about in my first ever impact review just weeks ago)

Can charismatic enigma cement comeback with championship?


Again, these are terrible bullet points by themselves to explain everything.


The bell rings and this crowd probably won’t be quiet the entire time this match happens. Robert Roode gives a quick shove to Jeff and tells him to bring it on. Jeff might be a little on edge and have too much riding on this match as Bobby Roode is in complete control to kick things off. Rob is keeping Hardy at a level base and working on the arm to set up his armbar for later. When Jeff tries to take the match to his pace Robert stops him momentarily with a kick to the gut.

Roode can’t keep this match in a school zone for long though as Jeff starts to speed things up. After getting a near fall he takes the champ to the outside. Just as Roode gets up he is met with a flying clothesline. Jeffery’s arm may be in great pain. The challenger doesn’t give Roode enough time to notice before sending him into the steps and following up with Poetry in Motion.

The Selfish One saves himself by crotching Jeff on the top rope. Bobby has decided to work on the abdomen of TNA’s Michael Jackson. The crowd wants their man to get back in the fight as he succumbs to more punishment from the champ. Bob slows the match to his speed again. The crowd is restless for Hardy to get back into the fight when he is thrown outside. Not even crowd signs are safe from Robert Roode’s rage.

“Bobby Sucks” echoes through the crowd during a near fall. Again, the crowd is trying to help Jeff get into this match somehow. Robert Roode is doing all he can to methodically ruin Jeff’s chances. The leader of the creatures barely gets to the rope after being locked in a crossface. The champ takes two boots to his face after attempting some high risk mimicry.

After both men arise at 8 things really heat up. This match is pretty intense and flowing great as Jeff finally hits full speed. This can’t last too long as Robert Roode decides to bust his spine.   Hardy stops the champ from just walking out with his title as he chases him up the ramp. Hardy wants to end this now. The challenger nails a whisper in the wind before Roode, again, decides he doesn’t want to be in the match anymore. Roode tries to use the ropes for a cheap win but Hebner stops him. After pleading for mercy Robert Roode kicks Earl’s son in the balls to end this match. The crowd wants Sting out here now to fix this injustice.


Jeff Hardy hit’s a Swanton Bomb and we fade to black as Robert Roode clutches his title in glorious, glorious defeat.


Winner by DQ: Jeff Hardy


Still World Champion: Robert Roode


Corey’s Prediction Accuracy 37.8%




Match of the Night - Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode


Even with an ending that just fell flat, especially considering Sting’s portion of “when you do bad things; bad things happen to you”, this was a solid match. The crowd was on their feet basically the entire time and wanted to see their man Hardy win. As a person who isn’t all that enthralled by Hardy if he isn’t doing something dangerous I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed the match.


Surprise of the Night - Commentary


Maybe it’s Michael Cole. Tonight Taz and Tenay talked about the matches. These two talked about the wrestlers. They spent the matches talking about how we escalated to the encounters this evening and then they talked about the encounters. There was no insane yelling or anything of that sort. Two wrestling announcers just went out there and did some announcing. It was nice to hear Taz throw out insights into why wrestlers used moves they did and reasons for their use at specific times. They made the matches feel a little bit more fleshed out. They added an extra something to the evening by offering actual announcing to a pretty solid show.




It was a solid show. Nothing to really stand out as amazing but nothing to hold it back for being bland. Could I do without some of the ref distractions and things? Yes. Did it completely ruin the night because a few happened? No. With this being the first TNA PPV I’ve sat through in about a year I was a tad worried. While the Impact shows leading up to this had been just fine, the PPV scared me. I was expecting something kind of asinine to happen that would just make me go back to Hot Threads next week. Instead, I got a PPV event I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit I watched.  Heck, I’ll go so far as to easily admit I had myself a good time watching it. Sometimes it’s hard for WWE to even pull that one off.


Until next time…

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