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Readers and Staff Agree. 2011's Female Wrestler of the Year is...
By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff
Dec 27, 2011 - 8:03 AM

Longtime fans of pro wrestling have seen the female division evolve from a small part of the shows to a major one.  You have the current crop of Divas, Knockouts, and female stars to thank for that.  In 2011, one woman not only deserved that thanks but recieved it as both readers and staff chose her as the best of the past year ...

2011's Female Wrestler of The Year is...

Beth Phoenix

2nd Place: Natalya
3rd Place: Kelly Kelly

2nd Place: Mercedes Martinez
3rd Place: Kharma/Sara Del Ray (tie)

Reader Comments:

" Anyone who Glam-Slams Eve on her face fom the top rope should get Diva of the damn Century. " - Brian Hart

" I was really hoping to be voting for Kharma by now.
" - Andrew Rose

"Beth always had the edge over everyone because, while she's as beautiful as any Diva in WWE, she's pushed as a tough woman.  She's not stuck being a shy little flower and can Glamazon her way through the competition.  She's a breath of fresh air in the female division.  Has been for year. " - Joseph Polk



Staff Comments:


" This really hasn't been much of a banner year for women either in WWE, where, at least the perception is, they're sending in people who can't work any form of good match. In TNA, they are too busy calling each other sluts and whores, if not actually being sluts and whores. And it's pretty much disappeared from ROH right now. Last year, LayCool, as a team took the honours, and this year I would be tempted to say "Pin Up Strong/Divas Of Doom/Whatever name they're using this week". However, while LayCool really were equals, in the team of Beth and Natalya, one is clearly positioned as the star and the other is the one who is booked to do all the jobs. Thusly, almost by process of elimination, I'm voting for Beth Phoenix." - Aaron Wood


" Don't try telling me that other promotions have better female wrestling than WWE because I don't care. TNA's ratings are negligible and most wrestling fans haven't seen SHIMMER. At the end of the day, Phoenix is simply the best woman's wrestler on the planet."  - ZAH

" This is one of those odd categories for me, and Mike Johns will kill me, but it is hard for me to get into female wrestling. I don’t think there are very many out there who can actually do it all that well. Beth Pheonix throughout these past few months has shown why she is one of the few who actually can.
- Corey Letson


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