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"Tough Enough," Episode 8 - The Rock Teaches a Charisma Lesson

By Mallory Mahling May 23, 2011 - 8:28 PM print

Welcome to WWI's recap of Episode 8 of "Tough Enough."

Last week was costly in terms of remaining hopefuls. Before Steve Austin could even consider who would be going home, fate took out two of his best candidates. First, Martin Casaus was eliminated with a broken ankle. A compassionate Stone Cold said he would not take Martin's belt; rather, he would allow him to hang it up himself. That meant a lot to Martin. Then Christina injured her ankle in the ring. As of the end of last week's show, it was unclear whether her injury was severe enough to eliminate her. Depending on the nature of Christina's injury, A.J., Andy, Jeremiah, and Luke may be the only competitors left.

For the moment, those still eligible to be Tough Enough are:

* Christina Crawford (status uncertain)

* A.J. Kirsch

* Andy Leavine

* Jeremiah Riggs

* Luke Robinson

Trish awaited the return of Christina from the hospital. The doctors told her that her ankle was sprained and all were relieved.  A.J. apologized profusely, feeling he'd caused the injury, but she didn't blame him.

Steve Austin told the hopefuls that this week's life lesson would be about charisma. To that end, "Psych's" James Roday showed up with Bill DeMott and a double-decker tour bus. Each would have to give his or her own 10-minute tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the bus riders. A.J. bombed, and so did Luke. DeMott said it looked like Christina had no people skills, and Andy was yawn-provoking. The winner was Jeremiah, whom DeMott said commanded the tour bus as soon as he took over.

Austin had a treat for the hopefuls, and in walked The Rock, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment. The Rock worked with each of them briefly and cautioned them to be looser. Then each got to do a promo with a trainer.

Jeremiah worked with DeMott and he did very well. Jeremiah got credit for being entertaining, but he's still struggling performance-wise and is still considered unsafe.

DeMott said he liked Luke's intonation.

Christina was a little timid, they felt.

Andy didn't stand out.

A.J. used DeMott's tendency to give people nicknames to his advantage. It was clearly the best promo of the day.

The Rock announced the winner of the skills challenge, promo-style, and it was a proud moment for A.J.

After a conference with his trainers, Austin nominated Christina, A.J. and Andy for elimination.

Trish liked A.J.'s promo, but Austin was still down on him.

It was felt Christina had no business talking to people. The trainers and Austin were very disappointed in her delivery.

Andy also fell short and was criticized for not playing off his life experience.

Austin asked Christina if she really had a passion for wrestling.  She said she did, but he did not feel it in her answer, and she was sent home.

Then Austin announced that two would be going home tonight and A.J. was also eliminated.

Andy got to stay, but Stone Cold warned him he'd need to "bust his ass" from now on.

So it's getting down to the wire. Three are left: Luke, Jeremiah, and Andy.

Who's your favorite?



"Tough Enough" is seen on Monday nights at 8:00/7:00 CT, as well as various times during the week. Check local listings.


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