Mallory Mahling
Mallory's Thoughts on the BitchFest That Is "Celebrity Apprentice"
By Mallory Mahling
May 12, 2010 - 8:00 AM

If you haven't been following "Celebrity Apprentice," it's beginning to wind down to the finish.  And like most reality shows at this point, friendships are falling by the wayside. 

For instance, last week's bitter enemies, Sharon Osbourne and Chef Curtis Stone, buried the hatchet amicably this week.  Go figure.  Sharon had dissed Curtis last week, telling him to "put another shrimp on the barbie" in reference to his Australian accent.   Obviously, the Brit and the Aussie were not seeing eye to eye. 

But this week Donald Trump, who enjoys stirring the pot, shuffled the teams again, switching Bret Michaels from the Sharon/Maria team to the Holly Robinson-Peete/Cyndi Lauper team.  That meant that Sharon and Maria were stuck with Curtis, who was determined to make the best of the teaming.

But surprise, surprise.  Sharon and Curtis soon became BFF's, leaving Maria to be the third wheel. 

This week's show was a decorating challenge, and each team was tasked with redecorating a corporate apartment.  Easier said than done, since, too many decorators with too many opinions can spoil a design. 

Sharon, Maria and Curtis sized up the apartment and then went shopping.  I though Maria had made some interesting decorating choices, but Sharon was overheard telling Curtis that Maria had "truck stop tastes." 


That wasn't nice, and if Maria had overheard, she might have taken off those little MMA gloves she wears all the time and given Sharon what for.  Anyway,  Maria got left behind to do the painting while Sharon and Curtis hit the stores again.

Ultimately, Sharon, Maria and Curtis won the challenge. 

And who got fired this week?  Cyndi Lauper, another WWE alum, who had butted heads with many of her fellow celebrities all season.  Buh bye, Cyndi.


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Thanks for reading and see ya next week.

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