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WWE Vengeance 2011 Real Time Report: Match By Match Results

By Aaron Wood Oct 23, 2011 - 8:00 PM print

Vengeance 2011

Welcome to the
WWE Vengeance 2011
Real Time Report

This report is being written in real time. You will need to hit refresh in order to see the latest results as they happen.
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Wondering what the Vengeance Banner on the top of this page is based on?


Makes sense now, huh?

Our opening video looks at the big three matches, the idea being that HHH, Punk, Big Show & John Cena have been wrong and are looking for Vengeance.  Good stuff.  No ramp for the entrance tonight, with a big "V" built and "engeance" on the lower screen.

Your announcers are Cole, Lawler & T.

Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger in a "If this is Dolph's first match he wins/If this is Dolph's second match, he loses (delete as appropriate)" match for the WWE Tag Titles
Holy crap, Vickie is TINY in front of that set.  She hollers "Excuse Me" a few times before introducing Swagger & Ziggler.  Booker T already lays one down noting that this was where issues would be settled.  Cole's reaction is priceless.  Lawler's reaction to Cole is more "Yeah, I wish I hadn't shit on Striker after all..."

Oh God, Ziggler has hotpants on that reflect Swagger's attire and are red, white & blue.  Scratch that, Ziggler is actually wearing a singlet, but has the straps down, a la Kurt Angle.

The champions start out hot against both challengers.  Ziggler with an awesome flip off of a Kingston monkey-flip.  At least a 450 degree spin.  Evan and Kofi with some neat double teams.  Kofi gets caught off a crossbody attempt and slammed down, before Ziggler picks up 2 off a tag.  This allows the challengers to take control.

Cole says that the US Title match is up NEXT...

Evan manages to make a hot tag and works both men over.  Spin kick picks up 2 on Swagger.  He looks for the SSP but Ziggler causes him to leap down.  He hits Swagger and takes out Dolph before heading up again, btu this time, the SSP meets Swagger's knees.  The challengers take control of Bourne now.  The Vader Bomb picks up 2.  Bourne tries to make the tag, butSwagger grabs the ankle.  Bourne sends Jack out, but Dolph comes in to distract the ref, Kofi gets pulled off the apron by Swagger and it's as you were.

After some time, a second Vader Bomb is met by Evan's knee right up in Swagger's grill.  This time, Kofi gets the hot tag.  The SOS is blocked, but Kofi connects with the pendulum kick to Ziggler before hitting a crossbody for a close 2 count.  Very close 2 count.  Kofi wants the Boom Drop and he gets it before going to the corner to set up Trouble In Paradise.  Dolph ducks, but Kofi hits the SOS in response.  Trouble IN Paradise to Swagger is countered with the ankle lock, but Evan's double knees take them both out.  Dolph's roll up gets 2.  Trouble IN Paradise followed by Air Bourne pick up the three for Bourne & Kingston.  Good opener.  But Ryder sure as shit better win now...


Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder in a "If this is Dolph's first match he wins/If this is Dolph's second match, he loses (delete as appropriate)" match for the WWE US Title
Zack comes out as Evan and Kofi are still hanging around at ringside.

Dolph is clearly a bit goosed, as he slinks around the ring, but Ryder takes it to the champion.  A back elbow picks up a 2 count.  Hard whip into the corner picks up 2 for Ryder.  Ziggler catches Zack with a kick to the gut and neckbreaker.  However, Ryder stays on top with a clothesline.  Dolph slides out of the ring and tried to leave, but Evan and Kofi send him back in.  However, the referee ejects the pair of them for getting involved.

Zack hits a flapjack and picks up a 2 count, but misses a jump into the ropes, crashing and burning.  This allows Dolph to take control of things.  Stinger Splash by Ziggler.  However, another one is missed, but then so is the Broski Boot, as Dolph manages to avoid it.  Ziggler hits the Fameasser, but it's only a 2 count.

Ziggler stomps away in the corner.  But when he's pulled back, his charge is blocked.  The Broski Boot connects.  Swagger gets involved, but despite being disposed of, He turns round into a sweet Superkick by Ziggler for the three count.


We see CM Punk & Tedt DiBiase backstage.  HHH comes in and Ted leaves.  Hunter wants to apologise for Monday, but Punk is down with it.  He knows what's going.  They do some schtick, but when the jist is that Punk wants to show Miz & Truth what an unsafe working environment really is.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres in a "Seriously, ANY chance that Beth's bobbies could pop out?" match for the Diva's Title
We see an angle that ran on WWE.com where Kelly was asked about Eve's chances of winning when Natalya, Beth and the Bellas tried to take Kelly out before Eve made the save.  Eve had a new version of her music.  Johnny Ace ruled that Nattie and Kelly were banned from ringside.

Beth takes Eve into the corner early and put up top, but Eve scores a sunset flip for 2.  Eve hit an enziguri, sending Beth into the ropes.  She somehow hog-tied Beth in the ropes and kicks her in Beth's ass.  Beth gets free and slips out the ring where she trips Eve and then press slams her into the guardrail.  Eve is whipped into the side of the ring.  Back in the ring, Beth works a hold.

Eve manages to break it, but gets caught with something of an Argentine Backbreaker (Shock Treatment).  Beth locks on a bodyscissors and demands that Eve cries.  Even turns round and wails away on Beth.  She builds some momentum, hitting a flipping leg drop.  A charge by Beth is blocked and Eve puts on a wacky submission hold akin to an Octopus Stretch.  However, Beth managed to make the ropes, peddling back towards them.  Eve gets hot shot on the top rope, and this leaves her prone for the Glam Slam.  However, it's blaocked and turned into a roll up for 2.

A Phoenix charge is blocked and she gets laid out.  Eve heads up, but Beth rolls out of the way of the Moonsault.  This time, Eve ain't countering no Slam Slam and that's all she wrote.


That was good.  Real good.

Matt Striker was with Big Show.  You've only had one match since coming back, so are you ready?  Show said Henry thought he took everything from SHow and cut his career short.  But he found out the hard way that bigger isn't better.  Better is better.  It took Henry 15 years to win his title.  Three seconds to end the bitterness.  Show would spend the same three seconds to take it all away from him.

Commercial for the Bret vs. Shawn DVD.  This is going to be AWESOME.

Sheamus vs. Christian in a "I honestly have nothing..." match
Let's see if you can guess how this match starts.  Correct, Sheamus on top in the early going, including the clubbing blows in the ropes where Cole & Booker debate what it should be called.  Cole says it's officially the Unreastra, some crap about an Irish guy that could bcome powerful.  Booker wants it to be called the Irish Hand Grenade.  Yeah, let's have WWE name a spot after Ireland and explosives...

Christian manages to take control.  However, a chinlock sees Sheamus stand up and drop back.  However, Christian drops Sheamus into the ropes and stands on him, following with the uppercut from the outside.  European uppercut from the second rope connects as does a missile dropkick.  However, he heads up again only to miss a splash off the top.  Sheamus is annoyed now and he starts to build momentum.  However, a corner charge is blocked.  Christian tries a crossbody, but is caught and given a Fallaway Slam for a 2 count.  Sheamus wants to suplex Christian into the ring from the apron, but Christian snaps him off the top rope and then low-bridges Sheamus out.

Christian goes for something, but he rtuns into Sheamus shoulder before being hit with the proper Bigelow slingshot shoulderblock.  Christian hits a slap, but this only serves to piss Sheamus off.  However, Christian catches Sheamus with the reverse DDT.

Christian calls for the finish, but Sheamus decides he wants his.  That's blocked, but Sheamus catches the legs on a pendulum kick.  The Irish Curse is brocken, but Sheamus tusn the Killswitch into a Celtic Cross attempt.  Sheamus takes a pair of Pendulum kicks, but a corssbody is countered into the Irish Curse for a 2 count.  Sheamus wants to finish it, but the Brogue Kick is blocked by a spear for a close 2 count.  Sheamus heads up top, but gets cut off.  Christian with a hurricanrana off the top and he wants the spear, but Sheamus returns the favour and hits the Brogue Kick to counter and that picks up three.


David Otunga, with bowtie, grandfather sweater and thermos mug is with Johnny Ace.  Miz & Truth wonder in and suck Ace's balls.  Ace puts them over and says they suck up well.  This rather perturbs the pair, leading to them disagreeing about who sucks up better.  They agree that both HHH & Punk just plain suck.  In the hands of anyone other than Miz & Truth, that bit would, well, suck.

The announcers send it to a hype video that revolves around chaos, spanning back to Punk winning the WWE Title and HHH taking over and the chaos that ensued afterwards.

Triple H & CM Punk vs. The MIz & R-Truth in a "Oh the whinging that will go on if HHH wins...Even if Punk gets the pin..." match
Have to say, that hype video was AWESOME.  Punk & Miz start things off.  Miz hides in the ropes, but Punk lands a slap anyway.  Miz gets backed towards HHH and he gets a slap to the back of the head of Miz.  Punk tags in HHH, but Miz runs away and tags in Truth.  truth flips over a HHH charge into the corner.  Truth does a bit of dancing, but gets knocked on his ass and told to suck it.  Punk tags in and hit a Falcon Arrow for a 2 count.  Miz tags in, as does HHH.  HHH slip[s behind Miz and gives him a chopblock.  Hunter locks in a Figure Four, with Punk helping his partner out, old school style with leverage.

Eventually, Miz manages to turn over and reach the ropes.  Punk tags in and they split Miz's legs for a 2 count.  Punk locks in a hold, and HHH returns the favour in the leverage stakes.  However, once that's broken, Truth cheapshots Punk and this allows the heels to take control of the match.

They work him a little, but Punk manages to tag in HHH who takes it to both men and clotheslines the pair over the top rope.  He puts Truth back in the ring, but after decking Miz, Truth catches him with a dropkick to stall Hunter's momentum.  Truth hits some shots on the outside.  They work over HHH in the corner.  Miz scores with a knee to pick up a 2 count.  Miz ducks a swing and hits the Reality Check for a 2 count.  Truth comes in and they hit a double boot to the head for a 2 count.  truth locks on a headscissors submission.  HHH manages to power up to his feet and gives Truth an Electric Chair.

Truth tagged in Miz while HHH found himself in the wrong corner.  However, Miz's charge was met with a clothesline of his own.  Truth tagged in and looked for the Axe Kick, but that was avoided and HHH hit a DDT.  This time, Hunter made the tag to CM Punk.

Punk went to work on both men.  High Knee to true was followed with a bulldog while clotheslining Miz.  Slam by Punk saw him go up top.  Truth cut him off, but HHH sent him into the front row.  Punk went up top and hit the Randy Savage Elbow.  He called for the finish as we saw HHH and Truth.  However, Kevin Nash cold-cocked Hunter at ringside.  This allowed Truth & Miz to hit a double team Lie Detector/Skull Crushing Finale (name Lil' Jimmy's Finale) for the win.


Nash brought HHH into the ring and worked him over before hitting the Jacknife Powerbomb.(and a shitty one at that) before leaving through the crowd.

No seriously, HHH landed right on the back of his neck.  He lays dead for some moments, but after replays, we see him at least moving, leaving the ring under his own power.

Johnny Ace is backstage on the phone to see what's going on when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez (with a big black eye) show up.  Alberto is pissed about having to face Cena in the Last Man Standing match.  Ace notes that Del Rio hadn't been in a Hell In A Cell match, and he even won the title, never mind the match.  This satisfies him.  They leave and Ace gets on the texting.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes in a "Well, Orton didn't want the IC Title anyway..." match
Seriously now.  For the love of (the likely non existant) Christ, please tell the WWE to release Cody's theme on iTunes...  Cody goes for a leg, but gets punched in the mask and clotheslined.  Cody looks for a bulldog, but gets shoved off and sent outside.  Back in, the Beautiful Disaster misses, and Orton downs him again.  However, Cody manages to cacth Orton while outside before hitting a Gordbuster back in the ring.  He comes off the turnbuckle with a knee drop to the back of the head.  Cody stomps in the corner before hitting a knee to the gut.  Orton whips Cody into the corner, but Rhodes explodes out with a clothesline for a 2 count.  Cody continues to control the match, using the ropes to jump up and come down with stomps.

Rhodes locks on a Boston Crasb, but Orton manages to turn over and kick Cody off.  rhodes charges the corner, but Orton gets a roll up for 2 uipon avoiding it.  Cody catches Orton and gives him the Alabama Slam for a 2 count.  Cody heads up, but he misses a beautiful moonsault as orton rolls into the corner.  Cody may have landed flat on his face.  Orton hits the snap powerslam, but as Cody was on the outside, he countered the Elevated DDT.  Cody headed up, but his leap out was met with a dropkick for a 2 count.

Orton went for the back slam neckbreaker, but Cody slipped out and hti the Beatiful Disaster for 2.  Orton came back and went for the Elevated DDT again.  Cody stepped through, but took the backbreaker by Orton.  The back slam neckbreaker thing was hit this time and Cody kicked out at 2.

Rhodes was placed on the top turnbuckle, before he climbed up.  However, Cody headbutted him down and hit a moonsault press for a 2 count.  Cody missed another second rope knee drop.  One of the baggers got on the apron, distracting Orton so Cody could hit Cross Rhodes, but it only picked up a 2 count.

Cody was agog at this development.  He decided to rip Orton off by spinning down and indicating he wanted RKO, but it was countered with a dropkick.  The Elevated DDT connected this time.  And now Orton wanted to show him how it was done.  Cody oddly motioned for the other bagger.  But Orton dodged the charge in the confusion, Cody took the bagger out and hit the RKO for the win.


Really good showing by Cody here for my money, and that's what this match was about.

A promo for The Rock's return at Survivor Series.

Hype video for Mark Henry vs. Big Show.  Like that was actually going to main event.  Another damn good video.  They've been on it tonight.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a "Whomever wins, they're heading for the buffet..." match for the World Title
The big bulls go right for each other with a collar and elbow.  Henry pushes Show into the corner, but the switch and Show lays in the soupbowls.  Henry is downed and takes a powerder to think about it.

Henry gets on the apron, and Big Show BIELS Henry back in over the top and Show hits something akin to a superkick.  That sends Henry out of the ring again to have a think.  henry goes for his title, but Show chases him down.  However, after being rolled in the ring, Henry takes out the leg.

Henry takes control with a scoop slam and drops an elbow on the back of Show.  He pin points the leg of Show.  Show tries to comeback and slam Henry, but his leg gives out and Henry pancakes him for a 2 count.

Toehold by Henry, but Show kicks him off with the good leg.  They end up taking each other out with clotheslines, leading to a standing 10 count.  They eventually work their ways back to their feet wailing away on each other as they do so.  Show gets the upperhand, with headbutts before hitting a squash in the corner and shoulderblock.

Scoop slam by Show and he calls for the chokeslam.  And it connects.  However, Michael Cole immediately exclaiming "NEW CHAMPION!" told you right away that Show was only picking up a deuce for it.  Show loads up the WMD, but Henry hits a kick to the gut and hits the World Strongest Slam for a 2 count.  Henry can't believe it.

He gets out of the ring and heads up top!  However, Big Show cuts him off with a chokeslam off the top turnbuckle.  CLOSE 2 count.  Show decides he's heading up top himself.  Henry cuts him off and Henry wants a superplex. AND THE RING BREAKS!!!!


This one is essentially over as both men sell the impact of it.  Indeed, much like the Lesnar/Show spot back in 2003.


Johnny Ace and Teddy Long come to the ring to check on things as the EMTs bring out the cart to help cart folk away.

They take Show off on the cart while they try to get Henry from the ring.  He actually collapses upon exiting, before shoving off the medics and referees, crawling on all fours, determined to get back to his feet.  He eventually gets to his feet and walks under his own power.

Johnny Ace takes the microphone that no matter what the injuries sustained by both men and the ring itself, the WWE Title match was still happening.  He then hoped everyone agree with his decision.

This sends it to another quality hype video for the now-ringless main event.  This is sure going to be wacky.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena in a "Even if he loses, Cena ain't getting pinned, so there's something to be pissy about..." Last Man Standing match for the WWE Title
Alberto is ever-so-slightly annoyed by the developments surrounding the ring.  It's New Shirt Time for John Cena.  It's black with "Rise Above Hate" in red, white and blue lettering with "Hustle Loyaly Respect" on the back.  We start in what's left of the ring.  Del Rio send Ricardo into Cena.  Cena goes for the AA on him, but it allows Del Rio to kick him in the gut to take control early.  Cena is downed with a boot and falls the foot down to the floor.  Outside the "ring", Cena is sent into the post for another count, as Del Rio tries to end this early.  Del Rio with more kicks, including a savate kick for another count.  Cena powers Del Rio with a backdrop to pick up a count of his own.  Scoop Slam and elbow drops by Cena.  Cena with punches, but Del Rio catches him with a kick to the back and then a front dropkick to the head for a count.

Alberto with a trio of back suplexes for a count.  Cena beat that and downed Del rio leading to a count on both.  Cena look for the Attitude Adjustment, but Del rio countered and hit a backbreaker on Cena for a count.  Del Rio with a suplex.  He then hits another.  A third snap suplex is blocked and indeed reversed.  Cena began to make a comeback.  He got stuck at the Five Knuckle Shuffle, having to just drop the fist.  The AA was countered with a German suplex however.  Cena popped up with a gutwrench slam.  Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  The fact there has been no weaponry other than a single posting in this situation is remarkable.  Del Rio traps Cena under a fallen corner post and jumps on him to start a count.  Del rio runs into the ring in a weird visual, only to get caught with an Attitude Adjustment for a count on both men.  Cena gets up frist, but Del Rio gets up at 8.  Cena wants another AA, but Ricardo cuts him off and while booted down, Del Rio  got the jump on Cena, locking on a sleeper with a bodyscissors.

Cena almost broke it but he seemed to pass out.  Del Rio broke the hold so a count could begin.  Cena stirred at 5 and got up at 8.  Cena then launched Del Rio out of the ring straight into the guardrail in an awesome visual thanks to the lack of ropes.  He managed to pull himself back to his feet however.  They went round to the announce desks where Del Rio reversed a whip into the steps, that had been moved in the implosion.  Ricardo got involved again, but was horizontally crotched on the ringpost.  Del Rio was the given a drop toe hold into the post, throwing Rodriguez off of it.  Cena broke the other set of steps up to repeat the end of Monday, but Del Rio was wise to it and avoided it, before ramming Cena into them.  Del Rio moved the bottom half of the steps round and just manages to run them into Cena.  Cena was up at 8 and started throwing fists at Del Rio as the pair headed backstage.  We joined them back there as as Del Rio was sent over the catering table.  Cena spied a huge flight case and tipped it over, but Del Rio managed to roll away from it.  He gave Cena a scoop slam onto it for a count.  Cena gets to his feet long enough to break, but he collapses in the interview area.  Alberto tips ofver the metal screens onto Cena.  And despite being buried, Cena managed to make it up at 8.  They started fighting back into the arena from the side of the stage.

Rodriguez leapt onto Cena's back, which allowed Del Rio to get the where-with-all to send Cena into the giant V as part of the set.  Del Rio set up a table and laid Cena on it.  Del Rio then started to climb the truss.  However, Cena got off the table and yanked Del Rio down through the table!  That was not a soft landing.  Del Rio got up at 8.  They went along the back of the floor seats and round to the ringside area.  Cena was sent over the English announce desk, right into Cole's seat.  Meanwhile, Del Rio showed hs countrymen no love by clearing the SAT desk.  Cena fired back and sent Del Rio into the guardrail.  Del Rio shoved Cena into an erect ringpost , but Cena ducked the enziguri.  Cena moved the steel step towards the Spanish desk and put Del Rio on his shoulders.  Cena hit the AA through the Spanish table.  As Cena called for a count, Miz & Truth ran down the aisle to mug Cena, completely taking Mike Chioda's attention away from a count.  They laid out Cena with their finishers and now both men were down, as the ref now counted both.  Del Rio, with the head start in recovery got up at four.  Cena stirred and JUST managed to get up at 9.  However, Del Rio ran in and hit Cena upside the head with the title.  However, Del Rio collapsed outside the ring.  He got up at 8, clutching his title, while Cena was only on his knees.


That was a great match in the circumstances.  The show ended with Del Rio thankful he survived on the ramp while Cena looked on.

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