WWE Survivor Series 2011 Real Time Report: Match By Match Results
By Aaron Wood
Nov 20, 2011 - 7:45 PM

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WWE Survivor Series 2011
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Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of usual awesome PPV preview spiel, but top be honest, I was on the Xbox and lost track of time!  But I'm here now with the 25th annual/anniversary of Survivor Series!

Our opening video is all about Survivor Series.  The first show, Bret getting screwed.  Taker & Rock's debuts.  Hang on... The Rock...  It's not about survival tonight.  It's about something more.  Apparently never before have any Mania opponents teamed up before throwing it down.  Err... Cena was a tag champion with his Mania opponent once...  But still, Never Before...Never Again...

The quite appalling Florida (like Air Boom, I won't do him the courtesy of spelling his name how he wants it done)  song that somehow has reached #2 in the UK charts plays as the pyro and ballyhoo goes off.  It's Cole, lawler & Booker, and they launch WWE InterAction, where they're combining all the Facebook & Twitter activity.

A loud "We Want Ryder" chant gets going as Johnny Ace comes out to bring the energy in the room to a grinding halt.  It's the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series and his 10th year in the company.  Yay...  If you thought that was him adding Zack Ryder to the match, you just got played...

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison in a "Well, if Zack Ryder can't petition successfully for a title shot, what chance Gregory Iron getting in at all?" match for the US Title
Of course, we're not using the iconic tunnel tonight, because, well, if you don't know, it doesn't actually exist anymore after the renovations.  The crowd are still chanting "We Want Ryder" with an absolute passion.  This will be the third biggest thing after cheering Rock and booing the shit outta Cena.

The side screens at the entrance have pictures of the guys posing.  Nice touch.  They actually acknowledge the "We Want Ryder" chants.  Ziggler catches Morrison with a dropkick after a whip into the corner, before using a side headlock takeover.  Morrison gets out and then after a leapfrog sequence, Ziggler was catapulted into the corner before hitting a corkscrew tope onto Dolph on the outside.  Vickie yells at him, but it allows Ziggler to hit a RKO-like neckbreaker as Morrsion came back in the ring.

Ziggler reacts to the non-stop chants before hitting his leaping elbow adding a kip-up.  A foreman's cary takeover picks up a 2 count before he puts on a chinlock.

This obviously just draws even louder Ryder chants as Morrison fights his way out, only to be hair-pulled back down to the mat.  Ziggler toys with Morrison as we see, via graphic, that John Morrison and Survivor Series is trending.  Lawler astutely asks why Ziggler isn't.  An inverted slam picks up a 2 count for Ziggler to halt JoMo's brief comeback.  The ZigZag was blocked, and Morrison hit a pair of clotheslines and the a jumping heel kick.  The Moonlight Drive connected, but it only picked up 2.  Ziggler took out the leg and got a roll up for 2.  The Flying Chuck connected out of nowhere and that picked up a close 2 count.

Ziggler was sent on a tilt-a-whirl, but looked for the sleeper.  Morrison reversed it before hitting a tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Vickie put Dolph's foot on the ropes.  The ref sees this and ejects Vickie, to the delight of the NYC crowd, although they are on Dolph's side more then Morrison's...  Morrison gets a suplex blocked and Ziggler gets a small package for 2.  They reverse a couple of pins for 2.  Flying Chuck misses this time and Dolph immeidately hit the ZigZag, but it only picked up a 2 count.  Dolph's sleeper is thrown off and JoMo hits the knee to the head.  However, the Starship Pain meets knees.  The ZigZag connects this time and gets the three count.


Vickie ran back down the aisle to celebrate with her client.  Vickie got back on the mic to say that Ziggler had something to say.  Dolph says he'd hate to have to follow that.  Some think he's showing off, but it's not showing off when he can back it up.  The "We Want Ryder" chants drown him out, and he tells them to shut up...But then...

They got Ryder...  Zack sprinted down to the ring, and while he was jumped, he came back and hit the Rough Ryder, running off Ziggler.  He gets MSG to fist pump as the heels retreat.  I'd wager that was an audible to shut them up...

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve in a "Come on, why not just an Eliminaiton match since they're all out there anyway?!?!" Lumberjill match for the Divas Title
The Lumberjills come out all together, led by Kelly Kelly and her music.  Everyone, including Aksana and Maxine are there.  Just did a count.  There are 6 heels on the outside, 5 babyfaces.  If you include Aksana, although I'm not so sure about that.  Eve downs Beth and shakes her ass, prompting Beth to roll out and avoid the moonsault, but Kelly makes sure he goes right back in and Eve downs her again and hits the move.  Eve gets on the apron and grabbed at by the heels there allowing Beth to take control.  Beth locks on a chinlock as Natalya and the Bellas get in Eve's face.  Eve sends Beth face first into the corner before starting a comeback with a dropkick and clothesline.  He goes for a front flip leg drop, but Beth gets the knees up.  Eve counters the Glam Slam and locks on an cotopus before changing to a headscissors.  The heels draw enough of a distraction for Beth to escape.  They exchange roll ups for 2..  Eve hits a head kick, but Beth knocks her off the top.  Beth goes to the second rope with Eve, and HITS a Glam Slam from the second turnbuckle.  That was an awesome finish.


We see a replay of the great finish.  Kinda surprised they didn't do a Lumberjill brawl though.  The announcers wonder who can stop her.

We go backstage and we see CM Punk standing there while David Otunga walked in.  He had a message from the RAW GM.  He wanted Punk to apologise to Cole before the match.  Punk said he'd think about it.  But AFTER he beats Alberto.  Punk then mocked the bowtie.  From one tattooed guy to another as we cut to the tattooed shoulder of The Rock backstage with a microphone.  Let him tell us something about MSG.  1977 he's sitting in the arena watching his granddad fight for the WWE Title.  12 years later, he's in the back hanging with Andre The Giant watching his father.  Rock drops a WWF-Bomb noting his father was defending the Tag Titles.  Then in 1996 despite a hideous outfit and hideous haircut, he made his debut in MSG and even then, they chanted his name.  That night would go down in WWE history.  And it was that night, never mind all the catchphrases and titles, FINALLY The Rock had come back to New York City.

For Miz & Truth, it was only about one thing.  Boots To Asses.  But then there was John Cena.  What he didn't count on was that The Rock didn't come alone.  He brought 17000 strong, and they were going to take lighting and insert it into his lady parts (Lady Parts chant by the apes in the crowd.  I hope Matt Dawgs (who is there) didn't join in...  Rock talked about a bunch of shows that happened before singing a little, getting the crowd to sing New York New York.  If you smell what The Rock is cooking...  Well, at least it was a more entertaining time waste than his Wrestlemania opener...

Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico & Dolph Ziggler) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara) in a "Yep, we are having one of these this year..." Survivor Series Elimination match
Team Barrett come out first, led by Barrett himself.  As you'd expect, Team Orton get their leader coming out last.  It's Sheamus, Sin Cara (who is in his old Mistico colours tonight), Kingston, Mason Ryan and then Randy Orton.  Holy shit!  I just noticed Cody Rhodes is wearing knee pads.  Cole said Orton that Orton was the greatest performer in Survivor Series history, noting he's won four of these matches, twice being a Sole Survivor.

We get the 5 vs. 5 stand off, although the heels are smart enough not to get in the ring until Team Orton hit the apron.  Dolph & Kofi start us off.  Dolph elbows out of a wristlock and takes control.  The inverted slam see Kofi land on his feet, but the Trouble In Paradise is avoided and Dolph hits a dropkick for a 2 count.  The SOS is blocked, but Kofi hits a flying forearm before bringing in Orton.  RKO!


Team Barrett decide to take a powder from the apron and talk it out, but Orton gets bored.  He brings Wade in the ring, which prompts a donnybrook.  Sin Cara and Kofi go for dives out, but Sin Cara gets caught in the ropes and seeimingly tweaks his knee.  The crowd want Ryder as the match grinds to a complete halt.  They announce he's eliminated for no particular reason.


So we essentially start again with Orton & Cody, before he brings in Mason Ryan, who runs Cody down.  He dumps Cody in the corner and then whips him across, hitting the high knee.  Cody ducks out, but then when he ducks in, he tags Hunico in.  Rayn works him over a little before tagging Kingston in.  Hunico drops Kingston in the corner to take control and brings in Barrett.  They down each other and it's tags both sides to Ryan and Hunico.  Ryan catches Hunico and hits a pair of rib-breakers and a fall away slam.  Hunico hit a back elbow, but Cody made the blind tag, hit the Beautiiful Disaster and CrossRhodes for the pin.


The crowd liked that, but they are also Cody fans, as he was cheered big coming out.

Sheamus comes in for his team.  He pounds on Cody in the corner before hitting a clothesline for a 2 count.  Cody telegraphed a backdrop, but Sheamus hit a back elbow, setting up the "Unreastra" blows in the ropes.  Suplex picks up a 2 count.  Cody low bridges Sheamus to the apron before dropkicking him to the mat.  Barrett tags in and knocks Sheamus down on the outside before driving him into the side of the ring.  Back in the ring, Wade picked up a 2 count.  Hunico was tagged in, and this allowed Sheamus to start a comeback despite Hunico's shots to the back as Sheamus backdropped him.  Wade tagged in as did Kingston.  Off the top rope with a high springboard forearm.  The Boom Drop scored and he set for Tourble In Paradise.  Cody distracted and so he had to elect for a roll up for 2.  Pendulum kicks for Wade and Swagger, but on the Swagger one, Wade hit a big boot and then Wasteland for the three count.


That's now 4-2 in favour of Wade. 

Orton attacks Wade, but Wade backdrops Orton out on the elevated DDT.  Hunico was tagged in and he hit a suicide dive, picking up a 2 count in the ring.  Swagger tagged in for the first time and went to work on Orton.   Cody tagged in, and he picked up where Swagger left off.  Cody is somehow bleeding from the side of the eye as he scores a 2 count before working a chinlock while trapping the arm.  Orton fought back to his feet, but was whipped into the corner.  Rhodes wanted a bulldog, but Orton threw him off.  Tags to Sheamus and Swagger.  Sheamus all over Swagger with shots in the corner followed by the Battering Ram.  Hunico gets tossed out on running in.  Irish Curse for Swagger.  Rhodes is knocked off the apron.  The Celtic Cross sees Wade make sure that doesn't happen.  Sheamus knees Swagger in the head a bunch.  And gets DQ'ed for it.


NYC not a fan of this.  Four on Orton.  But Sheamus helps him out with a Brogue Kick to Swagger before leaving.

And so Orton picks up the three count.


Cody, Hunico and Wade corner Orton, but Cody elects to put the boots to Orton in the corner.

Rhodes mocks Orton's pose before whipping him into the corner.  However, Orton explodes and hits the snap powerslam after knocking the others off the apron.  Elevated DDT connects.  He wants the RKO, but Wade run distraction and Cody tags Hunico.  However, as Hunico springboards in, he jumps right into the RKO!


Wade tried to attack, but he's wise to it.  He sets for the RKO, but Cody distracts Orton and eats the RKO.  However, he turns round into the Wasteland and Team Barrett win!


Cole says Sin Cara has a ruptued patella tendon.

The Bellas were backstage with Alberto Del Rio.  They loved the shopping with him and stuff like that.  As the crowd clearly chant "Cody", Johnny Ace walks in.  He wonders if ADR is taking the match seriously.  Del Rio assures him that he is.  It'll be the first of many defences in MSG.  He's representing Mexico.  There's no way he's losing to someone who should be sleeping on Wall Street.  Del Rio buggers off and Johnny Ace, concerned, whips out the phone for some texting action.

Be A Show Tolerance And Respect advert plays as Cole begins to react to what he's just seen.

We send it to the announcers as they mention that the ring is being reinforced for the Henry/Show match, which is next, lest the ring collapse again, sending it back to last month for the ring implosion last time out.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a "Come on superplex..." match for the WWE World Title
Show has his fists taped up.  As Henry comes out, Cole said Henry's beating of Bryan was one of the worst beatings he's seen.  Really?  ONe of the most brutal assaults of all time was it?  Whatevs...  We get the main event intros for this.  We start with a lock up and Big Show over-powers him easy, to Henry's surprise.  Henry scores one for himself though.  Another lockup send Henry out for a think about it.   Henry grabs a waistlock, but Show reverses and takes Henry down.  They end up in the ropes, so SHow has to break.  Henry charges and takes...AN ARMDRAG!  Now THAT was a visual.  This sends Henry out the ring again to think about it.  He gets back into the ring, and Show goes for him, but had to be pulled back.

Henry threatens to take a hike, but stays.  He whips Show off the rope and takes out the leg, and this will be his focus.  He rams the knee off the mat and then works the joint.  The crowd get a loud "Boring" chant going, mere seconds after chanting for D'Lo Brown of all people, as Big Show hits a DDT for a 2 count.  Show hits some headbutts as the chant is now for "Daniel Bryan".  Squash in the corner of the ring is followed by a shoulderblock.  Show wants the chokeslam, but Henry kicks at the leg and hits the World's Strongest Slam, but it only picks up a 2 count.  The Splash only picks up 2 as well.  He drops an elbow, but again, this only picks up a 2 count.  Henry kicks Show out of the ring and runs him into the ringpost.  Henry charges show and they go through the timekeepers position.

Henry looks for the countout, but he makes it in at 8 and a half.  Henry with headbutts and they tease another superplex.  Big Show knocks Henry away and then hits a superkick to Henry.  Big Show goes to a far corner and starts to climb up!  He GINGERLY gets both feet on the top rope and hits a Savage elbow drop!!!!  But it only picks up a 2count.  It wasn't a perfect hit, but it was the god-dman visual.  That was awesome.  HUGE "Randy Savage" chant.  Big Show loads up the WMD, but Henry ducks it and hits a low blow to get out of the match.


Henry stands over Show, and decides to get himself a chair.  He wraps the chair around Show's leg after kicking him in the head to keep him down.  However, Big Show managed to move just in time to avoid the leg braking, and he hit the WMD.  The crowd think this would be a good time for Daniel Bryan to come out.  If he came out, they'd probably boo him for not selling the beating on Smackdown.  However, Big Show got himself an idea.  He wrapped Henry's leg in the chair and leg dropped it.

We cut backstage to a rather pleased Wade Barrett with Matt Striker.  Wade says that from day one, he wanted to be England's first World Champion.  He's interrupted by Awesome Truth.  They are all "Really"?  Wade said that it was, as Charlie Sheen would put it "winning".  He left and Miz said that the focus wasn't where it should be.  It should be on them.  Truth riled that they were on the billboards when it should be them.  The pigeons were staring at it, and he yelled at them that Rock & Cena would lose.  Cole and the announcers once again plugged their "InterAction" deal on  Sure is refreshing with new posts a helluva quick.

Justin Roberts gave a shoutout to the troops in the crowd.  They blow Florida's song some more before sending it to a hype video for our other Title match tonight.  Lawler says it started at Survivor Series, but Cole just managed to correct him with Summerslam as we started it.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk in a "Constantly jobbing out was in Punk's new contract, right?" match for the WWE Heavyweight Title
Alberto Del Rio comes out first, and there's a reason.  CM Punk has a personal ring announcer...  HOWARD FINKEL!!!

Finkel takes his god-damned time about it.  But when he gets it all out, the roof comes off the building for Punk.  Cole notes the title has changed 15 times over the years in MSG.  "We Want Ice Cream" chants get going to Punk's amusement.  We start with your usual back and forth feeling out process.Del Rio takes Punk into the corner and hits some shots, but a charge in is avoided and Punk gets some shots of his own in.  Del Rio is whipped across and hit with a hiptoss and dropkick that sends him out.  As Del Rio and Ricardo regroup, Punk hits a Suicide Dive to Del Rio.  Punk leapt up top waiting for Del Rio before hitting a crossbody for 2.  Punk tried working the arm, but Del Rio sent him into the middle rope.  As the ref backed up Del Rio, ricardo took a swing at Punk, but it only glanced him.  Punk chased Rodriguez, but Del Rio caught him with a shot to finally take control of the match.  Del Rio slammed Punk's arm off of the steel steps before coming off the top with an axe handle for a 2 count.  Del Rio went to the arm.

Cole says Del Rio is a MMA expert.   Someone find the YouTube video of his match.  Punk teases a GTS, but Del Rio gets out and gives the falling knees to the arm, returning to it.  Punk fights out, but runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a 2 count.

Del Rio heads up top and hits another axe handle for another 2 count.  Del Rio goes to squash Punk against the ropes, but Punk moves and Alberto crashes and burns to the outside.  Punk gets snapped off the top rope, but he runs into the ring into a high kick from Punk.

It's that time of the evening for our combatants to sxchange blows, a series that Punk wins with a forearm and neckbreaker for a 2 count.  The high knee and bulldog connected, but only picked up 2.  Punk went to the apron and scored with the springboard clothesline for a 2 count.

Punk called for the Go To Sleep, but Del Rio slipped out and hit a backcracker for a 2 count.  A German by Del Rio is reversed into a roll up for a 2 count.  The high knee misses this time for Punk and Del Rio scores with the head kick for a long 2 count.

Del Rio blocked a kick and gave the arm the knees treatment again, picking up a 2 count.  Del Rio set Punk up on the top turnbuckle, but Punk fought back and headbutted Del Rio to the mat.  Punk intimate going for the Savage Axe Handle, but Del Rio crotched him.  However, Punk avoided Del Rio's charge, leaving Alberto to hit the corner.  With Del Rio down, now Punk could do the Savage Elbow Drop just like Big Show.  However, it only picked up a 2 count.

Punk tunes up the band for some reason to lead to the GTS, but Del Rio slips out of it and manages to lock on the Cross Armbreaker.  Punk fought it and managed to get his feet on the ropes to force the break.

Del Rio charges, but Punk caught him for the GTS.  Del Rio pushed off and sent Punk into Ricardo.  Del Rio rolled up Punk with all of his trunks for a CLOSE 2 count that some though was three.  Punk scores a head kick for 2, but immediately turns it into the Anaconda Vice and gets the tapout!!!


Punk jumps into the fans to celebrate this win in a couple of places, before slapping hands with them and bowing to them.  No apology to Cole as ordered.  That'll be your "out" tomorrow on RAW.

We see and advert for a new DVD with a career retrospective of Austin and an interview.  4 DVD set.  It's that big.

Lawler & Booker mock Cole's injured shoulder as he tries to plug TL:C next month, before sending it to a hype video for out main event.  It started on Rock's debut 15 years ago before noting how they'd make the most charismatic team of all time before Miz & Truth took over, noting how they'd been overlooked.  It then pondered if Rock & Cena could co-exist.

The Rock & John Cena vs. Awesome Truth in a "And thus begins our build to Wrestlemania..." match
Awesome Truth out first, doing the REMIX!  Seriously Guttman, give me a "You Suck" on an audio so I can do a remix of my own...  And the crowd hate Awesome Truth so much, they chant "Cena Sucks".  And of course, when Cena then makes his entrance, the roof comes off the building.  In hatred.  He laughs it off of course.  We do the big build crowd cacophony build for Rock's entrance.  No Hollywood helicopter fly-past for him or anything.  Just straight out.  Cena cleverly gives his shirt to an old woman lest it's thrown back at him.  Cole says it's the widow of Arnold Skaaland.  Fair Nuff.

Rock and Miz start us off.  Rock grabs a side headlock and then scores a shoulderblock and a bunch of armdrags to both opponents.  A wacky roll up by Rock picks up a 2 count as it looks like Rock hasn't missed a beat.  Awesome Truth take a powder, but as Miz gets back in the ring, Truth wants the tag, so Rock tells him to bring it.  Cena gets some dueling chantsAs Rock spins and kips up his way out of a wrist lock.  Rock hits a Fishermans Suplex with a pin, but Cena was dealing with The Miz, and so the referee missed the count.  Miz tagged back in as a "Fruity Pebbles" chant got going.  Miz interprets this as the crowd wanting Cena so he wanted him too.  Rock tags him, but with a certain level of distain.

Cena gives Miz a monkey flip out of the corner and hits a dropkick that sends Miz away to tag in Truth.  Cena gives Truth some of his vintage moves, but tells Rock "You Can't See Me", with a sense of inevitability.  Rock gets in the ring for a staredown, and this distracts Cena long enough for Truth to get the jump on him and it allows Awesome Truth to take over as Miz comes in with a boot to the head for a 2 count.  Double shoulderblock gets a 2 count for Truth as he comes back in.  They end up outside where Cena gets his head rammed into the apron to pick up a 2 count.  Truth locks on a headscissors as the crowd decides "We Want Rocky".  Cena manages to break free, but gets kicked off and out of the ring right by The Miz.  Cena gets rolled back in and Miz comes in with a short DDT for a 2 count.  Rock thought about the save, but didn't.  Miz called for his clothesline in the corner, and it connected.  Truth scored with a cheapshot that picked up a deuce for Miz.  Truth came back in.  Double suplex picked up a 2 count.

Truth put on a front facelock.  Cena got back to his feet and was close to a tag, but Turht managed to get him back into the Awesome Truth corner, where Miz tagged in.  Cena started a fightback, but after punching Truth, Miz hit a clothesline for a 2 count.  Turth did some dancing before hitting a leg drop for a 2 count.  Truth headed up, but started jaw jacking with fans.  Cena caught the crossbody and rolled through it.  And got booed for it.  However, Truth slipped out the AA and hit the sitout Gordbuster for a 2 count.

Miz tagged in and hit a boot to the head before mocking The Rock to bring it.  Another boot to Cena's face.  The third was caught and Cena locked on the STF, but Truth came in and broke it up.  Truth tagged in, but immediately took the Attitude Adjustment.  He didn't have the energy to cover, but suddenly, with the hard work done, Rock was all about making a tag.  However, Miz tagged in first and knocked Rock off the apron.  Truth then dropped The Rock on the guardrail as Miz worked a chinlock.

Rock got himself in the ring to be stopped by the referee as Awesome Truth hit a double flapjack on Cena, with Truth picking up a 2 count.  This time, R-Truth's dancing leg drop missed it's target.  Cena tried to figure out which corner was his, but he managed to make a diving tag to Rock as Miz came in.  The Rock was a house of fire on both men.  Rock Bottom to Truth.  Sharpshooter (still as shitty as ever) on Miz, but Truth recovered to hit the Lie Detector on Rock.  Cena speared Truth and himself out of the ring.  Miz was first to recvoer and he pounded on Rock, but he came off the ropes into a spinebuster.  The camera pulled back to see the crowd react to what was about to happen.  Off came the elbow pad and he hit the People's Elbow for the academic three count.


We saw Rock's mother at ringside.  Cena was content to leave and let Rock have the ring, but Rock somewhat demanded he come back to the ring.  They exchanged words as Rock seemingly wanted a popularity contest, as he told Cena to listen.  Cena obliged and stood in a corner to get booed.  Rock motions he's doing it one more time and wants Cena to watch and listen.

Cena is now somewhat annoyed.  He's all "I let you have your moment and you aact like a prick".  He goes to leave, but Rock spins him round into a Rock Bottom.  Rock then proceeds to pose for the crowd as the show goes off the air.

Overall, this was a really fun show.  However, the last five minutes was as weak as a cup of tea from the Tim Horton's shop underneath Madison Square Garden.

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