WWE Night of Champions 2011 Real Time Report: Match By Match Results
By RDLee
Sep 18, 2011 - 7:32 PM

Welcome to the
WWE Night of Champions 2011
Real Time Report

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What's up folks! RDLee here filling in for your regular pay per view real timer, Aaron Wood, who is in New York city right now buying his very first hooker. With that being said, enjoy the show!


WWE Tag Team Championship match - Air Boom (Champions) v.s. The Awesome Truth

Truth and Miz came out together doing the "You Suck" chant to Truth's old "What's Up" theme song. Air Boom came out wearing matching colored attires for the first time since they began teaming. True to their team name, Kofi and Bourne brought the fight to the air quite a few times during the match. The heels were able to rebound from the high flying offense and nearly win the match but the referee was distracted long enough for Evan Bourne to kick out of Miz's Skull Crushing Finale. This angered the Miz who shoved the ref down and got his team DQed. After the match Miz and Truth beat up the ref some more for good measure and bickered about the conspiracy deal.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Air Boom


WWE Intercontinental Championship match - Cody Rhodes (Champion) v.s. Ted Dibiase

I think they rushed this match a little since Teddy isn't clearly the babyface with momentum just yet. These two have a lot of history but the feud has just begun so letting it pan out longer before having a match may have been a better idea. The crowd wasn't really into this match until the end when Ted took off Cody's mask. Cody stole the match with a rollup and hand full of tights as Dibiase swung Rhodes's own plastic face mask at him.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes


Christian came out to talk about his Twitter campaign for "One More Match" against the World Heavyweight Champion. He said that whoever wins the Randy Orton and Mark Henry match tonight he should be given a title shot immediately afterwards. He lead the crowd into chanting "One More Match" with him until Sheamus came out to tell him to stop whining. Sheamus told Christian that if he gets his match and wins the title to give him the first shot. Christian agreed. Sheamus lead the audience in chanting "One More Match" before he hit him with the Brogue Kick out of nowhere.


WWE United States Championship Match - Dolph Ziggler (Champion) v.s. John Morrison v.s. Alex Riley v.s. Jack Swagger

This is a fatal four way match. The champion doesn't have to be pinned or submitted to lose his belt in this bout. Swagger and Ziggler managed to dump Morrison and Riley out of the ring and couldn't come to blows since Vickie was outside the ring yelling at them to not fight each other. Riley almost won after a TKO on Swagger but Guerrero put Jack's foot on the bottom rope to save him. Morrison hit the Starship Pain on A-Ry but hit Riley's knees. Swagger and Ziggler each locked their submission finishers on Jo-Mo and A-Ry but they both escaped. Swagger eventually hit the Gutwretch Powerbomb on Morrison but Ziggler tossed him out of the ring and stole the pin from him to retain.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match - Randy Orton (Champion) v.s. Mark Henry

If Mark doesn't win tonight I don't think he'll ever hold the title. Henry's been in the WWE for 15 years now and deserves to win the belt for at least a couple of weeks until the Hell in a Cell show. Orton sold for quite a bit of the match for Henry which made me think Mark would possibly win. Orton kicked out of the World's Strongest Slam and then came back to hit some of his offense but it wasn't good enough as Henry hit a second World's Strongest Slam to win the title with a clean and dominant finish. After the match Henry went off on the fans for not believing in him becoming a World Champion. He welcomed us all to the hall of pain and claimed he would never, ever lose the title.

Winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry


Backstage we saw Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo walking with Johnny Ace who wished Del Rio the best of luck in his match tonight. CM Punk walked in rocking a WWE ice cream bar t-shirt and John said the same thing to him. Punk talked some smack and walked away from him.


WWE Divas Championship Match - Kelly Kelly (Champion) v.s. Beth Phoenix

Beth got a massive reaction from her hometown crowd. Eve was in Kelly's corner and Natalya was in Beth's corner. The audience was clearly in favor of Phoenix winning this match and reacted to all of her offense. There was a "Kelly sucks" chant but she handled it all well. Nattie got involved but Eve ran over and took her down. Beth took out Eve real quick before getting back in the ring and getting rolled up once again to lose the match to Kelly. What a load of BULLSHIT!

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly


WWE Championship Match - Alberto Del Rio (Champion) v.s. John Cena

I really don't care about seeing this match at all. Ricardo the ring announcer introduced his man who came out minus his car looking mighty angry tonight. Apparently John Cena stole Del Rio's car and drove it in for his entrance instead. Who gives a flying shit about this car stuff.  The referee sent Ricardo to the back after he caught him trying to interfere. Back and forth, see and saw, tit and tat, blah, blah, blah. This was a boring match to me. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Del Rio and thwarted Ricardo's interference. John then locked on the STFU and Alberto tapped out. Same shit, different show.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena


No Disqualification Match - CM Punk v.s. Triple H

Let's hope that Punk wins this match and doesn't get buried in the process. Punk didn't let Hunter finish his entrance and knocked him off the apron when he did his water spitting gimmick. Triple H got the upper hand and tried to Pedigree Punk through the announcer's table but Punk got away in time to avoid it. They took the fight to the audience and Punk even threw a trash can at the Game's head. Michael Cole lost his voice as the bout begun and didn't get to call this match. Hunter began to work on Punk's knee by bashing it into the ringpost. Punk regained the advantage and layed Hunter out on the spanish announce table to do a Macho Man elbow drop from the top rope all the way onto him.

Suddenly, the Miz and R-Truth came running out to beat the hell out of both men and leave them laying in the ring motionless. They threw Punk's arm over Hunter's body and forced the ref to count. Hunter kicked out at 2. Miz and Truth became furious and attacked him. To his credit, Scott Armstrong reversed Miz's punch and hit one of his own on him. Johnny Ace came out next just as Punk and Hunter beat up Truth and Miz to get rid of them. Punk turned around into a Pedigree but there was no referee immediately available. A new ref ran down but Johnny directed him to tend to the fallen ref. Punk then hit Go To Sleep on Hunter and Ace told the ref to count. Truth pulled Punk off and dragged him outside the ring before eating a GTS of his own.

Finally, Punk springboarded into a second Pedigree but kicked out at 2 as we saw Johnny Ace send a text message. Kevin Nash made his way into the ring through the crowd and attack Punk and Hunter both. This is a bunch of wacky shit. Nash hit Punk with the Jackknife Powerbomb before Hunter hit Nash with the sledgehammer to knock him out. HHH climbed back in the ring and Pedigreed Punk for the third time to finally get the pin and win.

Winner and STILL WWE C.O.O.: Triple H 

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