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RDLee Free Insanity - Sigmon

By RDLee Jul 26, 2010 - 9:15 AM print

RDLee: Thanks for joining me today. How has life on the road been treating you?


Sigmon: Life on the road is great! Very tiresome, but that just means I have been busy making money. I have been blessed for business to stay constant, and am doing around 4-5 shows a week. Most guys right now can’t say that they do 4-5 a month.



RDLee: You’ve wrestled around my neck of the woods for several years. How many promotions would you say you’ve been a part of so far? Any of them stand out above the rest?


Sigmon: Oh man! That is hard to answer. I honestly can’t remember how many places I have worked for. A lot of them stand out for different reasons. Some places draw great crowds, some just have a better atmosphere, and some are just fun to be at. Here lately I have done some work with Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling down in the Carolinas. They have it all going for them. Good draws, great workers, and fun times. I try to make the most out of every place that I work for. A lot of places act like they are going to do things the right way, and be a great place. Then they get into the same unfortunate pathway that many other independents fall…not promoting enough, using guys that are cheaper and that cant work, not being family friendly, and so on.



RDLee: What made you decide to become a wrestler? Where does that passion come from? For me, I grew up in it. My grandfather was the biggest Hulkamaniac ever and he made me a believer.


Sigmon: Growing up, I watched NWA and WCW all of the time. I wasn’t too big on WWF’s characters. I loved guys like Sting, Ricky Morton, Flair, and later became big fans of Benoit, Malenko, and William Regal. It got to the point where I was already addicted, and like a typical addict wanted more!



RDLee: You’re somewhat of a journeyman. Who would you say you’ve had your best matches with? And who would you consider the biggest name you’ve stepped into the ring with so far?


Sigmon: My best matches would probably be when I am in the ring with Chris Michaels or the young Chase Owens. With both guys, we normally have the crowd on their feet. As far as biggest names I have worked with? That’s hard. I have had the honor of working with many of the best in the business. I hate questions like this because it makes me feel like a name dropper. I have been able to work with Tom Prichard (who trained me), Tracy Smothers, Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, Bobby Eaton, Masato Tanaka, Jake Roberts, among tons of others. The one that I always get “butterflies” working with though would have to be Ricky Morton. He is truly the world’s best babyface. Still is today. In my eyes, you can’t top the “Rock and Roll” chants.



RDLee: If you could be the tag team partner of any wrestler in the history of the business, who would it be and why? And as a bonus part of this question, if you could pick a manager to lead your team into greatness who would it be? Me?


Sigmon: I have been in 3 tag teams…not to high on them. I love the art form of a good tag match, but singles is more of my thing (for now). If I had to pick though, I would probably have to go with Bobby Eaton. Most tag partners start to hate each other being on the road together so much, but Bobby is the easiest guy to get along with in the business. He is also part of one of the best heel tag teams the business has ever seen. I always learn from him, and to be in a true tag team with him would only make me learn that much more. As far as managers go, I have one of the best ones in the business right now. My butler, Nicholas Belvedere Crisp, has helped me get through many tough situations, plus he washes my gear!



RDLee: The NXT angle is still a hot topic in the wrestling world right now, if you were in the ring wrestling at a show and the Nexus suddenly came out to attack, what would you do? Run away thru the crowd and leave your opponent behind or stand there and try to fight them off together? I personally would offer to join them before they did any damage.


Sigmon: One thing I know is that I can’t take a crew of crazy guys out alone. If the offer to join them didn’t pan out, I would head for the hills and live to fight another day.



RDLee: Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Team Snitsky or Team Heidenriech?


Sigmon: Team Sigmon. Period!



RDLee: What’s the craziest fan encounter you’ve had so far? Has any crazed mark ever asked to drink your bathwater yet? There are some crazies out there for sure.


Sigmon: I have had a knife, shank, and a gun pulled out on me. There was also someone down in Nashville that tried to sabotage my car during a show one night. Some fans get crazy, but I definitely take it as a compliment. I did have a fan get my name tattooed on their back, but that’s what every Sigmon fan should do!



RDLee: I know you’re a gamer and I think I already know the answer to this one but to clarify, Are you more of a Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii fanboy?


Sigmon: I am definitely a 360 guy. Nothing better than playing some games on a day off. I love shooting and strategy games. You can normally find me online just about anytime that I’m not at a show or the gym. I invite anyone to add me on Xbox live. Gamertag: C M Sigmon



RDLee: If you had to fight the UFC’s Brandon Vera in a MMA match for me, would you? I seriously hate that guy and am always looking for someone to teach him a lesson for me.


Sigmon: This is where you need to ask some of the other boys how good I am in fights. I’m the one at the bar, later in the night, that will look at someone and say “hey bro, you have a problem?” Then I will turn to one of the other boys and say go get that guy lol.



RDLee: Final question. The next time you win a title or tournament, will you throw me an honorable mention? It never hurts to ask….I have no shame! Nah, But seriously thanks for joining me today. Do you have any final thoughts, words of advice or upcoming events you would like to pimp out? The floor is you’re my friend. Thanks again!


Sigmon: Thanks for having me here today. I do encourage people to get off their lazy rear ends, and start coming out to shows. There is a lot of crap out there today, but if you look hard enough, there is a lot of good too!


People can keep track with me and my life on the road at: www.myspace.com/sigmonwrestling or www.facebook.com/sigmonwrestling


Jesus Saves!

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