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In a Year-End Shocker, Readers and Staff Agree. 2010's Wrestler of the Year is...

By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff Dec 31, 2010 - 4:32 PM print

This one could be considered a shocker.  Not only did it cap off a year of agreements between staff and readers for nearly every award, but it showed that there's one star out there many counted out for Wrestler of the Year.  But, oh no, he came to play and everyone voting had the same idea....

2010's Wrestler of the Year is...

The Miz



2nd Place:  Randy Orton
3rd Place:   John Cena

2nd Place:  Randy Orton
3rd Place:   John Cena

Reader Comments:

"From January to December, there was nothing but improvement from The Miz.  We all witnessed the ascension of the Real World Hoo-Rah goofball to WWE champion and main eventer for a long time.  Amazing.  "
- Emmett Gore -

" Oh my God,  I still can't believe I'm saying this but it's true. The Miz did something this year that I don't think anyone else in the history of pro-wrestling has done: He went from "X-Pac heat" to WWE freaking champion in about a year and a half. It's unbelievable. He was a boring, talentless douche. Now he's an entertaining, technically sound, awesome douche, and one of my favorite parts of wrestling every week.  "
- Jeffrey W. Posson

" He has been the MVP for WWE all year long. He held tag titles, had a great stint as Daniel Bryan's mentor on NXT, was US Champion, won Money in the Bank, then cashed it in to beat Randy Orton for the title. His promos as a top heel are a highlight of the show and have become one of the things I look forward to on a weekly basis. This guy literally went from a joke in 2006 to the top of the wrestling world in 2010. " - Trace Armstrong

"I can't believe I'm doing this, but I have to go with The Miz for wrestler of the year. Look at the year he has had. He was US Champ, Tag Champ, Money In the Bank, and World Champ. His ring work has improved drastically and he has had stellar matches against guys like Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, Randy Orton, even Jerry Lawler. For a guy who was on the Real World just ten short years ago, I am shocked at how far he has come in his WWE tenure. "
- Zack Levine



Staff Comments:


"Who would have thought just three years ago that The Miz would even be a contender for this award, let alone the winner? I absolutely didn't see it coming. But in a year where wrestling hit some all-time lows in terms of fan interest, Miz was there capturing the tag team titles, the U.S. Title, Money In The Bank, and of course, the WWE Title. Sure, he's no Chris Jericho in the ring, but he has charisma in spades and has proven he can hang with everyone from Daniel Bryan to Randy Orton. At the risk of channeling my inner Michael Cole, The Miz proved in 2010 that he is indeed, awesome."
- Canadian Bulldog
" Being the ROHbot that I am, I think a lot of people might be shocked to learn that I have a deep respect for The Miz. Actually, I have even more respect for Mike Mizanin. Here's a little story for you – even though the show had been on for years, I didn't start watching MTV's The Real World until the tenth season due to seeing fine, black women with big boobs and too much make up respectively. And then there was this guy named Mike. Mike happened to be a wrestling fan, and wanted to become a wrestler. Mike was pretty annoying on the show, and seemed like a goofball. But like me, the guy loved wrestling; so annoyances and goofiness be forgotten.

When Mike finally made his splash in WWE, I was happy for him (even if that splash came from poorly reading a phone number off his palm). As much as I liked him though, I never thought of The Miz as a main event star; let alone a future WWE champion. Shoot to April 2010 – the WWE Draft. I sat in the Richmond Coliseum and witnessed The Miz get more heat than anyone on the show. It was there that I realized I was wrong. The Miz proved everyone wrong this year. From winning WWE Tag gold with The Big Show, to capturing the WWE U.S. title, to becoming the star of NXT Season 1 (with Michael Cole and Daniel Bryan right behind him), to gaining the title of Raw's Mr. Money in the Bank, to finally doing the seemingly impossible when thought of years ago by earning the WWE championship.

This year, The Miz showed the entire world – all the doubters; all the unbelievers; all the John Morrison fans who said Morrison would eclipse him when they split as a team; and even some of his fans who didn't totally think he was the man he'd become – that The Miz is the real deal, and, dare I say, awesome! "
- James Bullock



" I used to watch him on the Real World cause that's how you talk to 20 year old girls at the bar.  You know their stuff.  Today, I watch Justin Bieber and that E Reality Show about the family with the big asses.  Back then, I watched the Real World.  I'd be like, "What's up, baby?  You watch Real World?  Me too.  Hey, how's about I make a tossed salad out of your pants?"  That one didn't really work that well, but while she was staring at me in shock, I'd swap her drink out with some Nyquil.  Oh boy.  Those were the days.  What am I talking about here?  Huh?  Miz?  Miz, right?  Yeah.  He's cool.  I vote for him.  He reminds me of Parker Lewis.  Now get out of my house. - Uncle Ralph
" As someone who only watches maybe two hours of WWE/TNA a week, and genuinely doesn't care for the product or the handling of good talent, I was actually looking forward to Miz cashing in on the shot for the majority of the year.  That one RAW when he tried to cash in on Sheamus but Sheamus couldnt stand before the match started was a night I was genuinely on the edge of my seat.  I think the way the WWE dealt with Miz this year is one of the things they didn't screw up on.  The guy has some mainstream appeal, natural charisma and good promos and shined this year.  He`s the Miz and he`s AWESOME! - Kevin Wallace
" The Miz being a Tag team champ, A U.S champ, Money in the bank winner, and the World Champ! That's what you call a Hell of a year!
  " - Jay Winterz

Check Back after the New Year for The 2010 Moment of Insanity!

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