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Fritz Stephey Mourns The Death of WWE Heat
By Fritz Stephey
Jun 6, 2008 - 4:05 PM

Well, the show that got me started working on World Wrestling Insanity is officially dead. HEAT, my friends, is done. Let us take a moment of don't have to stand, or turn off your music, or even think about the subject matter...just shut up for a second.

Now, I know what you're thinking..." Jeeze Fritz, you haven't written a report/review for Heat since like...Early May ", and you know what, you're right. I could go on and on about how WWE <dot> com sucks ass, and how every other episode the stream didn't work,, that was the show that got me started. I have nothing but respect for long was the show? 20 mins?

So, you're getting less of the Fritz ( which, I know, must be hard for you to take in. Though, like I'm proving right now...I may just pop out of nowhere with an article ).
But, it's not all tears, right? I mean, now if you go to see RAW Live, you'll get to be apart of the ECW crowd. And I mean, I guess since ECW has TV time, it must be better ( How though, I dunno. I mean, does ECW regularly feature great talent like Snitsky vs. a Jobber? What's gonna happen to classic matches like this? ).

Honestly, though, I don't see how you can't give the show at least some props. For a show that started in '98, on USA and then jumped from there to MTV, TNN/Spike, and then even managed to stay alive as a Webcast for the US viewers (T hem international folk still had in Televised ), produced 513 episodes ( according to WWE's HEAT page ). Which, by the way, pending the stream works, I will get the final episode review up.

There is one serious question that I have regarding the hottest talent Heat had. What's to become of Val Venis?

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