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JG's Insanity Notebook: A Very Immortal Thanksgiving, King Sheamus, Extreme NXT, Nobody Pats Down Edge, and More
By James Guttman
Nov 30, 2010 - 4:33 PM

- Sheamus is the new King of the Ring for 2010.   Immediately following the win, Wikileaks released confidential cables between Hillary Clinton and US delegates questioning Sheamus's mental state.


- The NXT: Divas Finale takes place tonight exclusively online.   Initially, the show replaced ECW on television.   According to WWE spokespeople, after three seasons, the show is finally just like ECW - only people on the Internet get it.  


- TNA Final Resolution takes place this Sunday.   The fact that they're still making New Year's Resolutions in December should tell you all you need to know about how organized they are.


- TNA Impact saw a special Thanksgiving dinner featuring all the members of Fortune and Immortal enjoying the event with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, who celebrated the day with their young protégés just as they did with the Indians.


- "Whooo, Chief!   Pass that maize!   I am a Mayflower riding, stovetop hat wearing, butter churning, Plymouth Rockin' - whoo - son of a Separatist.   I kill all the buffalo - ha - and make 'em cry!"


- On Smackdown this week, WWE's leprechaun Hornswoggle appeared to kill and then eat a man in an Eagle suit.   In a related story, the WWE creative team scored some really good acid.


- Is there a reason why Frankie Kazarian, who looks exactly like a high society pimp, isn't playing the role of a high society pimp?   You can smell the Aqua Net and Drakkar Noir through the TV.   Why is this guy not sipping a Manhattan and threatening to cut people's fingers off?


- I went off on this during a audio, but why is it a stretch that Jeff Jarrett can do MMA?   Isn't wrestling a style in MMA?   Isn't he a former Wrestling Champion?   He can make professional athletes tap out to a figure four but it's a joke to imagine he can do an ankle lock ?   Isn't that a wrestling hold?   Hasn't he been doing this for like 25 years?!


- John Cena's masked cousin from Mexico, Juan Cena, made his debut at house shows.   John's Canadian cousin, Dan Akroyd, reportedly turned the spot down.


- WWE is apparently bringing back "Tough Enough" to USA Network.   The program features WWE hopefuls auditioning for a job with the company.   Fans may be familiar with the show under its other name - TNA Impact.


- Fans recently were treated to Edge's kidnapping of Paul Bearer on Smackdown.   Even more amazing was that in the two weeks of Smackdown, Edge was able to transport his victim overseas and back to the United States.   How is it that grandmothers can't go through an airport screening line without either being radiated or felt up but Edge can smuggle a full grown man into the country?   Forget R.   He's the TSA Rated Superstar now.



That does it for me, guys.   We'll have plenty more on the way so be sure to check back.   Be Well.   Thanks for sharing my Insanity.

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