Mallory Mahling
Mallory Returns with Cake and Thoughts on Five Insane Years
By Mallory Mahling
Sep 28, 2010 - 9:10 PM

Hi y'all. I'm back with a virtual chocolate cake for the fifth anniversary celebration of World Wrestling Insanity, as well as some reminiscing.
To say time flies when you're having fun has never been more true than when it's applied to time spent at WWI. For the past ten years, my Monday nights have included recapping pro wrestling shows, whether they be WWE or WCW. Then five years ago James Guttman invited me to join the team at WWI, and it has been so much fun ever since.
So I sat down and started thinking about some of the memorable moments . . .
Champions and characters have come and gone, but these days they are more mainstream than ever. Indeed, WWE may even have a representative in the Senate if all goes well in the coming election. And that is AWESOME!, to borrow a familiar quote.
With so many diverse opportunities for pro wrestlers (as well as mixed martial artists) to share their interests via reality shows, etc., we've seen Big Dave Batista being a fussy judge on "Iron Chef," and Chuck Liddell twirling around the ballroom on "Dancing With the Stars." "Survivor" has seen its share of sports entertainers over the years, too. I recall Ashley Massaro's short-lived stay on "Survivor - China." It would have been perfect if Diva Chyna had been available to appear on that season, but she'd already been future-endeavored.
NASCAR has not been ignored as far as cross-promotion, either. In fact, John Cena has been a frequent visitor to pit lane. A couple of drivers, Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, even served as guest hosts earlier this year; fortunately, both are high profile drivers and their WWE-sponsored car ended up in victory lane. 
I have always been proud to be associated with wrestling, even when my friends would hold their noses when the subject came up (unless there was some sort of headline-making scandal involved, and then they'd want to know all the gory details). Figures, huh?
Admittedly, WWE could be crass at times, but there are times when WWE would do itself so proud, such as the annual Tribute to the Troops. There are no bigger red, white and blue moments in show biz than the annual holiday shows!
But a large part of the good times I associate with World Wrestling Insanity have been the result of the cast of characters it features. Plus James is one of the most gifted interviewers in the business. This site is literally a treasure trove of thoughts and conversations from some of wrestling's household names.
So happy anniversary, James! And may World Wrestling Insanity enjoy many, many more years of success.

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