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Glacier Presents..."Your Game Plan for a Successful Career in Professional Wrestling"
By Ray "Glacier" Lloyd
Feb 16, 2012 - 1:10 PM

JG Note: ClubWWI members know that Ray "Glacier" Lloyd is one of the true students of wrestling.  Throughout the run of his show, Ray has always expressed a desire to help those in the business succeed.  Now, we're proud to showcase his words of wisdowm from his all new blog at www.LivingTheDreamWithGlacier.comFeaturing insight and support for young stars, old stars, fans, and others, Glacier's advice promises to give you what you'd expect from him - cold hard facts to make you a better performer, career manager, and person.  Check it out and be sure to head over for more info!

This is the beginning of something that I really wish would of been around when I started wrestling.

If you’re a Professional Wrestler ( a Manager/Valet, Referee, Ring Announcer, etc) or thinking about becoming one, then you’ll benefit tremendously from this blog.

So many young wrestlers these days, possibly including you, are not trained properly or completely, and have had very little, if any coaching on how to manage their career in this business. I’m dedicating my new blog to educating all wrestlers who have the ultimate goal to ” Make it to the Show”.

I’ve been in the wrestling business for over 20 years and have had a very successful career. Most Pro Wrestling fans know me from my years in WCW (World Championship Wrestling) as GLACIER.

I’m about to disclose EVERYTHING you ever needed to know about how to Succeed in this Business!

Please feel free to send me any questions you may have, or topics you want to cover. Nothing is off limits.


WHY did I create this "Living The Dream" - Professional Wrestling" Blog?
Great question. Why, at this point in my career and life, should I start a Blog about how to help up and coming talent in the Professional Wrestling business have a successful career?

Well, here goes -

1. I am still very passionate about the wrestling business, and always will be.

2. Throughout my over 20 years in the business I’ve watched things become very “watered down” as far as Training and Mentoring in the wrestling business. That’s what the old “Territory” system provided, and it just doesn’t exist anymore.

3. I think it’s high time to have a place where young talent can go to get Honest and Accurate Career Advice.

I plan to start posting videos as well because I feel that it’s a much more effective form of delivery and communication.

This something that I’m Very Excited about look forward to the Future of this Blog. Please “Follow” Me on this great ride.

Any and All Questions are Welcome.

How can I Help You?

Those of you that are in the Professional Wrestling Business OR considering getting into the this business, please send me your thoughts on some Topics you’d like to see covered on the Blog.

I’m here to Help. With over 20 years experience in this business, at all levels, there’s not much I haven’t seen or experienced myself.

I look forward to your comments and questions.


-Ray Lloyd

Ps - This gonna be a Great Ride!

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