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Insanity Readers and Staff Choose: 2011's Babyface of The Year
By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff
Dec 29, 2011 - 3:10 PM

People say, "Oh, Superman wouldn't be Superman without a good Lex Luthor to battle."  Point granted.  But Superman wouldn't be Superman without...uh, Superman.  His name is the movie title for crying out loud.  Sure to cause some debate, these two men are the ones we chose as our title characters for 2011...

2011 Reader's Choice for Babyface of The Year is...

Zack Ryder

2nd Place: John Cena
3rd Place: C.M. Punk 

Reader Comments:

" I was at MSG for Survivor Series and nobody received a bigger pop than this man. No, not The Rock, I’m talking about Mr. Woo Woo Woo himself - Zack Ryder. Chants for Ryder have gone through not just WWE shows this year, but at TNA house shows I went to in Asbury Park and ROH shows at Hammerstein. No wrestler was more beloved this year than Ryder. Just shows the power of the internet for wrestling fans in this day and age. "- Zach Levine

"Zack Ryder started the year off as a bad gimmick and on the fast track to being released. He took a chance with his internet show and by the end of the year, he had 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden chanting his name for the majority of the night. If that is not the best gamble someone has ever taken I don't know what is." - Brian Hart


"From the Outhouse to the Penthous.  Who knows if he has the chops to be a main eventer?  2012 will decide it."- Rick Lipman

2011 Staff Choice for Babyface of The Year is...

C.M. Punk


2nd Place: John Cena
3rd Place: 
The Rock

Staff Comments:
"It's very difficult to create the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, but WWE made an attempt to do so with CM Punk's "Voice of the Voiceless" persona. Sure, it didn't play out as most of us would have liked to see, but damn - at least we had that month or so where Punk was giving the fans precisely what they wanted." - Canadian Bulldog
" He may not get the screams of the women and kids like Cena does, but with "that promo" CM Punk became the most popular man on the WWE roster. From interiew requests to merchandise sales that toppled Cena's merch juggernaut numbers halfway through the year, Punk has emerged as a favorite for multiple demographics. While nowhere close to Austin's popularity, he's as close of a character to Stone Cold as anybody has been over the past ten years...being a more "real" anti-authority figure than Cena has ever been able to pull off ." - ZAH


"I'm not a big fan of Punk and realize that he spent a good portion of 2011 as a heel but the guy really has done a lot to step up his game and was one of the most talked about WWE performers this year. Hopefully WWE doesn't mess this up ...but they most likely will. "- Kevin Wallace



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