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Make The Match: Damien Sandow vs. The Genius
By Grant Chasen
Jun 23, 2013 - 12:06 PM

Since the day Damien Sandow arrived in WWE, he's been compared to another leaping scholar from days gone by. Today, we answer the question of what would happen if Sandow met his precursor. This time around, it's Damien Sandow vs. Lanny "The Genius" Poffo. Let's Make The Match!

The Genius Lanny Poffo

There's no way to paint this in a positive light. Poffo was a WWF punching bag. Sure he had skills, family lineage, and all that, but for years WWF used him as a jobber with a Frisbee. Leaping this way and that, Lanny read four line poems off the back of a flying disc before throwing it away and getting pinned. That was his job description.

Then, in a move that breathed life into his career, Poffo became the evil "Genius". In a constant state of graduation, Poffo wore his academic robe and continued to wow us with his annoying poetry. Although he still wrestled, his main duty was that of a manager. Mr. Perfect and The Beverly Brothers all saw the power that having a "Genius" in their corner could bring.

Sure Lanny still wrestled, but he usually lost those. In a memorable moment, he had his hair cut by Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. The effeminate villain took to wearing a curtly blonde wig complete with chinguard. It was a look that would be copied for decades to come but originated by Poffo himself.

Sure he was strange. Maybe hard to understand. Behold the Genius Lanny Poffo…the World's Smartest Man.

Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow may be fairly new to WWE, but Idol Stevens wasn't.

Stevens took part in a highly forgettable tag team with KC James about 8 years ago. The duo took on Tag Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London on Pay Per View. No one remembers that. had an interview with Stevens right at that time and it was around when I first signed up. It was cool to hear his take on the business and even cooler years later when Sandow debuted. The young star was hungry for success and very talented. The new look and gimmick is almost a direct contrast to his Three Way Sex lover gimmick in OVW. Yet, he makes it work.

Much like Poffo, he annoys audiences with requests that they raise their intellect. Mixing Lanny with Bob Backlund, Damien knows how to get under people's skin and play the elitist well. Even his feminine colored trunks he wears mimic the Genius before him. It's more than an homage to the Genius. It's, at times, like a sequel.

Sure Sandow has his own issues. He doesn't win often and is saddled alongside Cody Rhodes in Rhodes Scholars. He seems lost in the shuffle - a notch above the Usos but ages below anyone in a good spot.

Lately, Damien has been mounting a comeback and despite losing to Sheamus at the Payback Kick Off show, he extracted revenge less than a week later. It could be a sign of big things to come for the new Genius.

The Match

Sandow wins.

That's it. There's really little room for debate. The way these two characters were built, Poffo was always the running coward while Sandow has some sand in his britches (sorry, Jim Ross possessed my body for a moment). If Poffo could run for the duration of the match and let time run out, he might have a shot. If not, it's all Damien.

The real fun would be the prematch promos - which would probably double the match time. Lanny would give poetry, Sandow would mock his vocabulary, the two would trade barbs for a while, and then we'd get our four minute squash.

Post match comments would be on the WWE App.

That's it for this edition. Gear up for a monster match next time around!

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