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TNA Hard Justice Real Time Report: Match By Match Coverage

By TNAaron Wood Aug 10, 2008 - 7:45 PM print

Welcome to the 
TNA Hard Justice 2008
Real Time Report

This report is being written in real time.  You will need to hit refresh in order to see the latest results as they happen.

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Hey everyone!  Welcome to the Real Time Coverage of tonight's TNA PPV, Hard Justice.  You can enter your own "Sounds like a Gay Porno" joke at this point.  I know you will be reading this tonight.  Why?  Well, who'd have bought this show?

Normally, I have you some really cool videos or some such as something to keep you going since both companies bailed on having any sort of pre-show that's worth a dime.  Not tonight.  Just because.  But what I do have have is the results of my week long poll, and thank you all for voting on it.

Why is Canadian Bulldog being such a jerk?
(a)  Jealousy - 12%
(b)  Quasi-homoeroic fixation - 14%
(c)  He doesn't mean to be a tool but he is so that's how it comes across - 5%
(d) SHNITSKY!!! - 31%
(e) Yes. - 38%

Thanks to all who voted.  I'll see you when the show begins!

Apparently, there are violent criminals and then, there are thes guys...  That leads us into the intro video previewing all the matches that are worth a dime.  I'm guessing that it's mimicking a US Cop show, but since the only one I really care about is Bones, I can't say I know what it is.  At a guess, Law & Order?

After that, we cut to the parking lot as Sting (sana make up) turns up and Lauren tries to get answers from him.  Naturally, he says nothing.  You know, as if he was going to answer 3 minutes into the PPV.

We open the show proper with the rap performance by some dudes that will never be heard of this side of the pond.  At least they got this garbage out the way rather than build up to it as if it drew any buys.  It's not the worst song I've ever heard, but they keep mentioning TNA and Hard Justice, which probably limits it's marketability.  INdeed, one of them seems intent on posing and showing his guns, which means they're probably gonna be in an angle soon enough.

Thing is, they've pretty much promoted that Ice T would be there.  Now the stream I'm watching this on isn't the best, but he ain't there unless I'm very much mistaken...

We got...and I've not said this in a long time...PYRO & BALLYHOO~! Before Tenay & West talked about Sting's presence before running down the card.  You know, because not having a single moment of wrestling action in the first 10 minutes of a PPV is such a good thing...

Mike finally suggests they get things going with...

Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed in a "Remember when the X Title was a showpiece?" match for the X Title

Creed came out first, still in his "Apollo" attire, while Scott Steiner's Mini-Me was next.  During the "bullet points" Tenay said that an important factor was that Petey only had one person to interfere on his behalf...

Rhaka tries to distract, but Creed catches Petey attack and takes Williams down.  They move to a bunch of leap frog and drop downs, but Petey hits an armdrag and goes for an early Canadian Destoryer (to a babyface pop!), but it's blocked.  Creed hits a double knee gutbuster (to boos!) before diving out and onto Williams, but not before not getting enough air and catching his head on the edge of the ring, although he seems OK.  However, it's Petey that gains the advantage.

As a "Let's Go Petey" chant gets going, Williams scores a 2 count before playing with Creed.  Creed punches back, but Petey telegraphed Creed's showboating and dropkicked Creed (to a pop).  Creed was whipped across, but he ducked out the ring instead of hit the corner.  However Petey quickly followed with a baseball slide and then a headscissors on the outside.

Creed got a jacknife roll up for a 2 count.  However, Petey scored a dropkick and then posed for the crowd.  Petey raked the eyes.  However, after a whip into the corner, Creed hit a superkick resulting in a standing 10 count.

Slugfest.  The fans do the "YAY!/BOO!" thing, in Petey's favour.  However, it's Creed that wins the battle, and hits a springboard bulldog.  Creed hit his punch combo for a 2 count.

Petey blocked a move and hit the tilt-a-whirl side Russian legsweep.  Petey went for the Destroyer again, but it was blocked again, and Creed caught Petey again.  Creed slingshot in, but right onto Creed's shoulders.  However, it was reversed into a crucifix pin for a 2 count.  Creed got a backslide for 2.  Creed smacked Williams with a kick.  Military press by Creed was countered and Petey locked in a sharpshooter to a big pop.  Petey grabbed Creed's arm to try and prevent him grabbing the rope, but he managed it eventually.

Petey began to taunt Creed, before taking chops at his insistence.  However, this just got him to Hulk up.  He hit the CreedDT and then a diving leg drop...ONE...TWO...NO!  Shoulder up at three.

Khan got in the ring, but Creedhit a Samoan drop on her.  However, Petey jumped infor a Destoryer.  Hit was blocked into a inverted piledriver of sorts for another really close 2 count.

Daivari (or whatever his name is) came down the ramp.  He waffled Creed in the back and this time Petey hit the Canadian Destoryer to a big pop for the three count.


Fine opener.

As Petey left, Daivari began ranting on the microhpne and grabbing a camerman to show the red,white & blue borken dude on the floor as a perfect metaphor for the country.  He told Creed if he was the American Dream, he got destoryed by the Middle Eastern Nightmare.  The name's Shiek Abdul Bashir, apparently.

TO THE BACK!  Borash was with Joe & Nash.  Borash touched on the Sting factor, but Joe said it didn't distract him form his match.  See Joe knew 2 things.  he was in the building and he knew what he had to do.  Joe said Sting's biggest issue now was with him.  Nash intervened to think it out.  Remember Victory Road?  He had his hands full.  Concentrate on Booker and Grandaddy Cool would take care of Sting.  Joe said Nash was right and told Booker that he'd walk down the aisle and the wannabe indy worker would stomp his ass all over Jersey.

Video for the girls!

Gail Kim, ODB & Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Awesome Kong in a "For all their drawing power, they still get lumped together as an afterthought..." match

Traci Brooks's music played and she was announced as the special referee for the match, and it's apparently her new role in TNA to maintain order among the women.  OK...

TEAM PRON~! came out first and did their entrance, and you knew in this town that would get a pop.  They were followed by Kong, who didn't copy their entrance.  That's probably for the best...  The babyfaces came out next.  Naturally (or in ODB's case, unnaturally).  Gotta love exposition.

ODB and Angelina Love start things off.  Well, they do until ODB pie-faces her with love tagging in Sky.  Sky sprays some perfume in the area, but offence against ODB doesn't work.  ODB picks up Sky's atomiser and sprays it on her crotch.  Team Pron refuse to hold it anymore.  Gail Kim was tagged in and she went to work on Velvet.

Sunset flip scored a 2 count.  Love came in and was hit with an armdrag before Taylor Wilde was tagged in.  love got a couple of boots iun before getting caught with an armdrag and dropkick.  The crowd start chanting for Awesome Kong, and so Love obliges.  Taylor kicks the legs but gets shoved down.  Gail comes in, but gets caught a dumped on her ass.  ODB came in and traded blows, but couldn't get Kong off her feet before running into a shoulderblock.

The babyfaces try to gang up on Kong, but she took them down.  It should be noted traci is doing nothing to get the illegal women out the ring.  The faces catch her with a High/Low trip and then a low bridge.  The heels regroup on the outside.

Kong got back in against ODB.  However, raisha Saeed tripped ODB.  Traci kicked Saeed to the cerb.  However, Kong was in control of ODB.  That would be until she realised Raisha was gone.  She started jawjacking with Traci, but ODB made a save by spitting booze in Kong';s eyes.  However, Kong quickly regained control.  Velvet Sky came in with an Octopus Stretch.  ODB rammed Sky in the corner to break it up and they made tags to Kim and Love.  Kim found herself on the apron and Angelina sent her crashing into the guardrail.  Back in the ring, Love scored a 2 count.

Love started choking Gail, before getting into it with Traci.  Love did it again, and Brooks yanked her off.  Hard whip into the corner by Angelina Love.  Again, choking that resulted in Traci having to pull Love off.  They got into a shoving match.  This allowed Taylor Wilde to get the tag.  tilt a whirl backbreaker on Love scored a 2 count.

Kong came in for a Powerbomb, but Gail broke it up.  The match broke down with all six fighting.  In the ring, Love hit a superkick on Taylor Wilde, a move the camera ONLY JUST caught.  However, from a uranage position, Taylor countered into a rollup for the win!


Decent match, but I could take it or leave it, to be honest.

Lauren was with Team 3D.  And they were in the dark.  They were heading up to the rafters to find Sting.  We suddenly discovered that Bubba was afraid of heights, which Lauren pissed herself about.  Bubba shouted to Sting that they had his back.  D-Von offered support and Bubba then suggested he help them out in their match later.  They got into arguing about how D-Von was apparently afraid of the dark.

LAX vs. Beer Money Inc. in a "Latinos...Beer...There's a Corona joke in here somewhere..." match for the TNA Tag Titles

While I have the chance, siunce I don't "do" this company anymore.  I love how they have melded their entrances a la "Rated RKO".  Yes, I genuinely like something TNA have done.  Who knew?

The no-name that opened the show performed again as LAX came out, coming out with Salinas and Guerrero.  Homicide has a bandage near his eye, as they split up (and they probably will do for real this week, knowing this company) to have a four way to start things off.  Hernandez was sent into the guardrail, but fought back.  Roode & Homicide made their way into the ring to start things officially.  Hernandez came in and they double-teamed Roode, before hitting thee Drive-By.  Storm came in and they worked him over too.

Hernandez gave Storm a LONG delayed vertical suplex.  Homicide hit a butterfly suplex for a 1 count that Roode broke up.  Homicide sent Storm into Roode, and both men went out.  Homicide hit a baseball slide, but misse dthe heels and they double clotheslined him.  However, Hernandez dived out onto them and still landed on his feet!

Back in, it was Cide & Roode.  overhead throw scored a 2 count, as Cide pulled Roode up.  However, that soon backfired as, with the ref distracted, Sotrm spat beer in Cide's eye and Beer Money went to work.  Roode hit a snapmare and Storm hit a knee drop to the head.  The bandage was pulled off and the heels worked that area, with Storm thumbing the eyes as Roode distracted the ref.

Tilt A Whirl backbreaker by Roode scored a 2 count.  Another tilt a whirl was countered by Homicide, getting a press for a 2 count.  Roode choked on Homicide before tagging Storm in.  They hit the "BEER!  MONEY!" double suplex.   The heels made quick tags, and the crowd seem to be split between the teams and wanting Hernandez in the ring.  Storm put on a chinlock.

Cide got out of it, but James Sotrm hit a high knee.  Roode came in and put on a chinlock of his own, and again Homicide was out quick.  Roode stayed on top though and hit the triple vertical suplexes to mock the Guerrero family.  Roode then went for the Frog Splash, but Homicide moved.  Hernandez made the blind tag in as Storm was also tagged.

We went to work on Beer Money with a double Stinger Splash in the corner.  Hernandez scored a 2 count off a throw.  Roode went for a Sunset flip but it didn't work.  Storm hit a kick and Roode jumped off the ropes with a move for 2.  However, Herny hit a double clothesline.  Homicide demanded a tag and he hit a double dropkick on the heels.  Things broke down a bit and Homicide hit a splash off the top for a close 2 count.

Roode came in and hit a high angle spinebuster on Cide.  Hernandezhit a Fallaway slam  to Roode.  Stab In The Back by Storm and then a Gringo Cutter on Storm.  Homicide and Hernandez started arguing for some reason.  Hernandez then, with Cide's permission, gave Homicide a Border Toss over the top rope to Beer Money on the floor!!!!!

Super Mex rolled Roode back in the ring, but was low bridged right out again.  Salinas and Jackie got into it.  In the ring, The Last Call was missed and Homicide went for the Gringo Killer.  However Storm smashed Cide in the head with a beer bottle and it was academic.


Really good match with a couple of really good spots.

We go TO THE BACK~! as we see Nash & Sting together.  Nash said he had an idea of what was going on in Sting's head, since he saw it before.  Sting said there was no other way to do what he was going to do.  Nash wanted a minute more with him...  DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!

Video for the upcoming Lethal/Dutt debacle match...

Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt in a "Now, couldn't they restrict those guys any more?" Black Tie Brawl N' Chain match

Dutt came out first in his tuxedo while wearing some sort of campy headdress on.  You know, because Sonjay's from India.  Lethal's entrance video now has shots form the TNA video game and he came out with So Cal Val.  I thought they split up...  We also saw Lethal's family at ringside.

Slick Johnson held the chain, and damn, it looks short.  As a note, you can win by pin, submission or by stripping the opponent.  Sonjay stalled, so the ref threatened to award Lethal the match.  Dutt got in to be chained, but as he ref's back was turned, Lethal unchained himself and hooked it onto the top rope, leaving Dutt as a sitting duck.  Lethal got in some free shots in.  He even used the ref pulling Dutt back in as he ran away to get a couple of shots.

However, as the ref got Lethal re-connected, Dutt was able to crotch Lethal with the chain as the bell rang.  Dutt ripped at Lethal's all white tuxedo.  Dutt wrapped the chain around his wrist, but a fist drop missed.  lethal started ripping at Dutt's jacket and shirt.  Lethal dumped Dutt over the top rope before diving out and over onto the Guru.

Dutt was sent into the guardrail and steps, but Dutt fired back.  However, he tired to leave through the crowd, and Lethal pulled him back.  West & Tenay said that Val had started crying, but if there were any shots of it, I missed it.

Lethal wrapped the chain around Dutt and post, but he missed a shot, allowing Dutt to retake control.  Back in the ring, Dutt blocked a corner charge, but Lethal dropped Dutt with a right hand.  He started choking Dutt with the chain.  Val got the apron, begging Lethal to stop as he hung Sonjay.  Val left, causing Lethal to stop what he was doing.

However, this just allowed Dut too pull Lethal's shoulder into the ringpost.  Twice.  Dutt put Lethal in the Tree Of Woe and ripped at the top half of Lethal's tux.  He managed to rip it off (minus the sleeve that had the chain attached to the wrist...

On the outside, Sonjay taunted Lethal's family members.  Lethal tired to fight back, but Sonjay yanked him back and decked him as a loud "boring" chant got going.  Dutt went for a sprinboard dive, but Lethal ducked and he missed.  Lethal used the chain to whip Sonjay across the ring.  Lethal Combination was blocked but a facebuster scored a 2 count.

Sonjay hit an Asai DDT for a 2 count.  A LOUD "Fire Russo" chant got going (it took THIS long?)  Dutt came off the top, but missed and Lethal rolled through for a 2 count.  He pounded on Sonjay so to weaken Dutt long enough to hit the Lethal Combination.  Lethal went up for the flying elbow and hit it for the three count.  But did he lose the girl?


This went WAY too long, in my opinion, and it did get dull.  And it did restrict them to a large extent.

We cut backstage to JB, who was with Booker T & Sharmell.  He asked by Sting was in the building tonight (I'm guessing it's because he works there).  Booker said never mind that.  Look at all the crap TNA has for a backstage area.  But that's for his agent.  You see as TNA Champion, he said that he didn't respect Joe and neither did Sting.  He and Sting had paved the road Joe walks on today, and they had to shovel Joe's s**t.  Joe was a backyard, trailer park, wannabe Indy guy.  He was going to prove why he was TNA Champion.  Uh, Booker, you may have the belt, but you're not champion.  Was that not discussed at the booking meeting for last month's show?

Video for the Street fight.

Christian Cage & Rhino vs. Team 3D in a "Could this effectively be a "Winner Leaves Town" match" New Jersey Street Fight

Team 3D came out first.  Tenay said that the theme for tonight's show was hardcore wrestling.  Funny how we haven't really seen any of it so far outside of the last match and a chair shot.  So XTREME~!~!~!~!~!

The babyfaces also have video game footage in his entrance.  Man, that make TNA looks so bush league that they need game footage to get footage for entrance videos.  I'm still buying the game though.  I'm bored to hell with the RAW vs. Smackdown games.  They used to be great.  Now, they have barely advanced in years and we have less fighters comparatively.

The match begins and it's...well, a street fight.  Unlike the "Little Italy" and "Fish Market" matches, this one doesn't seem to have a wacky theme.  This is a good thing.  There is just the usual plunder on the outside.  Cage FAILED to get Bubba off his feet with clotheslines, getting tossed in the air in the process.  Rhino, D-Von and a ref disappeared and we went into a splitscreen mode, just so we can follow 2 matches in really small screens...

We finally decided to focus on Rhino & D-Von before cutting to Bubba & Cage.  All four guys were heading up the bleachers.  Tenay said this was next to impossible to follow, so you can imagine how bad it is for me on stream.  More random fighting in the crowd.  Bubba & Cage are so far away that there's no lights where they're fighting.  We missed a Cage dive somewhere as Rhino tumbled down the stairs.

D-Von and Rhino headed back to the ring.  West said this match was Falls Count Anywhere.  The first time that's been mentioned.  Street fights suggest an in-ring finish.  The crowd chants "TNA" for all this randomness.  Bubba dived off something, but missed Cage as D-Von was sent into a roadwork barrier.

Rhino got himself a ladder and Cage got a stop sign disguised as a fan's sign.  Cage got dropped by D-Von but he was corner splashed  by Rhino.  The faces double teamed Bubba Ray as a loud "ECW!" chant got going.  Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad.

Bubba macked the faces with a stop sign as they stood over D-Von.  Bubba went outside and got the steel steps.  And unlike the WWE, where they split, it was the whole unit.  D-Von hit Rhino with them before Bubba set them up, with Christian on top of them.  He went up to the second rope, but Cage cut him off and drove Bubba's face into the steps.  D-Von was hit with a detour sign by Cage.  Christian went for a ConChairTo of sorts, but it was blocked, and Cage was hit with a Bubba Bomb off the steps.  That scored a 2 count.

The heels took control as the crowd chanted for tables.  D-Von went after Cgae, but he blocked with a stop sign.  Literally.  Rhino hit a Gore for 2 that Bubba rboke.  Crossbody by Cage scored a 2.  The Unprettier was blocked and Bubba hit an Electric Chair.  Rhino gave 3D ODB's "Dirty dozen" before rolling up D-Von for a 2 count.  Double clothesline by D-Von and Rhino put them down.  Cage went for a hurricanrana on Bubba, who was still on the turnbuckle, but Bubba countered with a powerbomb fomr the second rope for a 2 count.

The crowd chanted for tables again, and 3D obliged.  They set it up in the corner.  However Rhino stopped himself and gave 3D a double clothesline.  Cage brought a ladder into play.  Rhino told Cage to get up the ladder and Christian hit a frog splash off the top of the ladder.  Rhino then gave Bubba a GORE~!  GORE~! GORE~! through the tasble for the win.


Johhny Devine ran out  and used the kendo stick on Rhino & Cage.  Why didn't Devine run out during the No DQ match?  Why wait until the end?  Even West immediately says that the victory meant nothing.  However, Chris Parks ran out to make the save.  Devine ate the Black Hole Slam.  He teased using the kendo stick, but dropped it as part of his "no weapons" policy.

We went to the back as Lauren was with AJ Styles.  She wondered if he managed to talk to Sting.  He said that Sting said things happen for a reason and so they were now good.  Gullible tool.  They moved onto, you know, AJ's upcoming match., which is of course, secondary to what Sting's gonna do.  AJ promised that he'd give Kurt the best he had and guarunteed that Angle wouldn't get up.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle in a "How possibly ironic..." Last Man Standing match

And Angle has video game footage too!  BUSH LEAGUE!  At least Kurt still has the best entrance music in TNA.  Angle ducks out to begin.  Tenay said it was appropriate for Angle to face AJ given how the Olympics were on.  HOW???  Angle continued to stall, letting AJ stew.

Kurt spat at AJ, starting a foot race.  However, Kurt was able to get the jump on AJ in the ring.  Angle hit a suplex and put on a chinlock.  AJ fought back with chops and punches.  The referee counted the choke in the corner.  In a No Dq match.  I've had to put up with FAR TOO MUCH of that today.  Kurt got dumped out the ring, and AJ hit a flip dive over the top rope to the floor (barely) catching Kurt.  AJ rammed Kurt's head into the guardrail.

AJ hit a scoop slam and a big knee drop for a TWO COUNT?!?!?!?!  WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!  When does a LSM match have pinfalls?  I get it.  It's a Texas Deathmatch!

Anyway, idiocy of promotion aside, AJ found himself dumped on the outside and Angle took contorl.  AJ tried to leapfrog off the guardrail, but Angle caught him and threw him over his head into the guardrail.  Ouchies.  That scores a 2 count.  AJ's head met the steel steps a couple of times.  Styles started punching Angles' head as they headed up the ramp.  However, Angle got in position for a suplex.  AJ blocked it and hit one of his own for a 2 count.

Things went up onto the stage.  Kurt teetered on the edge of the stage, but AJ was caught and tossed off, landing feet first.  Kurt then hit a sommersault senton onto Styles!!!

However, this only scored a 2 count on Styles.  Kurt took AJ for a walk to make AJ's head have a tete a tete with the announce table.  Back in the ring, a backbreaker scored a pair of 2 counts.  Angle went to a chinlock.  AJ got back to his feet, but Angle kept hold.  However, AJ eventually managed to enziguri out of it.  Styles scored with a big chops, although Angle hit an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Angle followed with a scoop slam for a 2 count before going back to the chinlock.  After a while, AJ got back to his feet again and elbowed out of it.  He started throwing everything at Angle before both men hit crossbodies on each other, prompting a standing ten count.  Would that be a 10 count to decide a fall and then another to see if they stay down?

They both got up, making my last sentence moot and AJ hit a shoulderblock before picking Kurt up into a Torture Rack, before spinning him around into a powerbomb like move for a close 2 count.  Styles set for the Styles Clash, but Angle countered and put on the Ankle Lock.  That was quickly countered and AJ hit a spinebuster.

Styles went up top, but Angle got up.  Styles knocked him down, but was caught with a short powerbomb for a 2 count.  Angle went for a Styles Clash, but AJ countered into an Ankle Lock!!!!  AJ pulled Kurt into the middle of the ring and grapevined the leg.  Angle tapped soon after to take a ten count.  Angle made it back up at 9.

Styles went for the springboard inverted DDT, but Angle avoided it and gave him a low blow.  Then Angle broke out the Germans.  He hit three before hitting a release German.  That still only scored Angle a 2 count.  Angle stalked his pray.  However, the Angle Slam was avoided and AJ hit the Pele.  Another standing 10 count, but AJ made a cover for 2.

AJ climbed outside and up the turnbuckles.  However, again Kurt was too quick and clubbed AJ in the back.  AJ knocked Kurt down and stood on the top.  However, Kurt got up again and hit a big overhead throw for a three count.  It looked and sounded like 2, but it was apparently a three count.  AJ got up at 7, but Angle immediately hit an Angle Slam for another three count.

AJ against got up, this time at 9.  Another Angle Slam was countered into a Styles Clash for a three count.  Angle barely got up at 9.  Angle was placed up top with AJ looking for a superplex.  Angle teased a German into the audience, but AJ countered into a top rope DDT, spiking him on his head.  That was a three count.  The crowd went very quiet too!  Suddenly, we were told AJ had to be on his feet to win.  He got up at 9 and Angle barely moved anything as the referee counted to 10!


Angle held his head when the bell rang, but still didn't really move.  Rudy Charles begged for help.  AJ got back in the ring and suplexed Angle!  He yelled in Kurt's face before leaving again.

Really good match.  A bit dull at times, such as the headlocks, and I didn't appreciate the continual updating of the rules.


They come back on and Sting has AJ!  He gives Styles a Scorpion death Drop on the ramp!!!  So Sting turned heel after all...

Nash appeared behind Sting asking what the hell that was about before the pair left.

Tenay & West wondered what the hell Sting's point was.  Well, it is a pattern.  A guy does something then seems to go too far at which point Sting pokes his nose into business that's not his.

We saw some highlights of the match, including the CRAZY DDT that finished Angle off.  That could have gone very wrong.

Up next...our main event.

Samoa Joe vs. Booker T in a "Maybe, please Mr. Russo...could we have a proper champion now?" Six Sides Of Steel Weapons match for the TNA World Title

We see the cage set up with weapons hanging from it.  They send it to another preview video profiling Booker T, explaining his motivation for the match.  Now, having a little video on him, I don't entirely disagree with.  However, if you've bought this show, then you know why these guys are in this match.  You ain't buying this show without having watched Impact first.  We then see Samoa Joe walk backstage, and he gets the same video treatment.  My point remains.  And I must have missed a lot of entrances tonight, since both Booker & Joe get the video game entrance footage as well.

They then do the "main event introductions", which seems a little redundant given the videos we just saw, which effectively introduced them.  Jeremy Borash for some reason mentions how it was the main event twice in about 30 seconds.  Joe gets a mixture of boos, cheers, and indifference.

West says that Booker having the belt despite being the challenger might have been confusing for new viewers.  What new viewers?  Booker went for a hockey stick quick but Joe cut him off.  West points out how the cage is a weapon.  Good to see someone noticed.  Booker went for a kendo stick, but again Joe cut him off.  Joe grabbed a trash can and set it up, kicking it into Booker and then hitting Booker with a senton.

Joe picked up the Singapore Cane and smacked Booker with it to a mixture of reactions.  Joe punched away in the corner.  However, Booker countered a whip and got some shots of his own win before hitting Joe with the rather flattened trash can.  He got the hockey stick he was after earlier, but joe dodged a swing and kicked Booker in the head.  Joe picked up a pair of trash can lids, and smacked Booker a bunch of times in the head for a 2 count.

Joe got a chair, but missed a swing and Booker kicked the chair into Joe's face.  Booker stalked Joe so to smack him in the head with the chair, opening up Joe.  Booker put the trash can lid on the wound and gave it a leg drop.  Booker used an Axe handle to choke Joe.  Booker went to escape the cage, but Joe cut him off.  Ace Cutter off the top rope by Joe.  Joe hit some punches before sending Booker into the cage.  Joe went to escape, but Booker stopped him and slammed him back down for a 2 count.

Booker put on a guillotine-style choke as a "You Screwed Bret" chant got going for a few seconds.  Joe put his feet on the ropes to break it.  Booker got a trash can lid, tossed it to Joe and Booker kicked it in his face.  That scored a 2 count as Joe grabbed a rope.  Booker climbed again, but was joined by Joe.  Booker got a couple of shots in, but Joe kicked Booker in the head.  Booker went groggy before crotching himself on the top rope.  Joe built momentum, hitting the snap slam for a 2 count.  A Joe powerbomb was followed by an STF, before turning it into a Crippler Crossface.  Booker got his body around to get his foot on the ropes.

Joe set up a pair of chair on the mat and put Booker on the turnbuckle.  Joe tried for a Muscle Buster, but it was blocked and Booker hit the Book End on the chairs for a close 2 count.  Booker busted out the Spinarrooni, but as he was about to hit the Axe Kick, the lights went out!

They came back on, and SOMEHOW, Joe had gotten hold of a guitar (which wasn't on the cage) and he smacked Booker with it for a three count!!!


The announcers realised that the guitar wasn't on the cage, and wondered if "he" was back as the show went abruptly went off air!

Fairly good match, but it was rather "paint by numbers" (in terms of it being one weapons spot before moving onto the next and then the next and then the next) until the extremely abrupt finish which threw everyone off and there was almost no reaction for Joe's win.  And I suppose Jarrett is back.  Which no-one saw coming...unless you know he's advertised to work the next UK tour (which I'm still waiting on my ticket to be delivered for...).

Overall, I think it was a decent show, but for their "Hardcore" PPV, they've gone much further to the point where this was pretty lame in comparison.  Really lame, in fact.  It did feel like a filler PPV between big shows though.

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