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TNA Impact: Questioning A.J. Styles

Corey Letson -Apr 11, 2013

Impact was to start with a tag match. Instead Aces and Eights beat down Chavo and Hernandez to introduce the new TNA World Champion

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TNA SuperSize Edition: Lockdown and Much More

Corey Letson -Mar 14, 2013

Man, I really miss LAX.

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TNA: Anarchy in the UK

Corey Letson -Feb 6, 2013

Taz might have been tired of all the Mike Tenay talk.

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This Week in TNA: Bully and The Bride

Corey Letson -Jan 24, 2013

It was nice that Impact had something to take it from beginning to end. That added a pace to the show. The problem was that...

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TNA: Genesis, Impact, and The New Pay-Per-Views

Corey Letson -Jan 17, 2013

I just can’t figure how King up and left a steady job to do TNA once every four months.

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TNA: Revealing the Hand

Corey Letson -Jan 7, 2013

This episode wasn't easy to swallow by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn't exactly hard to swallow either. There were moments that just kind of dragged.

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TNA: Final Resolution 2012

Corey Letson -Dec 26, 2012

This event isn’t one you’ll remember, but it isn’t one you’d regret if you watched it either.

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TNA: Paying Off A Bully

Corey Letson -Dec 10, 2012

Aces, Eights, Bullies, and Hulksters, OH MY! There is a Turning Point right around the corner.

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TNA: The Threeway Of The Heart

Corey Letson -Dec 10, 2012

The almighty Hulkster is here. He has come to grace the Impact Zone with his presence...

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TNA: Open Fight Gut Check

Corey Letson -Nov 26, 2012

This storyline could turn out to be good/great/decent. I’ll pre-admit I’m not really sure. My biggest qualm arises that they already did this weird love affair storyline thing earlier this year. WWE then did the exact same type of storyline. TNA is now doing a similar storyline, again, just as WWE is ending theirs. Why?

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This Week in TNA: Down, Out, and Depressed

Corey Letson -Nov 21, 2012

The post-PPV shows have the same problem as the pre-PPV shows. It isn't that it's bad. They're just formulaic. Thanks to that formula these sets of episodes can also be a little bit bumpier of a ride than the ones in-between those moments.

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This Week in TNA: Turning Point 2012

Corey Letson -Nov 16, 2012

Turning Point isn't a show you need to go out and see. There are two really solid matches hidden towards the end of the night. In the end, those two matches help make Turning Point seem like a far better PPV than it actually was in reality.

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This Week in TNA: Turning Towards Chaos

Corey Letson -Nov 13, 2012

Their pre-PPV Impact is almost always the exact same show. Is that bad? I'd just call it bland. You got to stick with what works sometimes.

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This Week in TNA: Open Phony Night

Corey Letson -Nov 5, 2012

Magnus is here. Why? No clue. You should follow Dixie Carter on Facebook and Twitter though. That is pretty important. Samoa Joe is a phony. PHONY! YOU STUPID PHONY! BRING YOUR TV TITLE PHONY!

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This Week in TNA: Aces and Eights, Mexicans and Champions

Corey Letson -Oct 30, 2012

This was, hands down, the most bi-polar Impact I’ve seen in months. There were moments of great wrestling that were hampered down by dumb moments or terrible storytelling and plots. Am I starting to go as insane as Mike Johns got about this product?

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This Week in TNA: Bound For Fallout

Corey Letson -Oct 22, 2012

TNA is just using this episode as the cool down after Bound for Glory. It leads to a show that isn't memorable and doesn't have much going on for it. Lots of talk about ass too.

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This Week in TNA: Bound For Glory 2012

Corey Letson -Oct 17, 2012

The show really flew by just due to pacing and overall quality. That is a huge plus nowadays when things tend to feel drawn out and bogged down by improper timing and placement.

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This Week in TNA: Austin Aries Isn't A Puppet Anymore

Corey Letson -Oct 15, 2012

You like wrestling? Impact gave you a pretty damn big chunk of wrestling.

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This Week in TNA: The Land Where The Bully Is King

Corey Letson -Oct 8, 2012

They've really grinded to a slow halt over the past few weeks. They're working toward Bound for Glory and all of their main matches are set. The final few weeks will be to build up what are, essentially, undercard matches.

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This Week in TNA: The Tournament That Wasn't

Corey Letson -Oct 1, 2012

On the plus side, it seems like TNA knows exactly what they want the show to look like. On the negative side, it seems like TNA doesn't exactly know how to get themselves there.

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This Week in TNA: Open Talk About Fights Night

Corey Letson -Sep 24, 2012

They then decide to ERASE HIS MEMORY by hitting him in the skull ONCE with a hammer. Joseph Park now no longer remembers any of the information he learned. Oh Hai Denny, Danny, Dinny!

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This Week in TNA: Is Bully Ray Bound For Glory?

Corey Letson -Sep 17, 2012

Tommy Wiseau might be helping with this. It is the only reason I can explain TNA deciding everyone deserved a "surprised squirrel" moment during a 'serious' segment.

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This Week in TNA: SuperSized Edition - Bound For Glory Series Comes To An End

Corey Letson -Sep 11, 2012

Full coverage of Impact and No Sacrifice.

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ThIs Week in TNA: It's an Aces and Eights Bound For Glory Series Freakout

Corey Letson -Sep 4, 2012

You can't go wrong with watching any of these matches.

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This Week in TNA: The Aces and Eights Rises

Corey Letson -Aug 27, 2012

One more Impact that could be marked in the solid category. Sometimes it's ok to just have that be the outcome.

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Uncle Ralph (Hearts) Impact: Avis and Eggs

Uncle Ralph -Aug 17, 2012

TNA Michael Cole tells me to follow Dixie Carter on Twitter because she breaks news. But don't follow her in real life, because she also breaks wind.

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This Week in TNA: SUPER SIZED EDITION - Impact in Review and Hardcore Justice Review

Corey Letson -Aug 15, 2012

What happened on Impact this past week? Was Hardcore Justice a show worth watching?

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This Week in TNA: Pointing The Finger

Corey Letson -Aug 7, 2012

Balance. Balance. Balance. Balance. That is what Impact has been doing for the past few months and continues the trend tonight. They are finding a way to balance the ongoing BFG Series while still splicing in appropriate time for their other angles.

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This Week in TNA: Aces, Eights, and Doubts OH MY!

Corey Letson -Jul 30, 2012

The show has found its groove. They have a format. They stick to the format and don’t get too wild with it. Formulaic show is formulaic. That doesn’t necessarily mean good. That doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

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This Week in TNA: Open Fight Poker

Corey Letson -Jul 23, 2012

This show was about two things: Establishing Aces and Eights as a thing and showing who actually matters in the Bound For Glory Series.

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This Week in TNA: Jackasses and A-holes

Corey Letson -Jul 16, 2012

Impact is coming of a huge high that was the end to Destination X this past Sunday. They were riding that wave into tonight and put on a solid episode of Impact. TNA did a really solid job of balancing their BfG Series, the storyline build-ups, and adding intrigue to most of their current angles.

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This Week in TNA: Destination X 2012

Corey Letson -Jul 12, 2012

Buy the replay, buy the dvd, check out a moment people should be talking about for a long time but instead will be talking about until something bigger happens or TNA does something super stupid. I’ll make the prediction now: TNA Destination X = PPV of the Year 2012.

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This Week in TNA: Impact Looks To Honor A New King

Corey Letson -Jul 9, 2012

Most of the stuff that makes people just shake their hands didn't hinder this episode. Really great way for them to steer right into Destination X.

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This Week in TNA: Option C And No Plan B

Corey Letson -Jul 2, 2012

Taz explains to us that people gain points whenever they wrestle in TNA. Heck, the standings could apparently change by next week. Inflammable means flammable. Who knew?

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This Week in TNA: Bound To Fight Live For Your Right At Glory

Corey Letson -Jun 25, 2012

Do I like all the storylines or everything going on at the current time? That is a different topic. As it stands with the actual show it was solid front-to-back...

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This Week in TNA: Bobby Roode and The A-Hole

Corey Letson -Jun 18, 2012

So these first few weeks leading into the two month build will go by slow. That isn't bad in the end, but it makes for a pretty paint-by-numbers Impact.

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This Week in TNA: Slammiversary X Review

Corey Letson -Jun 14, 2012

TNA gave you something worth your money. Honestly, I’m pretty sure you’re looking at the best Pay-Per-View of 2012.

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This Week in TNA: Ray Bullies Joe And Your Third Cousin Rick

Corey Letson -Jun 11, 2012

Where do you sit? You sit on the side of you are a piece of crap for not having stronger feelings towards Rick one way or the other. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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This Week in TNA: We're Beginning Real-Time Coverage In 3...2...1

Corey Letson -May 31, 2012

TNA is kicking summer off like a major Hollywood blockbuster by going live from here on out. Can't watch it live? What will happen? Find out by following the real-time coverage right here on WorldWrestlingInsanity.com

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This Week in TNA: Roode to Redemption

Corey Letson -May 28, 2012

TNA had the perfect lead in to their live events next week. It might be their best chance to gain some scorned WWE viewers. Luckily this is the best the product as been since right before Hogan and Bischoff.

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