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JG's 8/20/07 Raw Insanity: Cena's Mom Has Got It Going On

James Guttman -Aug 20, 2016

By the way,
Spike TV has informed us that the second hour of Impact will be starting
very soon. We should have more details in the next sentence...

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JG's 8/17/10 NXT Insanity: Husky Gets Audited, Kaval Gives TNA a Shoutout, and Showtime, No-Time, Off-You-Go-Time

James Guttman -Aug 17, 2016

Look At Nexus!
In The Lexus!
Driving All The Way To Texas.
Barrett's Carrot, Slater's Gator,
Michael Tarver Elevator.

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JG's 8/14/06 Raw Insanity: Edge Breaks Into a House, Assaults John Cena's Dad, Videotapes It, and Plays It On TV

James Guttman -Aug 14, 2016

The body might be cold, but Melina is hot. The sultry manager of Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro does her best to cheer up all the doomy, gloomy mourners at this public funeral...

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JG's 8/11/03 Raw Insanity: Shawn Helps Goldberg Screw Evolution

James Guttman -Aug 11, 2016

Getting your face on Raw today, takes everything you got... Moving up the card is just a pipe dream cause Hunter's got that spot...

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JG's 8/10/10 NXT Insanity: Firing The Cannon

James Guttman -Aug 10, 2016

When we told Smart that his story sounded ridiculous, he said that we were the ones who were ridiculous and immediately stormed out of his office claiming that "Wipeout" was on.

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JG's 8/7/06 Raw Insanity: Ric Flair Hates Libraries

James Guttman -Aug 7, 2016

George Jefferson Hardy owns a chain of dry cleaners and flies to the ring in his "Jefferson Airplane". We're also working on bringing in Honky Tonk Man so George can call him Honky...

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JG's 7/28/08 Raw Insanity: Bow Down To Your Adamleader

James Guttman -Jul 28, 2016

New! From the creators of WWE Vibrating Crayons comes WWE Trading Cards! Trade them with your friends. Steal them from your friends! Force-feed them to your friends!

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JG's 7/25/05 Raw Insanity: Carlito Pins The WWE Champion...Seriously

James Guttman -Jul 25, 2016

Just shut up and read, Nappy.

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JG's 7/15/04 Smackdown Insanity: Bald Man Walking! The Return of Kurt Angle.

James Guttman -Jul 15, 2016

No, you can't do it because you're thinking of another game show.  It has nothing to do with poop.

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JG's 7/13/10 NXT Insanity: Nextivus For The Rest of Us

James Guttman -Jul 13, 2016

Who's Tina and why can't I be in her for 90 days?

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JG's 7/11/05 Raw Insanity: Poor Man's Pillman V1

James Guttman -Jul 11, 2016

Broccoli is nutritious and delicious. When the PC groups bitch and moan, we can say "Shut up, lesbians. He stands for children eating vegetables. How can you be pissed off about that?"

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JG's 7/9/07 Raw Insanity:...and Starring Jeff Hardy as John Cena

James Guttman -Jul 9, 2016

So, Re-Porters!
{Yeah!} Reporters!
{Yeah!} Reporters!
If you wanna kiss my hindquarters

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JG's 7/5/04 Raw Insanity: The Miseducation of Eugene Dinsmore

James Guttman -Jul 5, 2016

Nice to meet you guys. Say, Mr. Fuji, can you pass the salt?

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JG's 6/30/08 Raw Insanity: C.M. Punk Will Be Your Hunter Figure

James Guttman -Jun 30, 2016

Small guys lost tonight,You could be my new Jim Ross tonight...

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JG's 6/27/05 Raw Insanity: Ric Flair Touches Kurt Angle's Special Area

James Guttman -Jun 27, 2016

But Mr. McDaddy, I don't want to have a pillow fight with my sister.

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JG's 6/21/04 Raw Insanity: The Rock Stops By... And Talks About King Kong Bundy's Scrotum

James Guttman -Jun 21, 2016

Watch out for the Big Red Brain Splatter, Little Kim!

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JG's 6/20/05 Raw Insanity: Edge Makes Hardy a Wedding Joke

James Guttman -Jun 20, 2016

 Ladies and gentlemen of the United Nations, I give to you the new UN Ambassador from the United States of America. Mr. Stone Cold Steve Austin...

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JG's 6/15/09 Raw Insanity: Donald Trump Will Buy Anything

James Guttman -Jun 15, 2016

M.V.P. vs. Ernie. Mike Knox vs. Telly. Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Noodle...

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JG's 6/13/05 Raw Insanity: Lita Makes Out with Snitsky, Stephanie Makes Out with Everyone

James Guttman -Jun 13, 2016

No problem. G'Night everyone. Happy raping.

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JG's 6/11/07 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Finally Gets Some Appreciation...Then He Dies

James Guttman -Jun 11, 2016

So he's on the floor and crying like a baby.  After all the people he had whacked, you'd think he could take a gunshot.  No way.  What a looooser.

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JG's 6/7/03 Raw Insanity: Steve Austin is Obsessed With Kane's Towel-Covered Face

James Guttman -Jun 7, 2016

The other guys pick on me though. They call me "Basement Boy" and "Burnt Face," but I don't care...

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JG's 6/6/05 Raw Draft Insanity: Raw's New Champ is Here!

James Guttman -Jun 6, 2016

Hey! Hey! Evolution is a piece of cheese! You eat cheese, you know what I mean. Pass the peas and rake the leaves...

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JG's 6/2/03 Raw Insanity: Michaels Wants To Feed Flair a Torch and Kane Doesn't Believe In Violence

James Guttman -Jun 2, 2016

I don't really smell anything different when the Rock comes out. Is it just me? Are you guys smelling something? Maybe it's my sinuses.

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JG's 5/19/03 Raw Insanity: Ric Flair Cries His Way To a Defeat

James Guttman -May 19, 2016

Do you think D-Lo Brown used to get teased whenever they came to the "Bi-Lo" Center?

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JG's 5/12/03 Raw Insanity: The Final Appearances of The Road Warriors and Freddie Blassie

James Guttman -May 12, 2016

Still to Come Goldberg v Christian Cage in a...uh, cage. Also, Kevin Nash meets Chris Jericho. I'm sorry...

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JG's 5/3/04 Raw Insanity: Benoit vs. Michaels...Now With More Hunter!

James Gutman -May 3, 2016

We have a beautiful seven foot, bald son named Satanico Hellspawn. He's the light of my life...

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JG's 4/27/09 Real Time Raw Insanity: Shane-o Insane-o Strong Like Bull

James Guttman -Apr 27, 2016

Watcha gonna do, brother, when the largest arms in the world smash your bathroom window in the middle of the night, undo the latch, slide down into the tub, go into your bedroom, and chop your head off?

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JG's 4/26/04 Raw Insanity: Kane Gives Lita Some Big Red Lovin'

James Guttman -Apr 26, 2016

From the creators of Head of the Class and Blade 3, comes the sitcom that the entire world will be talking about...

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JG's 4/23/07 Raw Insanity: Shawn Michaels and John Cena Tear The Bloody House Down

James Gutman -Apr 23, 2016

"Ha! It's a juicy Mexicool in your mouth. If you for eighteen charo pitas then it's not for you mouth to be having the explosion! Ha ha! It's too juicy!"

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JG's 4/21/03 Raw Insanity: Goldberg Hates Rock Concerts

James Guttman -Apr 21, 2016

I used to inhale the pyro and breathe it out my nose and then one day I woke up with seven fingers.

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JG's 4/14/03 Raw Insanity: The One Where Goldberg Wears The Wig

James Guttman -Apr 14, 2016

Nash is shown backstage.  He's just sitting on a box and thinking. He must have been put on "Time Out."

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JG's 4/10/06 Raw Insanity: The McManson Family Goes To Church

James Guttman -Apr 10, 2016

You're supposed to say, "That gets my heart pumpin'!" Just do it, man! Those Oompa Loompas are f**kin' crazy!

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JG's 4/9/07 Raw Insanity: A Little Kid Outbooks Jonathan Coachman

James Guttman -Apr 9, 2016

So? I'm not a wuss. Dude. Totally. Not a wuss. Look. Look I can pinch my arm really hard and I don't even scream.

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JG's 4/6/09 Raw Insanity: Starring Orton as Gene Snitsky, Vicki as Eric Bischoff, and Batista as Vince McMahon

James Guttman -Apr 6, 2016

Tank ya, Vicki. My you look so sweet. No 'under dem boys befightin' ova you...

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JG's 3/26/07 Raw Insanity: Vince McMahon Stops The Lashley Train

James Guttman -Mar 26, 2016

Sanjaya? No, Aretha. It's pronounced "Bobby."

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JG's 3/24/03 Raw Insanity: Stone Cold Ruins The Rock Concert

James Guttman -Mar 24, 2016

Good to have ya back, Goldberg. I missed listening to you obsess about your pets. That was sarcasm and this is Raw...

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JG's 3/23/09 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Gets Him Some of That Stephanie McMahon

James Guttman -Mar 23, 2016

Hi. I'm Donald Trump.  What's your name?  Stu?  Your name Stu?  Hah?   Stu?  Good.  Stu's a good name. I knew a fella named Stu once. So that's your name now.

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JG's 3/21/05 Raw Insanity: Randy Orton Kisses Stacy Kiebler...Then He Kills Her

James Guttman -Mar 21, 2016

Next! Come on in. Stand on the giant "H," state your name, your gimmick, and why you should be in Evolution.

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JG's 3/19/07 Raw Insanity: Scalping Eugene

James Guttman -Mar 19, 2016

The Condemned. It's about prisoners who are forced to fight each other for their own survival. I remember this movie! Wasn't it called "WCW?"

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JG's 3/15/04 Raw Insanity: The Crippling Champ

James Guttman -Mar 15, 2016

No, not at all. I'm just confused by your resume is all. Like this, for example. Under "other skills," you wrote "once pushed a one-legged guy down a flight of stairs."

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