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Readers and Staff Agree. 2011's Worst Storyline of the Year is...

By World Wrestling Insanity's Readers & Staff Dec 27, 2011 - 7:41 PM print

Imagine drifting off to sleep as a child, but you ask your mom or dad to tell you a story before you do.  The only problem?  The story is awful.  Now imagine they tell you that story for eight weeks and then charge you $80 for key parts of it through two installments on random Sundays.  Would it annoy you?  Sure it would.  Just like this one did ...

2011's Worst Storyline of The Year is...

Triple H, Kevin Nash, and Johnny Ace:
Power, Betrayal, and Text Messages

Cell Phone Wars

2nd Place: Michael Cole vs. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
3rd Place: The Unresolved Anonymous Raw General Manager
Honorable Mentions: Garrett Bischoff's Struggle, Kurt Angle vs. The Jarretts, Snooki at WrestleMania

2nd Place: The Unresolved Anonymous Raw General Manager
3rd Place:  Kurt Angle Joins Immortal, Heel Michael Cole, Hogan vs. Dixie For TNA Power, CM Punk Leaves WWE (tie)

Reader Comments:

"So Nash text himself from Triple H's mobile because...what?? Let it end. Please. " - Mark From London

"You have the hottest wrestler in the world on your roster and after standing tall at Summerslam you have Kevin FREAKING Nash come out, powerbomb him, and cause him to lose the title. This spun into a feud where HHH pinned CM Punk and CM Punk never got revenge on Nash. This was the worst thing WWE could have done and it killed all the momentum they had coming out of Money in the Bank.
" - Trace Armstrong

"' SOMEBODY doesn’t want CM Punk or John Cena to be champion'…Punk said that on RAW a couple of times; that mixed with that text Nash sent himself?!?? It was all supposed to be part of the same story but somehow it really went NOWHERE. " - Ben Davis



Staff Comments:


" CM Punk wins the title and leaves the company. That was awesome. We had so many weird and interesting places to go with it. He comes back two weeks later. Ok, whatever, this can still be recovered. Oh wait, Triple H came from a board meeting to fire Vince McMahon and take his job. Also, Johnny Ace is now his right hand man who is secretly trying to undermine him? Then Kevin Nash comes out to screw over Punk and help Johnny Ace. Suddenly Punk and Nash trash-talk each other before Triple H decides to beat up Kevin Nash himself. This doesn’t happen though, instead Nash beats Punk up a few times then is randomly fired and Punk laughs at him.

Johnny Ace then gets the company from Triple H after Vince comes back to fire Triple H from controlling RAW but still lets him be COO just with no power at all. Nash then comes back to fight Triple H while Johnny Ace stumbles through lines and tries to screw with Punk.

Seeing where the storyline went from Money in the Bank until now I need to get something off my chest. I’m sorry I defended the storyline all the way to somewhere around Survivor Series. I don’t know why. I guess I just enjoy having hope. Guttman called this one from the Raw after MitB. - Corey Letson


" Yes I did, Corey Letson!  The thing about this storyline that makes it so bad is that, if we play hypothetical, you see how bad it is.  Picture it.  The day after CM Punk walks out of Chicago with the WWE title, everyone online is so giddy it's insane.  Then, I come along and say, 'Yeah. Whatever.  He'll be back in two weeks and Triple H will beat him before feuding with Kevin Nash!'  Everyone would boo me and say I'm a bitter, cynical jerk. Well, guess what.  That's what happened.  Just like the excitement everyone had for Nexus that eventually fell flat and the Daniel Bryan World Title story that'll do the same thing in the next month or so, WWE builds you up but then tends to knock you down.  What do they have to lose?  TNA could sign Barack Obama, Elvis, and The Rock and WWE would still double their ratings.  No matter who gets pushed here and there on WWE TV, one thing holds true.  The main event scene there has always been like the Olive Garden.  Because when you're there, you're family ." - James Guttman

- -

" As we started 2011, a friggin' computer was in charge of Monday Night Raw. Okay, fine, it was a little silly, but no less logical than, say, Mike Adamle, so long as they paid it off. And of course, they never did. So Vince McMahon then owned up to being able to override the Anonymous GM and attempted to do so when it came to John Cena and CM Punk. But McMahon, the acknowledged Chairman and Founder of WWE, was overthrown by his son-in-law Triple H under the guise of it being a "board decision". I can even buy into that part, but why did the WWE superstars then feel the need to overthrow HHH because of poor decisions he'd made, and replace him John Laruinitis? And do you see the problem here? The executives keep getting overruled by people who, technically, work under them, not above them. Where else would a scenario like this ever unfold?
" - Canadian Bulldog


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