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Insanity Readers and Staff Choose: 2011's Most Improved Wrestler of The Year
By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff
Dec 28, 2011 - 12:37 PM

There has never been a category vote like this one.  It was one of the closest votes we've ever had for both staff and readers in one category and - get this - both close votes weren't even between the same guys.  One thing's certain, it was a year about improvement and that's a good thing for the entire business...

2011 Reader's Choice for Most Improved Wrestler of The Year is...

Mark Henry

2nd Place: Dolph Ziggler
3rd Place: Cody Rhodes

Reader Comments:

" Where has this monster been for the last 15 years? "- Jim Hammond

"Mark Henry being taken seriously seemed unlikely, but then something happened... Henry betrayed Cena and Christian during a Draft match and became a heel. As a heel Henry didn't seem like much of a threat, but slowly and surely the big man went from that old guy no one takes seriously into a human cannonball." - Peter Dawson


"For the first time since his 1996 debut, Mark Henry made me care about him. I'm not sure why it took him so long to find his niche, but I'm glad he was able to do it. He's become a great "killing machine" heel character. I just hope WWE doesn't jump the gun and turn him face again just to sell some T-shirts. "- Justin Ballard

2011 Staff Choice for Most Improved Wrestler of The Year is...

Dolph Ziggler


2nd Place: Bobby Roode
3rd Place: Mark Henry, Bully Ray, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder (tie)



Staff Comments:
" GIVE HIM THE BELT ALREADY! Besides the stupid name, this guy actually wrestle better than most of the roster and his promo skills and look aren't bad either. I'm sure Zack Ryder will get the nod here but Ziggler has really slowly climbed the ranks over the years and I believe he's a step a way from the main event scene for years to come." - Kevin Wallace
"It was obvious for at least two years that Ziggler was a capable wrestler who had the ability to be very good if given the time to find himself. In 2011, that’s exactly what happened as Ziggler came into his own. Look no further than several of the pay-per-views before WWE TLC. Who else on the roster can say the WWE brass trusted them to compete in not just one, but two matches? Not only that, but the man delivered in both of those matches - and every night for that matter. No matter what, Dolph Ziggler is out to show off and steal the show no matter the opponent or the match placement. That’s proof in itself that he knows how much better he was just a year ago, and what he Dolph Ziggler means for the future of WWE ." -  James Bullock

"The thing about this award is that it Dolph Ziggler genuinely improved.  In the case of Mark Henry and, maybe, even Bobby Roode - they had improved pushes.  But they didn't really have to improve anything they did.  Mark Henry has been ready for years. He was just waiting for the company to trust him. The same could be argued for Roode in TNA.  Ziggler, on the other hand, genuinely had improved ability.  The fact that WWE continued to place him on PPV double duty and no one complained, says tons.  Fans accepted it and his matches were always a highlight.  If 2012 isn't his year, I'll be really surprised.." - James Guttman



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