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By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff Dec 26, 2011 - 9:33 AM print

Tag Team Wrestling ain't what it used to be.  For the last few years, fans have seen the tag division in the "main companies" die down.  But that doesn't mean that tag wrestling is dead.  One company seems to have the market cornered.  This year's Tag Team of the Year award is certainly "The Award of Honor"...




2011 Reader's Choice for Tag Team of The Year is...

The World's Greatest Tag Team
(Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)


2nd Place: Air Boom
3rd Place:  Beer Money/Awesome Truth (tie) 

Reader Comments:

"There were no other tag teams in either of the big two that had a stellar year. Haas & Benjamin had great matches with anyone Ring of Honor matched them up with. They are also one of the few traditional, old school tag teams left making them unique in this day and age of throwing two guys together and hoping for the best ."- Trace Armstong

"It still pisses me off that WWE never fully appreciated these guys." - Justin Ballard


"Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were meant to be a tag team.  Forces aligned to bring them together and they are, without question, one of the final examples of true tag teams.  Put together by promoters and achieved success through skill.  Been a fan of them since the WWE and.glad to see them finally getting the respect they deserve in ROH." - "The Teeth"

2011 Staff Choice for Tag Team of The Year is...

The Briscoe Brothers
(Jay and Mark)




2nd Place: All Night Express
3rd Place: Air Boom/World's Greatest Tag Team/Awesome Truth (tie)




Staff Comments:
" Best tag team in the business today. Hands down. If you have not watched one single Brisco promo or match then you are out of the loop. They have been completely amazing." - Matt Dawgs
"While Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin picked up a ROH World Tag Team title victory, and successfully defended the title throughout the year, it was The Briscoes that got everyone talking about the ROH Tag Team division, and ROH as a whole. Following their returning to their roots, Jay and Mark Briscoe released a video entitled "Day 1" that set the tone for this new version of an old standard.   Not only did The Briscoes get the ball rolling on biggest ROH Tag title feud from a star power perspective in ROH history, but also helped build for the future. Their blood feud with The All Night Express of Kenny King and Rhett Titus turned the young men from a midcard comedy duo looking to solidifying themselves as real up and coming talent to legitimate main eventers that could be placed in a ring with The American Wolves and the fans wouldn’t bat an eye. During Wrestlemania weekend, The Briscoes brought the fight to the aptly named Future Shock - Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole - and Future Shock brought the fight right back; giving the fans a glimpse of the toughness of the newly formed duo. Dem Boys are doing anything they feel like to return to tag team prominence, and, once again, they have the audience mesmerized by everything they’re doing." - James Bullock

" There is no team out there that has done much to emerge as rightful winners this year and The Briscoe's get my vote in a very weak list of contenders." - Kevin Wallace

" This year hasn't been a banner year for the big 2. WWE seem to be trying and 2012 could see an upswing between Kingston & Bourne, Epico & Primo, The Usos, Hawkins & Reks and others. TNA has gone the other way, systematically destroying it's tag division to the point where their current champions are a pair put together because the then-champions had no-one to face and are right now doing a "Wildcard tournament" with wacky "random" teams to determine contenders.

Thank God (or whomever you choose, should you choose to) for Ring Of Honor, who have had a banner year for tag teams, despite the loss of the Kings Of Wrestling to the WWE (or at least when Chris Hero actually signs with them), with teams ranging from Haas & Benjamin, Future Shock, the returning Young Bucks, The Bravados, All Night Express and The American Wolves. However, top of the pile for me, is DEM BOYS, Jay & Mark Briscoe, who are the most entertaining team of this current generation. Now, to be honest, for me, their matches tend to have TOO much blood on occasion, but still, in a company who have had, as I've said, a banner year for a tag wrestling, the Briscoes are tippy-top." - Aaron Wood




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