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Readers and Staff Agree. 2011's Worst Gimmick of The Year is...
By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff
Dec 28, 2011 - 7:18 PM

He's the man you love to hate.  Well, maybe you don't even love hating him.  You just do.  2011 was not his year, unless, of course, his goal was to be the go-to vote for every award with "Worst" in the title ...

2011's Worst Gimmick of The Year is...

Michael Cole - Evil Announcer

2nd Place: Mexican America
3rd Place: Joker Sting
Honorable Mentions: The Anonymous Raw General Manager, Sin Cara, Eric Young Goes Hollywood, Robbie E., Johnny Ace

2nd Place: Eric Young Goes Hollywood
3rd Place:   Sangriento
Honorable Mentions: Anarquia, Heath Slater, Joker Sting

Reader Comments:

"I really don’t know how to explain this, but if wrestling was real, everything that has to do with this would be really confusing and on the edge. And it wouldn’t go down like it has. Michael Cole is not a silver screen actor, so why force a script upon him that calls for him to be? I usually go to the kitchen or bathroom when these two go at it; sometimes I flip to Monday Night Football.  " - Ben Davis

"He's annoying when he's not trying to be and unbearable when he is.  Michael Cole is seven shades of awful .
" - Shaun Reed

"Enough now. Seriously. Either call the match straight or get out. " - Mark in London



Staff Comments:


"The man practically single handedly ruins RAW for 90% of the audience each and every week. Never has an on air character been so completely unbearable and distracting from a wrestling storyline ." - Matt Dawgs

"This was tough for me because there simply aren't as many silly gimmicks as there used to be. The new trend almost appears to be "no gimmick is the new gimmick". So if I had to pick anybody, I'd go with Cole. He's simply not believable in his role. He's a guy who is TRYING to be heel...and he does it poorly." - ZAH

- -
"To pick up what exactly makes me angry with Michael Cole is a difficult thing as there are a lot of problems with the Cole character however his infatuation with burying the current World Champion all year long has been troublesome and one of those things that does nothing positive for either man or even the WWE and hurts them in the long run. This whole thing sucks and looks to continue into the new year.
  "- Kevin Wallace


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