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By RDLee Jul 7, 2010 - 4:24 PM print

RDLee: Thanks for joining me today on this "A-List" website known for it's Insanity, how are you guys doing today?

Ruiz: ugh... I'm a little hungover. Lots of partying took place last night.

Jaeger: I'm feeling sexxxy


RDLee: Please explain to the stupid marks out there what the moniker "A-List" means to you guys. Does it entitle you to a free taco at Del Taco every now and again?

Ruiz: Really, Del Taco is that what you consider an A-list establishment... we go to Mcdonald's thank you very much and yes we do get free food every time we go because we always arrive in a limo.

Jaeger: A-list means the best of the best. The best wrestlers, the best cars, the best hotels, the best girls, the best partners, the best everything. Not everyone can be A-list but thats okay because it makes me look that much better when I stand next to them


RDLee: You are set to debut in Millenium Pro Wrestling soon. I hear that you are facing a long time tag team in the Ballad Brothers in a first round match for the MPW tag team titles. What are your thoughts on this match and the MPW in particular?

Ruiz: MPW... I'm actually really excited to wrestle for them. Look at all the future legends that have walked through MPW's doors... Adam Pierce, Samoa Joe, even legends now like Cincinnati Red and his bat. As for the Ballad Brothers, they have been around forever and they are one of the most decorated tag teams in wrestling today. But to be honest they are twins which makes them more of a threat. But I mean me and Jaeger look alike especially in the dark..... clubs.

Jaeger: There are three teams we have always wanted to wrestle. We beat the Young Bucks (Generation Me) We beat Los Chivos and the Ballad Brothers are now team number three. A win over them makes us one of the top teams in "So Cal"... no THE top team in "So Cal".


RDLee: The current state of tag team wrestling on the national scene (TNA and WWE) is a little weak at the moment. If you were suddenly given a chance to join either company and remain a team how long do you think it would take you to reach the top?

Ruiz: Well obviously if we went to WWE it wouldn't take long at all because all the tag teams there don't even last. Myself and Jaeger have been partners in an out of the ring for years. I always have his back and he always has mine.

Jaeger: With TNA we have already beaten Generation Me when they were here in "So Cal". We can out drink and out spend Beer Money, and I think the Motor City Machine Guns would go bankrupt.


RDLee: If you could bring on any manager in pro wrestling history to lead you in the right direction, who would it be and why? If you can't think of one would you consider me?I would fit right in since I am an "A-Lister" too. Google me.

Ruiz: Of course I would consider you. Right after I considered Johnny Polo and The Jackel first.

Jaeger: Yeah well, I'll Ask Jeeves about you. But I'd go with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. He wasn't just a manager he was family.


RDLee: The hot topic in wrestling right now is the NXT angle. The new group is now being called "Nexus". They have a guy in their named David Otunga who calls himself the "A-List". Did he steal that from you guys? What would you do if Nexus came out during one of your matches?

Ruiz: Honestly we had the name before he showed up... but c'mon there are tons of A-listers we can share with... I mean look there is Weird Al, theres Bill Murray... hell, there's even Paris Hilton... all some of the best A-lister out there...

Jaeger: If those guys came after us we would have to go red carpet on their asses! They are all about safety in numbers. Well we have friends too and our friends have more money.


RDLee: I've had Fan Boy and "Whisky Fists" Macintosh on in recent months. If they suddenly formed a tag team and challenged you guys to a bra and panties match would you accept?

Ruiz: Well obviously I would have to beat Fan Boy in a light saber fight first then drink Mackie under the table. But in the end myself and Jaeger never mind our opponents because we are always on top...

Jaeger: How big is the paycheck?


RDLee: Jeremy, you claim that "Everybody wants a shot of Jaeger!". Have you ever given RJ a "shot of Jaeger"? And Roger, would you "take a shot of Jaeger" if he asked you to in the locker room?

Ruiz: I always take shots of Jaeger... right before matches, after matches, in hotel rooms with girls, with guys.... It really doesn't matter because everyone loves a shot of Jaeger.

Jaeger: I've given RJ millions of shots of Jaeger. When he is down it cheers him up. The best thing about a shot of me is that its good for all occasions when your down it cheers you up when your happy its a celebration... its like ice cream.


RDLee: Which is more "A-List", the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or PS3 and why? I think I already know RJ's answer but it's still a very important question to ask for all the obsessive fans out there that want to drink your bathwater.

Ruiz: At our A-list hacienda we have all 3 and depending on the day and how many shots of Jaeger I've already had I tend to go with xbox 360. I know I always see you on there RDLEE and I know you have heard me taking shots of Jaeger via the private chats so you know you want some...

Jaeger: I like PS3...


RDLee: Team Jacob or Team Edward? Team Aaron Wood or Team Canadian Bulldog?

Ruiz: I'm going to with team Edward... just because he sparkles.

Jaeger: Team Jacob all the way! I really wouldn't want my daughter going home with gay emo freak....

Ruiz: Whoa whoa bro! Really the sparkles and Edward's soft smile are the best things about him.

Jaeger: Oh yeah! This is the skin of a killer... “SPARKLE! SPARKLE! SPARKLE! SPARKLE”


RDLee: Now that the hit ABC series "LOST" is finally over, what in the blue hell happened?

Ruiz: I'm sorry RDLEE but we don't watch freaking LOST because we are too busy fighting over who is better, Jacob or Edward! Dude I thought I knew you!

Jaeger: (Slaps RJ!) Shut up! Now your sleeping on the couch!

Ruiz: Sorry.... :-(


RDLee: If you guys could be cast in any movie in history what would you choose? Which actor/actresses would fill out the "A-List" cast?

Ruiz: I'd probably go with Titanic just because of Leo... yeah he made that movie amazing. And we will always hang out with him and our fist pumping Guido “The Predicament”.

Jaeger: I would say Shindler's List because its deeply movie story and it's unflinching look at history... nah, I'm just messing with you... I'd say Animal House because thats pretty much our lives...


RDLee: Would you rather get hit in the ballsack by Cincinatti Red with his legendary baseball bat or get in the octogon naked with UFC fighter Brandon "The Truth" Vera?

Ruiz: Ahhh, I saw Red's Facebook and I obviously saw how close Brandon Vera and Red really are. Especially after seeing that pretty provocative photo you caught of them doing jui jitsu naked... so either way I think I'm getting hit in the balls with Red's bat.

Jaeger: Brandon Vera hands down. You know historically all wrestlers were naked in ancient Greece so that doesn't bother me it's old school... I think I can take Brandon “The Truth is I just got knocked out by John Jones” Vera.....


RDLee: Promise me one thing. If....no wait... WHEN you guys win the MPW tag team titles you will be sure to include me in your acceptance speech. After all, I deserve it don't you think?

Ruiz: Hmmm... I might be able to add you right next to God and the Gay's

Jaeger: Maybe we can toss out an honorable mention... Maybe...


RDLee: Thanks so much for the interview guys, I know your time is valuable so I appreciate it. Now is the time where you put me over. Go ahead... I'm waiting....

Ruiz:.................................................. Ummm yeahhhh.......................

Jaeger: Ummmm, he wears shirts! He's got a nice shiny head... and stuff

Ruiz: Oh yeah before I forget. MPW on July 31st. The A-List take their first step towards MPW tag team gold!

Jaeger and Ruiz: And that's A-List Material!


Thanks to The A-List for joining me today. I wish them the best of luck in their future endevour as they enter the MPW tag team tournament to crown new champions. Ruiz and Jaeger are set to take on the Ballard Brothers in the opening round so they have a rough road ahead of them to say the least.

Check out MPW's official website at: http://www.mpwwrestling.com/  to find out all the latest news, results and info on their upcoming shows.

Also be sure to "Like" MPW on their official Facebook page found here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=323920314339 

Finally, check out the MPW On Demand offerings on Youtube at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/user/MPWONDEMAND?feature=mhw4

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